Does Hair Growth Serum Really Work? You Must Read This!

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For many people, having thick, healthy hair is a dream, but hair thinning and loss is more common, especially as we age. While males are more likely than women to lose hair, anybody can experience shedding and patchy areas, and the causes of this distressing shift are several. That’s why we need a product to stop or slow the hair loss process. You may have heard that hair growth serum is a great solution for your hair loss, but does it actually work?  In this article below, LaylaHair will answer your question to the fullest extent.

How does hair grow?

Before going further, you need to know how your hair grows. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you are born with all of the hair follicles you will ever have – roughly 5 million to be exact (AAD). On your scalp, there are around 100,000 follicles. When it comes to hair loss, the AAD believes shedding 50 to 100 hairs a day is quite normal.

Hair grows from a root at the bottom of a follicle under your skin. Blood from your scalp travels to the follicle, where it delivers oxygen and nutrients to the hair root, allowing it to develop. Hair will then push through your skin and pass through an oil gland as it grows. The oil from this gland, according to the AAD, is what makes your hair lustrous and soft.

Does Hair Growth Serum Really Work? You Must Read This!
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How does hair growth serum work ?

Hair growth serum is a liquid that helps stimulate hair growth. Have you ever wondered how it works? Unlike coconut oil, which penetrates the cuticle and causes temporary alterations to the hair structure, silicon-based hair serum just coats the top layer of your hair. It makes the hair shine by reflecting more light and protecting it from environmental elements like dust, heat, and humidity. The lubrication given by the liquid aids in the detangling of hair, making it more manageable.

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Hair growth serum review

When you’re dealing with problems like these, you may want to explore for solutions, one of which might be a hair growth serum. These products contain chemicals that accelerate hair development and lengthen the developing period of each strand of hair, resulting in reduced loss. Serums can be used in conjunction with other strategies, such as talking with a professional to figure out why you’re losing hair. According to experts, the following are the best hair growth serums to try:

Typical types of hair growth serum 

Does Hair Growth Serum Really Work? You Must Read This!

1. Folliboost hair growth serum

Folliboost hair growth serum is a natural topical supplement. It’s intended to stimulate hair follicles, prevent hair loss, and promote thicker, fuller hair. The product is manufactured from a proprietary mix that will combat and minimize hair loss, stimulate hair follicle growth, and repair damaged hair. It’s a natural hair growth serum that helps to prevent hair loss and promotes overall development. In three months of regular application, the product promises to entirely recover your lost hair.

2. Viabrance hair serum 

Viabrance is a hair loss treatment firm based in the United States. This serum appears to be offered mostly to ladies who are looking for a supplement to aid with hair development. The product is described as a system that marries both the science of a clinically proven hair regrowth treatment with a truly hair care system for thicker, more manageable, and healthier-looking hair.

3. Vegamour hair growth serum

Vegamour serum micro-encapsulated hemp oil molecules, which are purportedly more successful at accessing the upper layer of the dermis to boost circulation and minimize alopecia-causing inflammation, improve on their previous composition.

Does Hair Growth Serum Really Work? You Must Read This!

4. Biotin hair growth serum

This is a B vitamin that is frequently suggested for hair health. Biotin deficiency can cause hair loss, thus proponents believe that supplementing with biotin will thicken hair and encourage growth.

5. Others products: 

Besides the listed products above, LaylaHair also suggested some amazing serum you can consider to promote your gorgeous hair growth intensely. For example: vegamour hair growth serum, popi hair growth serum and so on.

Have you ever thought of trying hair topper or wig to cover your thinning hair?

Some notices when using hair serum 

It’s crucial to remember that hair growth serums aren’t a cure-all and if you’re experiencing hair loss. When using hair serum, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

– Before you choose the serum, make sure you visit a professional stylist or expert in this field. Using a subpar product will almost certainly result in permanent hair damage. Each type of hair will be offered with a different kind of serum.

– You shouldn’t spread the serum with your fingertips. A paddle brush should be used to distribute serum evenly throughout the hair. Applying to the roots is not a good idea.

Does Hair Growth Serum Really Work? You Must Read This!
how to use hair growth serum

– While the hair serum has yet to be linked to any negative side effects, keep in mind that any product containing silicon is thought to be harmful in the long term.

– Using the shampoo and conditioner that are appropriate for your hair type. Chemical treatments that are too severe should be avoided.

– Eating well is the healthiest way to achieve lustrous hair. So, get your eight hours of sleep by eating fruits, drinking plenty of water, and exercising.

Final thoughts

Does hair growth serum actually work?” is a frequently requested question. You may need to attempt more than one type of therapy to acquire the outcomes you want. Hair loss treatments, like any medical procedure, aren’t 100% guaranteed, and undesirable side effects are possible. If you’re working with a dermatologist or another health care professional, make sure you talk about your expectations as well as any potential risks or issues.

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