Is Going Back To Natural Hair Color After Bleaching Easy?

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When it comes to going back to natural hair color after bleaching, it is often not quickly fixed, but it can be handled very effectively with a little practice and plan.

There are many ways to go but which one is suitable for you? How long will it take to go back to your original color? Each method takes different amounts of time, so if you want to learn more, have a look at this article

Here are some ideas that will motivate you to do so if you want to know how to return your hair to its natural color.

How to go back to natural hair color after bleaching?

Consult your hairstylist for a plan

Most individuals can see they are ready to go back to the natural color themselves, but they do not know where to start first. We suggest that you should make an appointment with a hair professional after you have made up your mind.

Your hairdresser will help me feel more comfortable with a plan on growing hair or going back to natural hair color after bleaching, which will not harm your hair, or be insanely costly.

Let it grow naturally

The first step in growing your colored hair before you do something is to allow your roots to rise a few cm. Go for it, be courageous. Ignore any offensive social media message. Take into consideration that you do so and note your hair objectives. They’re going to be plenty soon, and everything is going to be worth it.

Is Going Back To Natural Hair Color After Bleaching Easy?
get balayage highlights

Get balayage highlights 

A decent next move is to get your colorist to highlight some white, brown, or reddish strands to create a gorgeous balayage. This hands-painted style incorporates the natural hair color of your roots to make your colorful hair effortlessly beautiful. If you are looking for a very low-maintenance way to restore your hair to its natural color, this might be yours.

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Use products of high quality

No product or solution will change your locks immediately into their original colors, so you should get ready to be patient if you want to know how to get natural hair color back after dyeing it. Whatever items you are using must either be of the highest quality, otherwise, you can expect to harm your tresses longer or worse. High-quality shampoos and conditioners that work as color depositors will help blur the blurry tone and keep your hair well.

Grow the dark root with light bleached hair

Let your roots develop themselves, combining with your light dyed color could be a hot trend. You can refer to some inspiring celebs like Drew Barrymore, Ciara, and even Beyoncé with grown-up roots, who wore this look at some point. The greatest technique to bring back your natural hue is to embrace your reality, quit comparing with others, and enjoy your grown-up roots. You can go to see your stylist for more advice with this look

Take supplements for hair growth

Is Going Back To Natural Hair Color After Bleaching Easy?
take supplements for hair growth

On average, hair grows approximately 5′′ a month, although it is completely hereditary if yours grows faster or less. If your hair is growing sluggish, so during the growth cycle, you can take a hair growth supplement.

This biotin hair vitamin performs very well and wonderfully works for my hair. In order to support development, I tried to maintain a high diet in rich, vivid, colorful fruits and vegetables.

Use Special Occasions Root Concealers

If you go back to the natural hair color, sometimes, you would like the roots to be covered, and that is all you should do. Root concealers are a provisional option, but they work with a whole range of colors. There are many shades from trendy colors like red, blonde, gray to classic ones like brunette, black,and brown. The concealers can be in the form of creams, powders, sprays, and sticks which are convenient and easy to use at home.

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Obtain daily trimmings

You don’t have to feel completely stuck while you try to grow your colored hair. For regular trimmings, you can visit your hairdresser. You have to keep your hair healthy, especially to over processed ends. By getting your hair trimmed regularly, you can see your hair grows faster and looks much healthier.

Re-color your hair

You can also try to find a shade that is as similar to the original hue as possible. If you’re afraid that it would simply take too long to develop dyed hair, re-coloring it can be the fastest solution. One of the major benefits is that if you choose it well, the new hue suits your natural tone. Thus, the difference between your natural and colored hair is less apparent as your hair begins to grow.

Is Going Back To Natural Hair Color After Bleaching Easy?
recolor your hair to cover dark roots

How to dye bleached hair back to natural color? It is essential to visit a professional hairdresser first and allow them to select the proper product for you if you want to get your natural hair color back in this method. This caution is necessary since each colorant and natural hair has its unique concentration and pigments, a mixture that may occasionally yield unexpected effects.

Wear a hair wig

Another fastest way that just takes you a much shorter time than any method is to get a hair wig. Going back to natural hair color after bleaching now can be obtained in a couple of minutes. If you want to get back your hair color immediately, choose an extension or wig whose shade matches your natural color. Moreover, hair wigs often come with various textures and styles, so you can not only get your natural hair but also have a chance to try a new look. Visit our website if you consider this way!

If you wonder whether going back to natural hair color after bleaching is necessary or not, remember that your natural hair color can take back anytime. There are a lot of ways to go back to natural hair color, so whenever you miss your original shades, you can refer to this article.

What is your greatest fear of returning to your original color of hair? Any questions or issues? We would love to help! Don’t hesitate to inbox us when you need advice!

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