An Essential Guideline For Lace Closure Customization You Need To Know

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If you want your hairpieces to look stunning, you may want to know all tips and tricks related to lace closure customization. The process of customization is essential because it guarantees better and more suitable products for you.

Not everyone knows how to customize their hair closures, especially when it comes to the hairline. Added hairline will make the closure looks more natural.

Find our updated guideline for modifying hair closure right below!

An Essential Guideline For Lace Closure Customization You Need To Know

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Is lace closure customization hard for beginners?

We know some ladies are conscious about DIY stuff. It is true that some DIY projects are challenging and skill-requiring that make any of us both exciting and frightening. A lot of our customers have tried to customize their wigs and hairpieces and fail miserably.

The thing is lace closure customization isn’t hard, even for beginners. Everybody can do it with proper guidance and tips. Those who failed don’t know their options, and they follow false instruction mindlessly.

Remember you pay money for your hairpieces; therefore you need to take care of it. Don’t do things that you will regret later.

To make sure that you don’t throw your money out of windows, read the instruction below carefully. If you don’t understand at first, re-read it and make sure you go all the point.

Moreover, you can always contact our staffs to ask for advice and tips. We are welcome any questions and concerns.

How to add baby hair into lace closure customization

Adding baby hair into lace closure customization is what most women want to do with their hairpieces.

Follow these steps below:

Wash your hair

Though this step is essential, many people don’t know they should wash the hair first before any customization. Washing hair closure will ensure that the hair is flat. Clean hair also allows your part to stay in place.

An Essential Guideline For Lace Closure Customization You Need To Know

You need to wash your hair first.

After washing, you should blow-dry the closure with a brush. For additional effect, use a leave-in conditioner or after-wash hair moisturizer to keep the soft and beautiful hair.

Pluck the closure if necessary

While others love the already-made part, some enjoy a thicker portion. We would recommend the later since it looks more natural. We offer pre-pluck hair closures and frontals upon request.

Customers should not try to pluck hair closures at home since you could over-pluck and turn your expensive hairpieces into a mess.

After the hair is dry, part it in the middle. You should only part roughly 1 centimeter wide. After that, apply concealer over the part to hide the lace. In this case, you should not use liquid concealer because it could taint the lace.

We would recommend power concealer or eyeshadow for this step.

Create baby hair

Again, we offer lace closure customization with baby hair as well. But if you still want to do it yourself, you are more than welcome. Use a few frontal hair strands and brush it forward.

You can use hair mousse to secure the hair and any flyaways.  Now you have your desired pre-plucked lace closure customization with the visible hairline and baby hair.

Lace closure customization: How to style hairpieces

If after a while you get tired of your straight tedious hair closures, it is time to add a little touch to them. Layla Hair’s products are made of durable and robust Vietnamese and Cambodian hair. Therefore, you can freely style the hair as you wish.

Bleach the knots

If you don’t want to reveal the lace, you need to bleach the knots to make sure the lace blend to your scalp. Bleach the knots here means you cover the black dots between the lace and hair strands.

An Essential Guideline For Lace Closure Customization You Need To Know

Bleaching the knots helps to hide the lace base. 

What you need is bleach and professional developer. Put everything into a bowl with a ratio of 1:2. Mix them well. Then, turn the hairpiece upside down. Use a small brush to apply the bleach into the knots carefully.

Wait for at least 15 minutes. Until the knots turn into color, you need to wash it immediately with a neutralizing shampoo. This will prevent the knots to get bleached completely.

After washing, use hair conditioner to restore the smooth and silky hair strands. In this step, don’t blow-dry your hair.

Bleaching the knots is essential because it helps to conceal the black dots on the lace. It has an equal effect with dark and light skin tone.

Curly and wavy hair

If you want big bold curls, we recommend you to use heatless or gentle heat styling. This method delivers perfect big curls while preserving the hair quality. It is true that human hair is more durable and styling-friendly than synthetic fibers, but you shouldn’t apply heat processing to frequent.

An Essential Guideline For Lace Closure Customization You Need To Know

Heat styling should be restricted. 

You can even add some kinks with gentle heat method. You can use velcro rollers to create curls, then use a blow dryer with low to medium heat setting to make the curls last longer.

If you have a handheld steamer, things will be easier. The handled steamer would help you to straighten your hair, remove kinks or curls, and prepare for any hairstyles.

The bottom line

Though lace closure customization could make some people struggle, we believe that with our detailed guideline, you will make it out fine. If you don’t want to customize your hairpiece, we can do it for you. Contact Layla Hair for better hair price and the best service in the hair industry.


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