Rock The Summer Festivals With Hair Dye Sprays

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When it comes to hair dyeing, bravery and commitment are the two most important factors. You need courage because you don’t have any idea how your hair will look like until being dyed. Not to mention the exhausting efforts made to maintain the color, which requires a great deal of commitment.

Thank God for creating hair dye sprays! They are fun, bold, creative, and super practical. With these temporary hair dye sprays, feel free to play around with any color your mood takes you, from rock n roll chic to a fierce warrior.

This article from Layla Hair will lead through the amazingness of hair dye spray brands and products to achieve the best color. No commitments involved!

Rock The Summer Festivals With Hair Dye Sprays
get ready for the festive vibe of summer

Why are girls crazy over hair dye sprays?

Temporary hair dye sprays are famous for their simple design and easy application. They provide brilliant colors for summer festivals and last for 1 to 2 days. Thus, no worries, no commitments!

Rock The Summer Festivals With Hair Dye Sprays
an excellent hair dye

The diverse range of colors of hair dye products performs well on every type of hair color, no matter bright or dark. Besides, these sprays are a type of direct spray in a super light powder form, designed to spray on and last for a day until cleaned out.

The best thing about the spray is it requires no commitment whatsoever. Dye your hair pink today and blue tomorrow! It’s purely fantastic and must-have hair products for every woman this summer!


How to DIY with hair dye sprays?

Your new bold look is about to be born. Let’s get started!

  • Step 1

Brush the hair to avoid any tangle or frizz. This task also provides equal coverage for the whole head.

  • Step 2

Use hair clips to hold up the sections of hair you don’t want to dye. Or separate them into parts for more even coloring.

Rock The Summer Festivals With Hair Dye Sprays
How to dye your hair at home
  • Step 3

Apply hair dye sprays away from the hair for about 15 cm. It’s advisable to perform this step in your bathroom since the spray can leave visible marks on your walls and furniture.

  • Step 4

For a more fierce look, use the spray for a longer time. For only one color selection, spray less to best suit blond or platinum hair.

  • Step 5

Go out and show off your new fashionable look! We bet every eye of onlookers are on you, ladies!

  • Step 6

Get bored with the color? All you need to do is wash out the spray and bring back your natural color. Repeat these steps tomorrow if you want to!

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Wait a minute!

Although the task of DIY with hair dye sprays is pretty simple, there are a few rules you should remember to ensure the best result.

  • Always spray in airy spaces
  • Cover the clothes before spraying. Even though these hair sprays are easy to clean, it’s best not to give them chances to ruin your favorite outfit.


Best temporary hair dye sprays for the festival season 2019

Let’s dive deep into the world of hair color sprays products and emerge with an unforgettable look!

Colorsmash Color Kissed Hairspray

Give your hair a playful yet gorgeous “kiss” with Colorsmash — a well-known hair dye spray brand. The spray offers brilliant pigments to highlight your hair. No commitments signed, and no disastrous consequences followed! (If there’s a consequence- unlucky you! — go to your bathroom and wash it clean).

Rock The Summer Festivals With Hair Dye Sprays
Colorsmash Color Kissed Hairspray

Also, the spray is of great help in keeping the hair moist, healthy, and versatile for styling all day long.


  • Pleasant smell
  • Low maintenance
  • Manageable hair pigments
  • Easy washout
  • No damage to the hair


  • Short-term usage ( the color fades out quickly)

IGK Amaro Ombre Highlight Spray

This hair color spray product is going to be a new “best friend” of girls seeking temporary ombre colors without the need for bleaching. The top-notch spray from Amaro creates an incredible, almost surreal, glow to the hair without ruining it like other types of bleaching chemicals.

Rock The Summer Festivals With Hair Dye Sprays
IGK Amaro Ombre Highlight Spray

Moreover, the product is sulfate-free, shielding the hair from harmful UV rays and heat.


  • Work well on dark hair
  • Produce a natural shade of color
  • Add bouncing texture and moisture
  • Avoid damaging the hair


  • Run out of effect pretty fast

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Jerome Russell Team Color Spray

There’s nothing better than sharing this wonderful invention with your group of friends and becoming fabulous together!

Available in 12 colors (I mean, 12 colors), there’s always something for everyone!  Not only do these colors occupy all the spotlight but also famous for their waterproof and sweat-resistant features.

Rock The Summer Festivals With Hair Dye Sprays
Jerome Russell Team Color Spray


  • Match dark color hair very well
  • Come with 12 shades of colors
  • Last for a long time
  • Clean out easily


  • Make the hair stiff and hard
  • Not go with an attractive smell

Joico Instatint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray

Joico promises to deliver 100% no damage hair dye spray. You can choose among four color shades and create beautiful ombre streaks. The color leaves the hair only with only a wash of shampoo but pigments retained until cleaned out totally.

Rock The Summer Festivals With Hair Dye Sprays
Joico Instatint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray


  • Softer feeling
  • Cause no damage to the hair whatsoever
  • Apply and remove easily


  • Run out quickly

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray

While most of the hair color spray products on the list do their magic with styling the hair for special occasions, Rita Hazan aims at giving a quick yet amazing fix to those who run out of time for a proper makeover.

The spray comes with natural color, and all you need is to spray it on the hair to hide gray parts or visible roots.

Rock The Summer Festivals With Hair Dye Sprays
Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray


  • Offer an effective and quick fix
  • Go with a natural color
  • Apply and remove
  • Cause no damage


  • NONE

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It’s time to make a decision!

Playing with hair color has never been more interesting with the help of best hair dye sprays 2019!

With a wide range of colors offered, you can choose and combine them to suit your preference and go out and rock the parties!

In case you do not want to take risks, dress yourself up with a hair extension instead. A wide range of colors, styles, and lengths are available to choose at LaylaHair.

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