Halo Hair Extension Price: How Much Does It Often Cost?

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Halo hair extensions have become more and more popular since they are fast and easy as opposed to some other types. If you are apprehensive about putting on hair replacement systems, this type is one of the most comfortable and most practical items to use. They do not ask for tapes, glues, clips, or the like for an attachment to the hair. They are indeed not technically attached to your hair. Anything more satisfying than that perk? That is why NO DAMAGE is seen! If you are considering the halo hair extension price, here you are!

What are they?

Before we move on to the main point about halo hair extensions cost, let’s have a quick look at their definition. These hair extensions are considered the most current type of hair systems without attaching to your bio hair. Instead, they leverage the natural shape of your head and stay comfortably and securely there, similar to a crown using a hidden wire. You can style your hair as desired, as well. The result is a full and long head of hair that you may always be after. 

Halo Hair Extensions Price: How Much Does It Often Cost? - Laylahair
halo hair extensions

Some of their most outstanding benefits:

– It will not damage your bio hair

– Halo extensions are simple to install

– It is easy to remove

– The Halo is flexible without commitments

– This extension offers a fantastic volume

– It gives realistic looking

– Halo extensions are durable

– It is super comfortable to wear

– It saves you money when you do not have to pay regular salon visits


How much do halo hair extensions cost?

The cost of these extensions has to do with several factors – for example, how thick your real hair is. As a general rule, if you have more hair, the hair unit will be more pricey. Below are some specific things that will impact “how much are they?”

Halo hair extensions cost depends on the hair type

Halo Hair Extensions Price: How Much Does It Often Cost? - Laylahair
halo extensions from human hair are more expensive than synthetic one

There are various hair types. All of them differ in price. Do you go with human or synthetic hair extensions? Their prices vary with the more costly one being the first. It is understandable considering how much effort and time the manufacturers put in to produce these quality human hair products, their durability, naturalness, etc.

The color also decides the price of halo hair extension

Admittedly, the color has to do with the cost. Typically, black color should be the less expensive one to go,

The length and weight of the wefts

If you want to purchase the longer hair, the halo hair extension price will be higher. The length you select is associated with the volume you pick up for the hair. Do you desire to have long hair? If you do, be prepared to spend more money compared to you would with the medium or short unit.

Halo Hair Extensions Price: How Much Does It Often Cost? - Laylahair
the longer the extensions are, the higher the cost is

The amount of hair you use

How much do halo hair extensions cost? Per head, the quantity of hair you use influences their cost. Some salons may charge you depending on the number of extensions that you have used. In other words, if you use more of these hair systems, the price of them will be higher.

The durability of halo hair extensions

Some types of hair tend to last longer than the others. If the hair you choose is long-lasting, a high chance is that the halo hair extension price will be higher.

Where you buy them decides the halo hair extension price you would be offered

How much does it cost also depends on the place you get them. Some vendors will charge you less than the others. So make your choice. Consider not only the cost but also the value it delivers. Think about the reliability of the suppliers, as well.

Halo Hair Extensions Price: How Much Does It Often Cost? - Laylahair
halo human hair extensions are sold at a reasonable price at Laylahair

In the bottom line

The price depends on many factors. For instance, for fine hair, it tends to be 199 USD, the medium hair is about 300 USD. For the thick hair, it can be over 400 USD. As you can see, these extensions may be more expensive than the other types. Yet, you will not regret investing in them regarding their ease of use, the resulting look, durability, etc. That means they will be money-saving in the long run as you will not have to visit the salon for your hair unit re-done again and again. 

To enjoy all of their benefits, you should purchase quality ones from a trustworthy supplier. Who should be your choice? Come to Layla Hair. With many years of experience in providing hair extensions, we are proud as one of the most prestigious places to purchase hair. We only offer high-quality items at a friendly cost. The halo hair extension price is not an exception. They are ready in stock. Get them now!

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