How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost? — The Exact Figure!

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Hair extensions are added to your hair by hairdressers to give the hair more volume or length. When we want to have an extension for the first time, we are a little lost. There is a multitude of cuts, colors, and especially price. All extensions are not equal, the price is an element to consider, so how much do hair extensions cost? It depends on more than one elements. The price can vary from 150$ to 2500$.

Must-notice things about hair extension cost

Factors that affect hair extension’s price

— Types of material ( Human hair or synthetic hair)

— Hair density

— Colour

— Type of extension cap (Clip-in, Tape-in, Glue-in/Fusion).

The price of an extension varies depends on the nature of the hair: natural or synthetic and the length of the hair. Of course, if you want to have thicker hair, you will have to increase your budget. Give priority to the quality of the product. For example, synthetic hair extensions cost less but natural hair extensions take longer.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost? - The Exact Figure!
the price depends largely on the quality of hair

Choose a color that matches your original hair color and ask for professional assistance.

The price also varies according to the comfort of the extension, which depends on the materials and type of extension cap. 

You will expect a higher price if you want to purchase long and thick hair or vibrant colors. 

How long does hair extensions last? 

It depends first of all on your hair nature and the quality of hair extensions (there are some differences between synthetic hair and natural hair). Good hair extensions can last between 4 and 6 months. Know that in general, the basic extensions last 2 months, but you will have to visit your hairdresser frequently: almost every month, a visit will be necessary so that they can remove the new short hair. 

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost? - The Exact Figure!
hair length and density also affect the price

Tips for long-lasting hair extensions

Even though the sea and the pool do not pose any problems for the extensions, it is, however, advisable to tie them up when you go swimming and rinse them with fresh water afterward. On the other hand, frequent use of steam rooms may shorten the life of your hair extensions. 

You should know that hair extension are not without risk for your real hair. The concern is that the added strands may suffocate your hair. With less oxygenated, your hair becomes fragile, damaged and when you remove the extensions, it is sometimes a disaster. 

If you do not have a removal plan before having hair extensions, you may be unsatisfied when removing your extensions. The bill is sometimes exorbitant (between 80 and 160$). Attention, only a professional can proceed to remove damaged hair so that it damages as little as possible to your natural hair.


How much are hair extensions?

The cost of synthetic hair extensions

For a synthetic hair extension, the starting price is 150$. It can then reach 550$ for the most comfortable extensions, made entirely by hand. In the extension market, synthetic hair has evolved a lot. Today we find beautiful prosthesis hair. No more old-style grandmother extensions. The multitude of color, cuts, and types of hair cap makes it an ideal combination to change your look in the blink of an eye. This difference in price is partly explained by the quality of the cap such as the inside of the extension.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost? - The Exact Figure!
human hair extensions cost higher than synthetic ones

How much do real hair extensions cost?

In contrast, the price of a natural extension is much higher. For an extension made by natural hair, the starting prices are around 900$ and can quickly exceed 2500$ for tailor-made extensions. The length of the hair will quickly raise the price. The second point, before the purchase, you should concern the maintenance of the extension. Natural hair requires more maintenance than synthetic. You can make brushings, curls, and other hairstyles regularly. Of course, human hair extension will be more durable and more easy to style.

Mixed hair is the result of a selection of the best synthetic hair and the best human hair. This mixture makes it possible to obtain an extension of high quality with a very natural rendering. The prices are between 500$ up to 1300$.

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The price of different types of extensions

How much do fusion hair extensions cost?

The price of a hair extension is justified mainly by the comfort of the cap. There are three different ways of doing this: 100% machine made, 100% handmade and mixed between machine and handmade.

Fusion hair extension costs can vary from 200$ to 1000$, not including the application fee.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost? - The Exact Figure!
the prices of keratin, clip in, and tape in extensions are different

How much do clip in hair extensions cost?

You are expected to pay 150$ to 500$. The advantage of this kind of extension is the salon usually doesn’t charge you with application fees. 

How much do tape in hair extensions cost?

Tape-in extensions are a little bit pricier than clip-ins. Especially, with the newly born invisible tape in extensions, the cost is definitely higher due to the seamless volume it helps to add. It might cost you from $200 to $800 to have a complete pack of tape-ins. 

Where to buy good extensions at nice rates?

Due to the rising demand, there are many places on the market that provide diverse types of extensions at reasonable prices. You can find extensions with unbelievable prices anywhere. However, most of them are not professional makers and can’t guarantee the origin and quality of the product. You can consult highly trusted and verified sellers on the market. Layla Hair is a brand that understands the importance of the extension to extension wearers and will always try our best to supply the best service. 

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost? - The Exact Figure!
hair extensions at Laylahair

The bottom line

Now that you have already learned about how much do hair extensions cost. One thing left to do is to choose your favorite extensions. 

Layla Hair is a significant name in the field of hair extensions and extensions. We offer products of the best quality and affordable prices.

With years of experience, Layla understands what customers need. We always try to make every product user-friendly, durable and reliable. We believe that our hair items will satisfy even the most demanding buyers.

Layla guarantees the source of our materials. We use only qualified Remy and human hair for our extensions and hair extensions.

So, go to our website to get your own extensions in our collection. We are proud to be one of the most trustworthy hair suppliers for individuals in the market.  

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