Forget The Solvent! These Homemade Adhesive Remover Can Help!

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You have difficulty getting rid out of sticker glue from your mane or clothes. You see your child apply stickers to the floor and wonder how to remove the sticker residue from the surface. In many cases, the adhesive remover is also essential when you want to remove the hair extensions from your head. Have you ever created a homemade adhesive remover from available ingredients in your kitchen? You are in the right place to find the best tips to get all adhesive residue out of your favorite places without causing any damages. With our-natural remover recipes, such as baking soda, olive oil, etc. you will find a great solution for the stubborn stains. Check it now!

Get the adhesive off your hair by using lemon oil and baking soda

This is the easiest way to remove stickiness in your tresses or clothes. We’re sure that the homemade version is much safer for your hair strands and you even eat it although it will not taste good. What’s more, the ingredients for this recipe are very cheap and cost-effective.

To create tape in hair extension remover, you need:

— 10 drops of lemon oil. You can use sweet orange oil instead.

— ¼ cup of baking soda

— ½ cup of lukewarm water 

— 1/3 cup of coconut oil if needed

Forget The Solvent! These Homemade Adhesive Remover Can Help!
lemon oil and baking soda

Start by blending all ingredients in a glass jar or a bowl. Try to whip them up evenly and store them when you have a nice paste. Ta-da! You have your own homemade adhesive remover in seconds. 

Plop some of this mixture on your natural locks where they have the tape adhesive residue. Wait for minutes and the adhesive will be wiped right off. Rinse the hair with fresh water if necessary. 

This little recipe is simple and quick, not to mention that it smells pleasant. Lemon oil or lemon extract is a natural solvent and used in many cleaning recipes; hence, it is entirely safe. Also, you can use this remover to clean other hard surfaces, such as glasses, plastic, fabric, and more.

Use peanut butter to remove adhesive residue

You are in a rush and don’t have lemon oil lying around in your house, peanut butter can work too. We’re sure that it works better than you would think. This DIY adhesive remover will remove all residue left behind on your hair without harming your scalp and natural lock. 

Many experts say that the natural peanut oils in peanut butter can work to break down the adhesive bond present in tape and glue. Simply apply the peanut butter to the sticky hair areas and allow it to sit for a little while, about 30 minutes. Once the time is up, you can gently remove the tape hair extensions or adhesive residue off easily.

Forget The Solvent! These Homemade Adhesive Remover Can Help!
peanut butter

Create homemade adhesive remover with natural oils

You can create an oil-based remover for tape in extensions at home. It is another great product for wiping out adhesive residue if you want to stay away from chemical products. What should you use? Olive, coconut, almond oil or any other oil alike works well to remove the adhesive. However, this tip needs time to activate. 

For example, you take olive oil into a bowl and heat in your microwave. Let it cool and you can add vitamin E on olive oil. Apply the remover on the tape residue and let it soak for about 15-20 minutes or more. The longer you let it set on your hair, the much easier you remove all residue from your mane. The mix will loosen the bonds, making it easier to pull. Plus, the remover helps boost hair health and add moisture to hair strands. Once all the tape is worked into the oil, clean up your hair with shampoo and water. Then give it a final rinse.

Mix baking soda and clarifying shampoo

Forget The Solvent! These Homemade Adhesive Remover Can Help!
baking soda and clarifying shampoo

Have you ever thought about this combination yet? Both baking soda and clarifying shampoo work for cleaning; hence, this DIY adhesive remover recipe will work effectively on removing adhesive, as well. 

Specifically, you blend a little bit of baking soda in with your clarifying shampoo in a small bowl. Then apply the paste you’ve created on your hair where it has adhesive left. Gently rub it on your hair, try to avoid pulling hair strands. Don’t rinse it out immediately and allow it to sit for a while. Then, you can run your fingers or take a comb through the hair to break up the hard stickiness. Rinse your hair with fresh water. 

You can shampoo your hair again to remove baking soda left and don’t forget to apply the hair conditioner to moisturize and hydrate hair strands. 


Use vinegar as a remover 

Vinegar has been used as a traditional remover that can dissolve many adhesive bonds on different surfaces. It contains acetic acid that can break down the tape and glue bonding then dilutes them until they no longer adhere to the hair or surface. Just apply a generous amount of vinegar directly to the bonding residue and allow it a few minutes to work. When the adhesive is dissolved in vinegar, you are able to wipe away to clean your mane. Shampoo your hair if you don’t like the scent of vinegar. 

Forget The Solvent! These Homemade Adhesive Remover Can Help!
white vinegar vs apple cider vinegar

In addition to above homemade adhesive remover recipes, many people use mayonnaise, hand lotion, alcohol, or hot water, and so on, to remove the remaining adhesive on your tresses. They report that these tips work amazingly on their hair but it requires time to perform. 

Hopefully, the sharing of homemade adhesive remover is informative and useful for you. Try and decide which homemade recipe will work well on removing stubborn adhesive and stain on your hair and any surface. These recipes also improve and boost the health of your bio hair.

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