20 Incredible Examples Of Dreadlock Hairstyles You Have To See!

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Looking for a unique hairstyle to express yourself? Try dreadlock hairstyles as soon as possible. Strange as it seems to be, dreadlocks are probably one of the coolest hair looks nowadays. It doesn’t matter who you are or how long your hair is, dreadlocks will amazingly innovate yourself.

Dreadlock hairstyles for men

Short dreadlock

This is the easiest dreadlock hairstyle to maintain and do every day. Short strands are as versatile as long ones. You can wear it into a top-knot or, part them in different places or keep them stand straight up.

20 Incredible Examples Of Dreadlock Hairstyles You Have To See!

High top dreadlock

This is a neat haircut for short hair that is quite popular with men today. It is also called undercut dreadlock. This male dreadlock hairstyle is recognizable because the hair on the back and both sides are cut close to the hairline, creating a highlight in the hair on the top of the head. After that, you can leave the dreads pulled back, tied up, or styled any way you like.

Mohawk dreadlock

The differences between Mohawk dreadlock and High top dreadlock is that only sides are shaved and the length of dreaded hair on the top depends on you. This hairstyle can go with short, medium or long dreads. It is truly a work of art.

20 Incredible Examples Of Dreadlock Hairstyles You Have To See!

Dyed dreadlock hairstyles

Dye your dreads and your hair will catch up with the latest fashion trend. However short or long your dreadlock hairstyle is, colored dreadlock can really make the difference. You will be definitely the most outstanding man at the night party.

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Braided dreadlock

Braided hair is not for women only. This men dreadlock hairstyle will create a more unique look to your hair. If you hesitate to try dreadlock for fear of having a big head, just wear dreads into braids. Such an elegant hairstyle it is!

20 Incredible Examples Of Dreadlock Hairstyles You Have To See!

Dreadlock ponytail

Many current men like long-tail hair because it is stylish and modern. This hairstyle does not need much pruning, just raising your hair to shoulder length and then tie half your dreadlock in a ponytail and secure them with an elastic band. Done! A perfect dreadlock hairstyle for long hair.

Dreadlock hairstyles for women

Dreadlock half bun

Crazy about the chic look? Try this super chill dreadlock hairstyle. Simply put the dreadlock in a half updo and wrap it in a bun at the back of your head. It is sure to add a cool vibe to your look.

20 Incredible Examples Of Dreadlock Hairstyles You Have To See!

Dreadlock half ponytail

Another popular trend lately is tying the top half dreads. This long dreadlock hairstyle is a perfect choice for lazy girls who want to stand out. What you need to do is just to grab an elastic band and tie a half ponytail. So simple and fashionable it is.

Dreadlock ponytail

20 Incredible Examples Of Dreadlock Hairstyles You Have To See!

This cute dreadlock hairstyle is a good choice for hot summer days. Use a bandana instead of an elastic band to tie all your dreads in a ponytail. It will not only keep the dreads off your face but also turn you into a gorgeous pin-up girl.

Two dreadlock ponytails

Another cute dreadlock hairstyle for sporty girls is here. To create this look, part your hair from the middle and tie the dreads on each side with elastic bands or ribbons if you want to create more effects.

Dreadlock fishtail

20 Incredible Examples Of Dreadlock Hairstyles You Have To See!

Ever thought of braiding your dreadlock in fishtail style? Do it right away and you gonna rock your mermaid style. This elegant hairstyle has been used by many ladies in their weddings recently. You can wear it in your daily life as well.

Dreadlock short bob

Ready to try the hottest trend? Dreaded short bob is one of the most popular dreadlock hairstyles for short hair. It is commonly loved by school girls.

Uneven dreadlock hairstyles

20 Incredible Examples Of Dreadlock Hairstyles You Have To See!

Keep you dreadlock a bit uneven in length to create a right-off-the-runway look. A mixture of short, medium, and long dreads can turn a girl into a sexy lazy.

Highlighted dreadlock

Welcome a unique style for short, medium and long length dreadlock hairstyle. Have your dreads highlighted to create a focal point for your look. In case your hair is not healthy enough, use some fake colored dreads.  

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Dyed dreadlock

Do not hesitate to fulfill your hair color dreams. But remember to look after your colored dreadlock carefully. When it comes to washing time, use a shampoo and conditioner that does not drain off the color. Covering your dreadlock while sleeping would be a good idea to remain the shine.

20 Incredible Examples Of Dreadlock Hairstyles You Have To See!

Ombre dreadlock

This is one of the coolest dreadlock hairstyles for long hair that you must try. The brighter the bottom half of your dreadlocks are, the more outstanding you are. But if you are afraid that bright color will damage your hair, try colored dreadlock extensions. You can go for colored extensions under your natural dreads to create a fantastic look.

Messy crown dreadlock

Wanna be the queen of the party? Wanna heat things up? Looking for dreadlock wedding hairstyles? Try this elegant dreadlock bun updo. The best part is that this hairstyle can be used on both formal and informal occasions. Gather all your dreads in a super high bun at the crown of your head is exactly what you need to do in this situation. Let some of your dreads hang loose to add softness to the whole look.

20 Incredible Examples Of Dreadlock Hairstyles You Have To See!

Dreadlock with a bang

Let your inner child out with this super cute dreadlock hairstyle. Give yourself an innovative look created simply by covering your forehead with a dreaded bang and tying all dreads up in a super high ponytail.

Dreadlock with undercut

A girl with an undercut is absolutely fabulous. Dreadlock with undercut can take the whole world by storm. Treat yourself this dreadlock hairstyle to have a fierce and bold look if you feel a full head of dreads is a bit too much.

20 Incredible Examples Of Dreadlock Hairstyles You Have To See!

Free dreadlock

The dreads themselves have already given you an outstanding look. You and your dreadlock are still awesome without any hairstyles.

The bottom lines

Have you ever tried any of these dreadlock hairstyles at home? Got any of your own to share? Hoping that these styles could make you stand out in a crowd.

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