Sick & Tired Of Doing Hair Care After Pregnancy The Old Way? Read This!

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Does your body experience a lot of changes when you expect a baby and give birth? There are the side effects you need to address. One of them is hair care after pregnancy. Read through this post right now to pick up the practically useful tips and even more.

How does your hair change during and following pregnancy?

Similar to your body, your hair goes through plenty of changes as well. Some people feel like they have a fuller and healthier head of hair when they are expecting their baby. Others think their hair is falling out and dull, and the texture becomes different. It varies by individuals. 

Sick & Tired Of Doing Hair Care After Pregnancy The Old Way? Read This!
hair tends to shed after delivery

That said, in most of the cases, their hair will get thicker and more beautiful during the time. The hormone overload indeed keeps your hair from thinning. Do you usually lose around 100 strands daily? But they will not fall out as many as normal when you are having a child developing in the uterus. The hair with more volume is the result. 

The situation changes after you give birth to your baby. After you stop breastfeeding or about six months following childbirth, your hair will begin thinning out. It has another name of postpartum hair loss. In some cases, it happens painlessly and at a leisurely pace. Still, sometimes, you will probably lose plenty of hair around your hairline. Fear not, though! Everything should be back to normal if you give it enough care. It will not be forever and ever.

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Hair care after pregnancy: Handy tips

How to take care of hair at that time? There are a couple of things you may want to do for bettering the hair situation.

– Maintain a healthy diet. It helps with your overall recovery. Your postpartum hair loss will possibly stop progressing as well. Be sure you include the necessary vitamin and nutrient balance in your meals. There should include whole grains, vegetables as well as fresh fruit. Do not forget to drink enough water throughout the day for sufficient hydration.

Sick & Tired Of Doing Hair Care After Pregnancy The Old Way? Read This!
maintain a healthy diet

– Take proper nutritional supplements. For the best, ask your doctor about what mineral or vitamin supplements you should get to deal with the loss of hair and encourages hair regrowth. Some recommendations are vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, vitamin B, and Zinc.

– Try and reduce the washing frequency. You may need a shampoo for hair loss following the birth of young. It should have the fortification of silica and biotin. Also, a conditioner for deep moisture is necessary.

As the wet hair becomes more fragile, make sure you brush it with care after washing it. Waiting for it to dry is the best. If you use a hairdryer, adjust it to a cool setting. Stay away from straightening irons or thermal rollers for further damage prevention. 

Sick & Tired Of Doing Hair Care After Pregnancy The Old Way? Read This!
don’t wash your hair too often

Your locks may also love other items that dermatologists suggest – for example, hair masks.

– Another tip for hair care after pregnancy is avoiding excessively tight hairstyles – for instance, ponytails, cornrows, and braids. They can pull the hair, thus speeding up the hair thinning process.

– Reduce your stress that is probably destructive for the hair after delivering. As a bonus, that way helps regulate imbalances of the hormone. Practice relaxation techniques. They can be breathing exercises, meditation, or mindfulness. Ask your family members or friends for help looking after the baby or doing housework if you feel overwhelmed.

– Massage your scalp. You can do so without or with oil. Either way, it works to promote the growth of hair and avoid hair falling.

– Try natural oils to improve the situation. For example, add several peppermint oil drops to the shampoo for hair moisturization and shine enhancement. Take flaxseed or fish oils. It is capable of restoring the essential fatty acid’s optimal levels such as omega-6, omega-9, and omega-3. Your tresses will get healthier. Massage castor oil or almond oil gently in your scalp, which can encourage the hair to grow.

Sick & Tired Of Doing Hair Care After Pregnancy The Old Way? Read This!
use natural hair oils

– Is your hair loss more excessive for some reason? Speaking about it with your doctor does not hurt. Several conditions possibly develop postpartum. Ruling those out is the best.

– Using extensions is another fantastic tip for hair care after pregnancy. You will get thick and shiny hair again effectively and quickly. It is crucial to select the appropriate extension method. Strand by strand or so can add stress on your weak follicle and lead to more loss of hair. Tape-in extensions are favorable for increasing volume and length. They will not cause any damage at the same time.

Sick & Tired Of Doing Hair Care After Pregnancy The Old Way? Read This!
use hair extensions to make your hair look thicker

Make sure the tape-ins you go with is weighted to the standards for hair replacement. Install and take them out properly. That way will not harm your hair but stimulate healthy hair growth. Plus, strands falling out from your scalp are containable in the extension attachment. You will then see less hair on the pillow.

– How to care for hair following the period of being pregnant. One of the ways is trying a new cut. First, visit a stylist for some professional advice. Change your hairstyle so that it will incorporate the fine front hairs. Was your hair long previously? Either, did you have a layered cut of which pieces reached down to your chin? If so, you may want to make it shorter into long bangs framing your face.

– Change your hair part. Do you normally have the middle parting? Then, it is about time to try a side part that will help conceal thinner hair at your temples.

The bottom line

When levels of hormones come back to normal, your hair loss will stop. Try not to stress out over that temporary condition. Accept it is a normal part of the childbirth recovery. Also, refer to the above tips and tricks for hair care after pregnancy. They do help improve your hair situation faster and more effectively. Also, be aware of your hair changes. By doing so, you can deal with them more easily. Everything will be fine in the end!

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