3 Things You Should Never Do With Your Extensions

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When it comes to hair extensions, there are more issues than you thought. How to apply? How to remove? Or How to do hair extension maintenance are common questions. The answers seem not too hard to carry but not all know how to do correctly. Therefore, today Layla Hair will share with you some useful hair extension tips.

Well, there is no specific guideline book about hair extension tips and tricks, but to maintain your extensions in a long time, you have to take some things so seriously. People are tent to spend a lot of money on high-quality hair extensions as they think that they require less hair extension care tips than worse ones. However, hair extension maintenance is a must for all kinds. 

3 Things You Should Never Do With Your Extensions | Hair Extension Tips
human hair extensions

Besides the hair extensions, taking care of your natural hair is also necessary. Many people may ignore their own hair and focus much on hair extensions, which they spend money on. But one should know those hair extensions are solutions for real hair. So both real hair and hair extensions should be taken care of at the same time.

Hair extension is not a replacement for your hair, what if they no longer exist? Hence, let’s read through this article about hair extension care tips to protect your extensions and your natural hair as well.

Shouldn’t Wash Hair Extensions Weekly

Don’t shampoo hair extensions every week.

Most of you tend to buy human hair extension but the truth is that it is not as good as your real hair.

To totally make use of your hair extensions, stop washing them weekly. The explanation for this is that the hair extensions no longer receive nutrient from your body to nourish themselves. Then, if you rinse them so often, that means you gradually wash away their source of nourishment and make them dry. Moreover, your natural might be affected and start frizzing up. 

3 Things You Should Never Do With Your Extensions | Hair Extension Tips
it is not good to wash your hair extensions too frequently

Most of you are likely to make braids underneath your hair extensions to prevent tangle. Conversely, when your hair gets wet, the braid can unlock and cause a mess.

If you wonder how often you should wash your hair extensions, the answer is once a month. That is an ideal timeframe for every hair extensions; the user does. A month is not a long time or too short time to keep your hair extensions away from wetting and keep them look more lively.

However, there is a difference between sew-in hair extensions and clip in hair extensions. that may lead to some clip in hair extension tips and tricks. If you use clip in extension, you can unclip and then shampoo them. It is better to wash hair extension when it is off your head.


Don’t Tear Wefts While Removing

Do you know that how you take off your hair extensions can badly affect your natural hair?

So many people are hurrying in removing their hair extensions. When hair extensions are old using, you may want to take them off quickly. But that is the fastest way to cause damage to hair. Bear in your mind that thought it might be the last step of removing, you need to carefully deal with your hair extensions.

Let’s take a look at the quick weave, that is a weaving method that glues the wefts with natural hair or weave cap before bonding. When the hair extensions should be removed, some may just directly pull out the weft without think of potential damage. But it is really not a wise way to take off hair extensions. When you use the glue method to apply for hair extensions, you should spray oil sheen over your scalp area before remove. The oil will ease the bonding between the track and glue, then allow you to easily uninstall your hair extensions.

3 Things You Should Never Do With Your Extensions | Hair Extension Tips
don’t tear the wefts when removing

If you are sew-in hair extension users, it better to have someone else remove it for you. To install this kind of hair extensions, the wefts are sewn in your hair braids with a thread. Hence, to remove it, the first step is to cut the thread. Many people try to cut it themselves, but that can lead to cut their natural hair.

Hence, if you have intentions of removing hair extension, be careful and find the best way to do it. If you just do a little wrong steps, your hair will be damaged is inevitable.

Don’t Share Your Hair Extensions With Others

There is once a blue moon thing but may happen sometimes is people let others use their hair extensions. You may never hear that because no want to share their hair extensions. It’s quite strange and disgusting honestly.

There is no doubt that bacteria are everywhere, and it’s hard to prevent it from contacting us. But it’s about time to avoid, hair extensions are included in the list. Many don’t that how many times they sweat when using hair extensions and how fast bacteria grow underneath as well. Therefore, it means you transfer all the bacteria to others.

3 Things You Should Never Do With Your Extensions | Hair Extension Tips
don’t let other people use your extensions

But there lies in some situations that you can share your clips hair extensions or wigs, that is for beauty industry purpose. The model has to appear with a different look and pose when shooting, then they may change the extensions so often in a day. And the wigs and clip-in extensions are easy to apply and remove so it may not lead to those problems. Plus model just uses them in a short time, about 20 minutes for each or less then it is okay to share hair extensions in this case.

In The Bottom Line

The hair extension tips and tricks above are not all but the main ones. Hopefully, this not-to-do list will help you protect both your hair extension and your natural hair. Once you take care of your hair extensions, you are looking after your real hair as well. Just bear it in mind!

If you have any other questions about the human hair extension care tips, let us know!

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