How To Hide Tape In Hair Extensions: Back To Basics!

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Tape in extensions are among the easiest method to create voluminous hair look. However, to make it undetectable, wearers should know how to hide tape in hair extensions on short hair.

There happen to be hundreds of ways that girls often use to boost their appearance. And hair extensions are one of their closest friends thanks to its magical effect in fostering a glamorous hairdo.

However, everything is not just as simple as sticking the extensions on then you could have a good outcome. It is never a piece of cake to make the extensions look natural or to style them. Hence, in this article, Layla Hair would get you covered with the tips to hide tape-in human hair extensions and how to make it look natural.

First, what are tape in hair extensions?

Hair extensions give people more spaces to rock unexpected styles and colors. It’s like you are turning into a totally new person when wearing extensions or wigs. People, especially women, hence, are getting more and more addicted to this item.

How To Hide Tape In Hair Extensions: Back To Basics!
tape in hair extensions

As you step into the extension world, you would be overwhelmed by the wide range of products available. There are several types of extensions such as sew in, clip in, tape in, fusion, and keratin. Each of them has its own pros and cons, and the ways to apply them to your real hair are different, also.

Tape in hair extensions are one of the most popular options in today’s market. They are thin, lightweight tape wefts that are attached in between your natural hair. Unlike other types (keratin or fusion), it does not require any chemicals nor tools to put in.  

Tape hair could last up to 6 – 8 weeks and the wefts are reusable. In other words, you just need to replace the old tape with a new one, then you can continue using it.

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How to hide tape in extensions in thin hair?

So as to get a good-looking finish, the extensions need to blend well with your natural hair. Therefore, learning how to put in tape in extensions are essential to learn. It sounds simple, but in fact, it ain’t. Reviews have revealed that if you do not attach it the right way, it could easily damage your real hair.

How To Hide Tape In Hair Extensions: Back To Basics!
tape in extensions before and after

To determine where to place the tapes or how to apply it, you can head to a hair salon to consult any experts. However, it is not that necessary to do so, since you could definitely do it yourself at home. Followings are some tips you should notice:

#1 Don’t stick the tapes on your scalp

The first thing to bear in mind is that you should never attach the tape too close to the scalp. It not only prevents your hair from growing but also limits the movement of your locks. Instead, place it at least 1 inch far from the scalp to let your hair breathe and move more naturally.

How To Hide Tape In Hair Extensions: Back To Basics!
how to apply tape in hair extensions

#2 Follow the brick laying pattern

Bricklaying pattern is what you should follow when applying tape in hair extensions on short hair. Remember not to go too high up to both the roots or the tips of the hair so that the extensions could be as undetectable as possible.

Once the tapes are too close to the top of the hairline, people are likelier to recognize it. It is also an obstacle that prevents natural movements of your tresses.

Additionally, it is also important to use the current number of tapes when applying. If your hair is thick, you don’t need too many tapes. In contrast, if you have thin hair, more tapes would help to add volume to the real hair. Of course, it would be more difficult to hide the tapes well. That’s why we are saying placement is crucial to pay attention to.

How to style tape in hair extensions?

You have done with the placement process but still wanted to assure it is totally invisible? Then you could try some styling tricks below:

How To Hide Tape In Hair Extensions: Back To Basics!
curl your hair extensions

#1 Curl your hair

By slightly curling your tresses, you can easily make the tapes undetectable. It boosts your hair volume, also. The results would be overwhelming if you know how to curl the hair effectively. A wavy tape in extension would be harder to detect than a straight one.

Still, you need to be careful when using heating tools to curl the extensions. Applying too much heat would damage both your real hair and the extensions. Using a heat protectant is advisable to avoid this risk.

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#2 Tease hair layers

Another trick to hide hair extensions tape in effectively is to tease your real strands in places. Find the strands in between the tapes and strategically tease it apart. Of course, do it slightly because overdoing would entail in weird bulges.

Hairstyles to conceal tape in extensions

If you have got the best quality tape in hair extensions, you can style it to make it blend well with your real hair. Ponytails, hair braids, Updo, etc. are some great styles to elevate your look. These hairdos can completely hide the tapes.

How To Hide Tape In Hair Extensions: Back To Basics!
hair braid styles

Moreover, the extension wearers could control the directions of each strand and make it look as natural as possible, not to mentioning that these hairstyles are super trendy and gorgeous.

That’s if you are NOT wearing synthetic extensions, of course. You need to purchase the best packs of human hair to be able to do all the things above. Synthetic hair is harder to be styled, and it is no good to your real hair, also.

Layla Hair hopes that the post above can somehow help you imagine the way to make your tape in hair extensions undetectable and gain a natural-looking hairdo. For further tips and advice on hair extensions and hair care, feel free to visit our website!

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