How Much Are Wigs With Real Hair? Is It Worth Your Money?

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Wearing human hair wigs is not strange today because there are more and more people who are facing hair problems. The hairpieces are designed to give extra coverage and bring thickness hair to the wearer. Human hair wigs are versatile and durable, so customers usually wear them instead of choosing synthetic fibers counterpart. How much are wigs with real hair? It completely depends on the features of the hairpiece.

In the entertainment industry, it is not difficult to see that many celebrities wear hairpieces to conceal defects in their hair and switch up their appearance. Human hair can blend well with the existing hair and not harm the scalp as well. The wearers or stylists can curl, dye or even bleach the 100% real hair wigs, also.

How Much Are Real Hair Wigs?

Human hair wigs are the best choice for everyone as it offers a wonderfully luxurious and really good quality hair. However, when mentioning prices, some people hesitate to spend money to buy a real hair wig. 

How Much Are Wigs With Real Hair? Is It Worth Your Money?
premium human hair wigs

In the market now, human hair wigs are sold at different prices because each hair vendor has their own prices. The cost of it is higher than other types of hairpieces because of the feeling it brings, low maintenance, and so on.

Do you think purchasing a real hair wig is a worthy investment? A good synthetic hair wig can last 3-6 months of regular use with proper care, but the lifespan of human hair wig can double that time.

Real human hairpieces are soft and smooth but the synthetic is not. The synthetic can offer a realistic look, but not as natural as the human hairpiece brings. 

Factors That Decide How Much Do Real Hair Wigs Cost

High quality

Being made of 100% human virgin hair, it is the highest grade of hairpieces. Hair manufacturers use untreated hair that is harvested and maintained to design real hair wigs. 

How Much Are Wigs With Real Hair? Is It Worth Your Money?
the price depends on the quality of hair

All cuticles of the hair are alive and stayed align in the same direction as your own hair. Even it is more expensive than synthetic hair wigs, but you can wear it for a long time if you take care of it carefully and properly. Because of the high quality, human hairpieces are used widely. The wearers can feel as comfortable as possible when wearing it during the hot summer. 

For people who are sweaty and have a sensitive scalp, the real hair wigs are an ideal item. It absolutely does not irritate the skin and very durable. 

Cap construction

You want to have the most natural front hairline, realistic scalp, please choose the cap construction with mono top and lace base in the front. We are sure that it will give you the most natural appearance and allow you to style any hairstyle as you want.

How Much Are Wigs With Real Hair? Is It Worth Your Money?
an example of wig cap construction

You should choose a type of wig cap that has to be light, more durable and 100% hand-tied ventilated. This cap allows each strand of hair to move freely like your natural locks. 

Moreover, if you have sensitive skin, the softest and most comfortable cap wig is ideal. Don’t worry about how much is real hair wigs, let concern about what benefits it brings.


Different colors and styles

If you buy a synthetic hair wig, you must be loyal to its original color and hairstyle. It is so boring. The versatility of colors, lengths, and styles is one more factor to consider how much are wigs with real hair. With human hair, you can wash, change from dark colors to light colors, and even bleach it.  

What hairstyles do you like? You can change straight hair to curly by using heating tools. You can not do with synthetic hair because it is artificial fibers. If you use high temperature to style your hair wig, it may be melting. 

How Much Are Wigs With Real Hair? Is It Worth Your Money?
colored wig will cost higher

Need for maintenance

Because you spent a good amount of money to buy real human hair wigs, you will not have to spend much time to maintain carefully and take care of it. Unlike synthetic hairpiece, human hair is tangle-free and shed-free. With it, you will avoid detangling hair knots after each wear.

Cheap Human Hair Wigs From Layla Hair

In the technological age, you can buy anything you need without having to go out. All you need to do is sit in front of the computer or pick up your smartphone and order. Because of this convenience, you can find good products at affordable prices.

Similarly, you can search the term «human hair wigs cost» on the Internet and there are thousands of results for you choose. In this way, you can compare prices in each hair vendor and choose the best item. 

Being one of the best wholesale human hair vendors in Vietnam, Layla Hair commits to selling high-quality hair at reasonable prices. You can hardly find a wig supplier like us.

How Much Are Wigs With Real Hair? Is It Worth Your Money?
human hair wigs at Laylahair are sold at wholesale prices

We supply real hair wigs and other types of hairpieces all over the world, from America to Africa. Our maxim is that the customer’s satisfaction is our pleasure, Layla Hair is always ready to meet the needs of our customers. Human hair wigs at Layla are made with 100% Vietnamese and Cambodian hair that are very strong, shiny and smooth. We say no with synthetic fibers, so our hair is versatile and durable.

You do not like long hair, we have short hair wigs for you. How much are shoulder length real hair wigs? Be assured! We always sell products at the most friendly price and suitable for your budget. We also custom your human hair wig if you want to change hair length, size, and style. 

Final words

Layla hopes that our sharings bring you necessary things about how much are wigs with real hair. Please consider before buying a hairpiece. If you are looking for a reliable wholesale human hair wig vendor, visit Layla’s site. We will offer wigs at cheap prices and bring you the most satisfaction as possible.

We can be reachable via hotline +84 98 963 34 24 (WhatsApp/ Viber/ Mobile) at any time. Leave your thought and comments below. 

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