Hair Extensions: The Complete Guide For Ladies 2020 Edition

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Hair extensions have been around for ages. In the past, they were used as a sign of high social class. Nowadays, women from different social backgrounds with different financial conditions can easily access these items.

There are two types of extensions. However, in this article, we will mainly focus on human hair extensions. This will be the most comprehensive and complete guide for ladies for 2020 use.

Hair extensions what are they?

The hair extensions definition is simple. These items help added length or density to your hair. They are extended or attached to your existing hair.

Human hair extensions offer different types with sizes and colors. Depending on your preferences, you can choose extensions that are longer than your real hair.

Other than that, choosing a short piece helps to increase the hair thickness. Since there are many kinds of extensions, the lifespan of each type is different.

In summary, hair extensions bring two significant benefits. They are perfect options for those who want to adjust the length and thickness of their natural hair.

How many types of hair extensions are there?

That said, there is more than one type of hair extensions. To choose the most suitable product, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each.

If you ever feel swamped by all the choices, let this section help you out.

Clip-in extensions

This type is great when you have medium-density hair. In the world of extensions, it is the most usable and easy-to-apply one. The hair strands are attached into a weft with clips.

Users love clip-in extensions because it is super easy to wear. You can apply them onto your hair with simple instructions from youtube or a hairdresser.

Hair Extensions: The complete guide for ladies 2019 edition

Clip-in hair extensions

The drawback of clip-ins is they are not very much permanent. So if you want to refresh your hair within a day or two, this should be the best option for you.

The application and removal take only 5 to 15 minutes. Since you just clip the extensions on the natural hair, it causes least damage and breakage.

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-ins are our recommendation for ladies with thinning hair problems. As the name suggests, this hairpiece is pre-taped. It has glue/tape on both sides so that you can stick it to your hair.

Hair Extensions: The Complete Guide For Ladies 2019 Edition

Tape-in hair extensions

It may sound simple, but we would suggest you ask for professional help when applying these items. Tape-ins need to stay close to your hair root, or else they will make your hair looks like a disaster.

Compared to clip-in, tape-ins are more durable, which means they stay longer on your hair. You can undoubtedly sleep with the tapes. With proper care, tape-in extensions can last up to eight weeks.

Tape-ins are easy to notice; therefore, braids or ponytail hairstyles seem to be impossible.

Weave extensions

Weave extensions are quite popular among those with thick and curly hair. The applying process can take more than one hours. The hairstylist will first braid your hair into cornrows.

After that, he or she will sew the weave extension to the cornrows using thread and needle. The technique is time-consuming and quite expensive.

Hair Extensions: The Complete Guide For Ladies 2019 Edition

Pre-bonded extensions

The extensions are firmly attached to your scalp so that you would feel a bit itchy or uncomfortable. But don’t worry because it is normal. You also need help to remove the weaves.

The reason why many women pay a shiny dollar for this complicated and seemingly uncomfortable process is that of the durability. Hair weaves stay very long on your hair.

Fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions

This type of human hair extensions is suitable for women with medium to thick hair. The names are interchanged. The application requires glue or adhesives to secure small hair bulks into hair roots.

This process will take up to four hours of continuous working with the help of a hairstylist. Pre-bonded extensions are many women’s favorite merely because they are highly versatile. It not only creates natural look but also allows wearers to make different hairstyles with ease.

Hair Extensions: The Complete Guide For Ladies 2019 Edition

The problem here is this type is quite damaging to your natural hair. The chemicals in adhesives and glue aren’t hair-friendly at all. Some people experience hair loss, irritation, and breakage.

Hair extensions what length is best?

If you have the problem with hair length, no worries because many women have the same concern too, the range of human hair extensions needs to be just right, so the hairpieces don’t look ridiculous.

Extensions are generally divided into different hair length. You can find, in Layla Hair website, for example, the length of 12-14”, 16-18” or sometimes even 30-32”.

Though the choice of hair length is very personal, we advise you to ask for assistance. Ask the sale person or your hairstylist to determine the perfect hair length you should purchase.

Are human hair extensions for me?

Alright, ladies, we agree that human hair extensions aren’t all-purpose items suitable for everyone. Therefore, you should ask yourself these questions before making up your mind.

Do you want a boost in confidence?

Hair thinning is a severe problem for many women. It takes down their confidence and narrows their social cycles. If you ever find yourself get caught with the same problem, hair extensions are the way out.

One of the significant advantages of hair extensions is they help you increase your hair thickness. You can start small and cheap with clip-ins and tape-ins.

Once you feel more confident, it is time to expand your choices.

Do you want to change your dull look?

We all want to be like Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet. They can change dresses and even hairstyles from one night to the other. What is their secret? Human hair extensions of course!

Hair Extensions: The Complete Guide For Ladies 2019 Edition

If you are getting fed up with your normal, unattractive hair, hair extensions could be your perfect solutions. Depending on different types, you can magically turn your hair into something new within a day or even weeks.

Hair extensions can save your existing hair from harsh chemical and heat processing. That way, you can enjoy your new look without damaging your hair.

Do you want to hide your haircut?

What happens if you want to try out a new haircut and it turns out to be disastrous? Bob, for example, isn’t a style for everyone. In this case, hair extensions will help you out.

It conceals your ugly haircut and allows your hair strands to grow.

The bottom line

Hair extensions bestow a myriad of benefits. They come with different sizes and length, which serve different users’ purpose. You should always consult a hairdresser or sale people when you encounter things you don’t understand these particular products.

If you feel interested, feel free to contact Laylahair via (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) at any time to get support.

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