How To Revive Human Hair Extensions? | Hair Extension Treatment

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In the past few years, the trend of hair extensions has become more prevalent and made women more beautiful. To have as long and thick hair as desired, most women have to spend a considerable amount of money and their valuable time in the salon so that the «experts» can make their hairstyles change. So, the post will help you understand more about the common problem which most people will get after using hair extension and the most useful way to hair extension treatment.

Frequent problems with hair extensions

Wishing to have long hair, the sisters accepted the method of hair extension without anticipating its effects on their hair. At this time, the hairdresser will use the glue and available hair ties to connect the real hair to the customer. Today, the method is more advanced than before but mostly still uses adhesives to bond hair together.

However, if you don’t know the right way to take care of your hair extension, your hair will get a lot of problems, which is the reason why is my hair so frizzy.

Your hair is dry and easy to tangle

How To Revive Human Hair Extensions? | Hair Extension Treatment
tangled hair extensions

A first common problem with people has hair extension is that their hair will dry and tangle after a short time. Like bending, stretching, dyeing wool, owning connected hair requires the intervention of chemicals, which are chemical glue. On the market today, there are many types of cement with different quality, but most of them are from chemical compounds. Hair bonding does not have a simple adhesive, so it requires us to re-seal it regularly. That makes the hair have a tangible layer of glue, sometimes unintentionally when combing hair several times, she brushes into the paste to make it tangle.

If there is a lot of tangles, we can not remove ourselves but we have to go to the salon with the helpers to remove it. Even when the knots are too serious, the hairdresser also has to give up, forcing us to remove and reconnect. The glue and joints will not get regular nutrition and tend to be dry. We overcome with the use of conditioner but it also quickly returned to its original state.

Hair breaks often

The frequent breakage of hair is inevitable when the amount of hair attached is more dominant. Our real hair is subjected to a significant pulling force of hair extensions, making your hair stretched, losing its elasticity, and weakening your hair, so it quickly breaks. In the process of connecting your hair, we often mistakenly think that hair is, but it is your real hair.

How To Revive Human Hair Extensions? | Hair Extension Treatment
hair breakage

Hair grows longer and looks lifeless

The extension also slows down the process of hair growth. Longer hair grows, and gradually your hair will be lost in some places on the scalp, sometimes removing the hair that connects you to discover and startled.

Furthermore, long and fast-growing hair causes your hair to become sparse and gradually lose vitality. You will not be confident if someone accidentally touches your hair, because of the dry feeling it gives.


Your hair extension is the shelter of many bacteria and fungi

Hair is an ideal environment for unknown bacteria and organisms to hide if not thoroughly cleaned. Hair extensions will dry faster than natural hair immediately after you wash your hair. If it takes only 30 to 45 minutes for your hair to dry, then for natural hair we have to use it regularly to get it to dry faster.

How To Revive Human Hair Extensions? | Hair Extension Treatment
hair extensions are the shelter of bacteria and fungi

However, the hair will often be difficult to dry thoroughly on the hair joints. Therefore, it becomes a place for bacteria and strange organisms to appear that affect the hair roots create the feeling that you are itchy and uncomfortable. Hair is a problem if you have to scratch your hair. Questions such as dandruff and fungal hair will quickly appear if we take care of our hair.

Hair extension treatment — How to revive hair extensions?

After speaking of the common issues which you can meet after owning a hair extension, looking for the best hair weave treatment is the ideal choice for you. How to make my hair soft is quite simple and easy to do at home, but you do not have much time for doing it, the thing will become more difficult. It is the reason why you should refer to hair extension products, which are considered the perfect hair extension treatment for busy people.

How To Revive Human Hair Extensions? | Hair Extension Treatment
use best hair care products for hair extensions

But you should remember that you have to choose the right and suitable hair extension product to bring the high quality for hair extension treatment.

Hair extensions will have to use specialized products specifically for hair that connect shampoo to conditioner. The best way to choose shampoo is to choose good shampoo like herbal shampoo, keratin shampoo, and so on. Furthermore, you should avoid sulfate-containing products with bleach. These substances will make your connecting hair quickly affected, especially those that are at risk of unwanted peeling. So, if you have done hair extensions at any hairdresser, ask the staff there to advise you on the right products for your hair to use.

To Sum Up

Using hair extension is the perfect way for anyone who wants to have a long smooth and natural hair in a short time. But to keep the hair always beautiful, you should follow the tips above carefully to make sure that your hair doesn’t meet any trouble. Furthermore, when detecting any problems as mention above, you should apply this hair extension treatment to take care of your hair. Moreover, you should remember that to have beautiful and natural hair, you have to spend time to take care of your hair.

Hope that after the post, you will know more about these common problems of hair extension and the way to treat it. Moreover, if you need more useful information about hair or hair extension, don’t forget to visit our website to get more.

Laylahair is also accessible via our hotline (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp), so feel free to find us at any time. Our support team is always willing to answer any of your questions!

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