How to apply clip in hair extensions

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How to apply clip in hair extensions

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Make room for some jealousy! Of course, with our easy to use Clip-in hair extensions, be prepared to catch those envying glances. Then, you can purchase your set of clip-in extensions online or own a crowning glory like none other in no time at all. Clip-in hair extension is the convenient way out of that irritate long-term commitment of stitching or attaching in hair extensions. Seek the hairstyle and length of hair which makes you are looking for instantly through clip-in hair extensions. Available in small, 1-inch strips that can be applied individually or larger wefts of up to 6 inches long that may run around the overall head, a proper application assurance you an attractive looking mane all through the day.


Clip in hair extensions in Layla hair Company


An easy way to attractive looking mane and that too in no time at all, wondering how? Say hi to micro-loop extensions, conveniently buy them online! You are on your way to natural looking Hair Extensions. It also likes: referred to as microcylinders, micro-loops are very easy to use and do away with the need for complicated sewing. Customers and hair stylists really love the technique courtesy some great attributes of micro-ring extensions. These include easy-to-install, lightweight and flexibility apart from being absolutely safe for the natural hair.


Beautiful looking hair is every woman’s dream. We can make this dream come true with pre-bonded hair extensions. After getting to understand fully the exact step-by-step application of pre-bonded extensions, you will immediately like the convenience of it all. It can be because coated with special quality keratin adhesive at one end, these are applied with the help of a fusion tool. The tool melts the adhesive thereby securing the extension in place.



And the final thing

I want to mention is: Looking for a Great hair extension product? Instantly apply tape-in hair extensions to the parted areas of the head and enjoy a completely natural appearance. The way natural hair will grow out of one’s scalp, Tape-in hair extensions mimic that and give an all-natural look. Minimal damage and maximum beauty, tape-in hair extension assurance this and even more. So, the convenience of using tape-in hair extension has made many women switch to this wonderful hair extension product.

The next problem is How to keep clip in hair extensions from tangling?

Understanding how to clip in your hair extensions is one thing but knowing how to stop hair extensions tangling is more difficult. Well, that’s a whole other predicament! It is the reason why we should learn how to stop hair extensions matting and how to keep your clip-ins looking their ultra-lustrous best at all times!

We will begin by talking about why hair extensions matt in the first place. The reason can cause hair extensions to tangle, such as weather, product buildup and how you take care of them but the going a whole day without brushing our long, lustrous locks. Moreover, with battling wind, rain, sunlight, and for every day, there is no wonder if our hair extensions are looking a little tangled and hard by the end of the day. So, to eliminate those feared knots and tangles, we want to show several tips on how to stop hair extensions matting.


How to stop hair extensions matting TIP 1

Do you know? There is only one way to keep hair extensions in their smoothest condition. That is by brushing them 2-3 times a day. So, to stop hair extensions shedding, we should use a soft bristle brush that’s kind to use on hair extensions.

How to stop hair extensions matting TIP 2

If you want your hair extensions to stay silky, soft and shiny as long as possible, you should know that: it’s worth thinking about what products you’re using on your hair extensions.

We even reach for a styling cream or a luxurious shampoo and always read the bottle to see whether it is safe to use on hair extensions. The fact that it is really worth indulging in products which are packed with plenty of moisture to hydrate our hair extensions, then leave them silky smooth, and free from tangles. We also love to use a silicone coating on our hair extensions, too. This revolutionary daily maintenance spray works wonders at keeping our hair extensions soft and preventing them from matting.

How to stop hair extensions matting TIP 3

Do you know a face that: How to stop hair extensions matting is to never go to sleep with them in any way… If you’re a serial offender who always forgets to take your clip-ins out at night, then it is high time to put a stop to it. Not only do our hair extensions tangle up from us moving around in our sleep and from the friction of our pillow but also a nightmare to detangle come the morning! So, the way to stop hair extensions matting- don’t sleep with your hair extensions clipped in.

There are our rules for keeping hair extensions looking and feeling their brilliant best. If you have another tip, you can share with us. We are hoping to see you.




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