What Is HD Lace? 5 Reasons Why Is It Burning Hot Right Now!

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Hairpieces have been tremendously popular. Along with their increasing reputation, there raises demand for them. That is when lace is in more considerable need. Today let’s delve into lace, namely HD lace

We know many of you prefer HD lace to normal ones. For sure, the key questions are, “what is it?”, “what makes it different?”, “how about its wigs?”, “what about its price”, and “where to buy this lace?”. Below we got you covered. 

What is HD lace? 

Have you ever seen an actor with the amazing ability to imitate one particular person from the past? How can they rock that one’s look? It can be partly thanks to the way they act? The nails? Hairstyles? How do they get the hair suited perfectly? It is the clever use of HD Swiss lace.

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Normal lace (light brown) vs. HD lace

HD lace for wig making is a lightweight and ultra-thin material. It looks and feels soft. They bring a more transparent look than normal laces. That is why they give a perfect blend with your skin. Your hairline is thus undetectable. Thanks to their natural look, you do not need to dye them as well. They ventilate well. Is it amazing?

What is the difference between normal lace vs. HD lace?

They are somehow different. Are you wondering which is better HD full lace wigs, etc. or normal ones? There are always two sides of the coin. So, each of the laces has its perks and drawbacks.

HD lace

For the pros, it is translucent. This lace is a smooth reflection of cameras, so it shows up as your scalp.  As the material is a good match with your skin complexions, there is no need to bleach it. Plucking it is unnecessary as well. Your final look is more natural than when using regular ones. 

What Is HD Lace? 5 Reasons Why Is It Burning Hot Right Now!
HD lace is undetectable

Not all, it is breathable. The fantastic flexibility is undeniable. Not to mention, the scalp is less itchy when using this lace. The item is irritation-free. It is a fantastic choice for beginners.

For the cons, the material is thin. That is why you should handle it with care.

Normal lace

This material is less invisible than HD ones. On a positive note, people cannot detect it, especially the transparent lace (the normal type that is transparent in color) if you customize it properly. What is more, there are different colors. Then you can select a suitable one to match your skin tones better. 

What Is HD Lace? 5 Reasons Why Is It Burning Hot Right Now!
normal French lace

For the cons, normal types do not give as good ventilation as HD laces. Also, the material is not as soft. It can result in minimal irritation.

All in all, the key difference is the HD lace looks more realistic and less visible. It is able to melt into your skin far better than the normal type.

HD lace wigs

Numerous users give positive feedback to lace wigs. They are fast and convenient to use. Their air permeability is great. The wigs are comfortable to wear. These are only some of their numerous benefits.

Invisible lace frontal wig

If you are a wearer of a lace front, you may be fond of HD lace front wigs (with 13×6 inch base, etc.). It is partly because this kind is see-through.

What Is HD Lace? 5 Reasons Why Is It Burning Hot Right Now!
HD lace frontal

What is a lace frontal wig? It comes with a small lace along your front hairline to the wig from the frontal. The strands of the hair are manually sewn into the lace’s holes. It is able to stretch. It gives the whole coverage of the area of your scalp. The hairstyle looks natural. That may be why this lace front wig has been enormously popular. 

Let alone, HD illusion lace frontal or so has a decent durability. The product can last for half a year or one year with appropriate care and attention. 

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On the other hand, you cannot part the wig wherever you want. It is hence not truly favorable if you want to try a twist out.

Lace closure

These hairpieces have the strands of hair tied on a lace. Swiss lace closures appear as a mesh/ netting material. So it let the scalp breathe. You can access the beneath of the hair to wash, condition as well as moisturizing with ease. There is a tie between the knots from the hair with the lace. 

What Is HD Lace? 5 Reasons Why Is It Burning Hot Right Now!
HD lace closure

Also, all the hair plaited below the pretty wig. The hair will thereby stay away from damages such as breakage. Let alone, the lace on the closure has good thinness and similar color to your scalp. It looks natural as a result. Others will have a hard time telling whether you are putting on a wig or not. 

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For an added benefit, lace closures are usually wide enough. It lets you experience various parting styles. Trying however you want is possible.

How much does HD lace cost? 

HD lace wigs are more expensive than normal ones. Yet, they are worth the money. It is because they go through superior manufacturing. Their quality is excellent. The texture is fine. They are also durable. Their overall plus points have no rivals. Investing in these products, in the long run, will not be your regret. 

What Is HD Lace? 5 Reasons Why Is It Burning Hot Right Now!
HD lace is a little bit more expensive than the normal lace

Meanwhile, normal lace wigs are typically cheaper. You get what you pay for. It may hold true in this case. They are a good option in the short run. You can also use them from time to time for styling purposes. 

In general, the prices of lace wigs have to do with their quality, usage, and durability. You get what you pay for, so we suppose the investment on HD lace is definitely worth it. 

Where to buy HD lace frontal/closure?

Are you looking for a trusted vendor/ wholesale? Here at Layla Hair, we prove we are the second to none when it comes to HD laces. We are committed to providing the best ones available these days, whether they are closures or fronts. Do not worry too much about their cost. It is amazingly reasonable.

Kindly take a look at our website to know more about us. We are also accessible via (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) at any time, so do not hesitate to contact us directly!

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