How To Balayage Hair At Home | What’s Wrong With Your Technique?

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Balayage is a French coloring technique that creates a natural-looking and sun-kissed effect for hair. It can match with any hair color, and they also probably work with both short hair and long hair. This type of hair coloring also becomes because it’s low-maintenance. That means it will help you save your budget by ward off unneeded travel to the hair salon. Thus, let’s find out how to balayage hair at home.

How to balayage hair at home safely with an allergy test

Make sure you have no allergy to prevent some health problems caused by this method. A test two days before dying your hair is vitally important. Although you use similar products regularly, you should not skip this step. Because your body’s sensitivity level to ingredients can change over time.

How To Balayage Hair At Home | What's Wrong With Your Technique?
have an allergy test

Moreover, you can test right before applying. Pick a small strip at the end of your hand and apply a small amount to it. Wait for an instructed amount of time (20-30 minutes) then wash out the dye and check the color and how your hair reacts to the chemical. 

Choose the right color for your hair

Don’t forget to consider your natural hair shade when choosing the hair color for balayage. If you are still wondering which color will flatter your skin tone, search “how to balayage hair at home youtube”. There is a myriad of results for you to refer. Here are the three most basic tones that Layla suggests for you.

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Brown hair base

How To Balayage Hair At Home | What's Wrong With Your Technique?
brown balayage hair color

If your hair has a cool dark brown shade like espresso, chocolate or dark ash brown, color the highlights with little or no yellow-toned in them like lighter ash or khaki. It has warmer-toned brunettes like walnut and toffee, flatter it by t brown color spectrum at the ends, namely caramel and honey shade. This is a perfect choice to balayage dark hair at home.

Blond hair base

Blonde hair base looks good with a dirtier, or rooter shades- not like a technique for platinum or white blonde that will pop on levels. Icy-toned blondes like light ash blonde or champagne blonde can go with a flaxen or beige balayage which has little or no warm tones. These light ash shade can enhance the trendy gray-green tint of hair and. For the yellower, who has is warmer in color like beachy shade blonde, sandy blonde or the lighter level of honey —light golden color brings out the best flattery. 

How To Balayage Hair At Home | What's Wrong With Your Technique?
red balayage hair

Red hair

Balayage enrich hair with a red base, by use balayage in the same color family. For those who have Cool blue-red hair like scarlets and wines, choose balayage in the strawberry family.  Whereas those who have warmer orange-red tones look the most natural with copper or ginger balayage. Besides, brown-reds like Auburn and burgundy shade can work well on dark brown hair.

Prepare tools to balayage your hair

Purchase balayage and highlight kit at hair store online or offline. If you cannot find this kit, you can buy a comb applicator, lightening formula, plastic gloves, conditioner to use afterward separately.

How To Balayage Hair At Home | What's Wrong With Your Technique?
mix the dye

Prepare for dyeing

Put on plastic gloves to prevent staining your hand with chemicals. Then, put a towel around your shoulders in case of hair dye mixture spills when soaking and mixing. Make sure your hair is dry and clean from the start for the best application.

Balayage might not offer to bleach. However, if you want to get the color you want, you may still need to bleach in some cases like changing dark hair tone into light blond.

Split your hair into 3 sections

How To Balayage Hair At Home | What's Wrong With Your Technique?
section hair into small parts

Use the tail end of the comb to form top, middle, and bottom sections separated out from ear to ear in a halo-esque part. Tie up and make a small bun of top and middle section, then you can start with the bottom one first.

Apply the dye

How To Balayage Hair At Home | What's Wrong With Your Technique?
apply the dye to your hair

Take the top section of hair from the bottom, split it as you place highlights. This basic step will help you color the areas where you create a sun-kissed effect. Apply the dye to the taken strips with the tool of the kit you buy. One hand holds the strips, another hand gently apply the dye from mid-length to end. Continue to do the same with other strips from front to back. Once you finish the bottom layer, you can gently tie it up with rubber twine. Then do the same process with the middle and top layers.

Finish the dyeing process and start rinsing out

After 20-30 minutes wash out the dye with the provided shampoo in the kit. Then use the toning mask if it is included. Note that when you leave the dye on your hair longer, the highlight will be lighter.

How to balayage hair at home can be maintained

Repeat the balayage process whenever your hair needs more color, every 2-3 months. You also can keep your balayage longer for the change into ombre hairstyle.

Rinse with a color-correcting and conditioner combo. Wash with the right product will help you stop your hair from getting dark or brassy. Use purple shampoo once a week if your hair is natural-blond in order to keep the best shade.

How To Balayage Hair At Home | What's Wrong With Your Technique?
apply hair mask regularly to maintain your balayage hair

Use a hair mask to moisturize your hair strands once a week. even a small dab of the dye you use for balayage, it still can make your hair stiff and hard to change the style. Therefore, if you use the moisture mask, your hair will be healthy and in good condition.

Rinse with cool or lukewarm water, which can maintain moisture for your hair. do not wash your hair daily because it will make hair strand dry and fragile.

All in all

Style your hair with balayage is no longer depend on your stylist, you can definitely do it yourself by following our Simple Steps On How To Balayage Hair At Home. Carefully read this paper to pick the most suitable color for your balayage and keep following these basic steps for the best result as you expected.

If you may interest more about balayage hairstyle or other hairstyles, visit our website for more information. You also can find some hair extensions which assists you in the process of making balayage on Laylahair website.

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