My Own Story On How To Become A Hair Weave Distributor

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In recent years, hair extensions have become increasingly popular because these new fashionable hairstyles can change your hair so fast. Both men and women find hair products essential to switch up the look and life. Hence, making a decision on learning how to become a hair weave distributor can be profitable for you. 

To meet the needs of customers and broaden the number of sales contact, many hair wholesale hair vendors need to find distributors. They can look for and collaborate with hair salons or beauty bloggers.

If you have a plan to become a weave distributor, scan through the post to make money with no risk to you.

The potentials of hair weave business

The hair market now attracts many people starting their business, it is a lucrative market. There are more and more hair vendors and starters selling hair. For some are looking to be their own boss, work at home to make some cash, they start their own hair business by becoming a distributor for free. Many hairdressers, hair salon owners, beauty bloggers also make some extra money by selling hair extensions. 

Many people now are suffering from hair loss and baldness, so the customers’ demand is high. Plus, your clients are of different ages, different sexuals, and all around the world. Make sure that you supply all good hair extension that people need, they will find and purchase products from you. 

How To Become A Virgin Hair Weave Distributor?

There are several things you have to know clearly to become a weave distributor.  

Find A Wholesale Hair Supplier

This is the most important and difficult step in learning how to start your own hair weave business. To find a trustworthy hair vendor, you can search on the Internet or ask those who have experience as hair distributors to get advice. With modern technology, you can easily find and evaluate the quality of hair suppliers and their products. Depending on each company, they will offer the service to start as a weave distributor. 

My Own Story On How To Become A Hair Weave Distributor
find a reliable wholesale hair supplier

Moreover, you have to make sure that the company:

– Supply genuine and high-quality hair products

– Provide 100% accuracy of products information

– Refund policy if the products are not delivered successfully.

Carefully find out the discount that distributors are entitled to based on the total revenue per month. Many wholesale hair suppliers also have a policy of rewarding excellent units or individuals selling beyond the target.

You have to contact and find out at least 10 hair vendors before making a final decision. To check the quality of hair weave, you should ask about the origin, lifespan, color, length, and smell.  

If you are looking for Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair, contact Layla Hair. This vendor is one of the leading units of virgin hair collected from Vietnamese and Cambodian donors and has its own hair-manufacturing factories.

Identify Who Your Customers Are

Always, your weaves will be suitable for a group of people or a few groups of people. You can’t expect that all people love and use your products. So to become a distributor, let see that who your customers are? 

My Own Story On How To Become A Hair Weave Distributor
determine your target customers

Who really wants your hair extensions. Identify the right potential customers to reach, and you will start your business more quickly and efficiently. Try to connect to your hair-loving and loyal clients. Keep in touch with them to understand their demands of the products. With weave, you have to find customers who in need of changing their hairstyles without damaging their natural hair. 

As a weave distributor, you have to guarantee the quality of products before delivering to the wearers. You sell hair extensions from vendors, if your hair is not good, customers only blame you for it.

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Have A Specific Marketing Plan

To improve your sales, you need to understand and make use of all tools the hair wholesale vendor provides. A good marketing plan helps customers understand why your product or service is better, or different from other manufacturers’ similar products. It also helps you reach your target audience, increase your revenue and profit.

My Own Story On How To Become A Hair Weave Distributor
design a marketing plan

A marketing plan is very valuable as it can contribute to the success of your business process. With it, a weave distributor can reach customers worldwide who may be searching for hair extensions. Besides, the use of social networks is also beneficial for your business. 

An Online Hair Store Is A Must-Have For Hair Weave Distributor

My Own Story On How To Become A Hair Weave Distributor
open a hair website

Let everyone know about your hair extensions. If you have money or good at IT, you can also create an online store to post product images and publicize your business. It is a good way to increase your sales. And in this way, you can interact and contact with your customers around the world smoothly.

Sell Human Hair Weaves

How to become a hair weave distributor, you have to know what should you sell. To compete with many hair weave distributors, you make sure that your products are different from other similar product lines in the market. Many customers always concern about the hair extensions quality and durability. Therefore, you should sell only 100% virgin hair extensions instead of synthetic hair. 

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Human hair weaves that are made with Vietnamese and Cambodian hair will help you to change your look quickly in some minutes. They are a variety in lengths, density, and colors, so the wearer easily finds a perfect weave for their hair.

Competitive Price Makes You A Top Hair Weave Distributor

Focusing on the hair weaves quality is not enough, the price is very crucial. As a distributor, if you support a high-quality weave with expensive price, it still influences clients’ decisions. Try to offer a good product at a friendly price, the customers will find you. 

My Own Story On How To Become A Hair Weave Distributor
set competitive prices

Only high-quality hair with affordable prices can attract and keep respectable customers coming back. Hence, let care more about your customer’s requires.

Try Your Best To Support Customers

Your attitude also affects customers. Try putting yourself in the client’s position to see what they want and need. Not only for sales purposes, but you have to quickly learn and solve your customers’ problems.

My Own Story On How To Become A Hair Weave Distributor
have a good customer service

First impressions are important because it will help you reach more people. Always be friendly and enthusiastic to easily get customers’ sympathy. Don’t forget to say thanks to them whether they buy the product or not. Always patient and enthusiastic with customers at any time.

Step-by-step guides to establishing a hair business

Find out your products

How to become a hair vendor? The first thing you have to do is to research the products you will sell. For example, you must learn about different types of hair extensions to provide to customers. Find out whether these hairs are made of real human hair or artificial fibers. Research about products to make sure that you meet customers’ requirements. 

Also, find the best hair type to create hair extensions. You have to know the similarities and differences between these hair products. To become a wig distributor for free, go down on the Internet and browse hair forums to learn about the item you plan to sell. Once you understand clearly about the hair, you can give useful advice to customers. 

Find wholesale hair vendor

How to start a hair business with no money? You have to filter all big hair vendors, find a place that you can get hair at the lowest prices. Try to buy products directly from manufacturers. Ask about all policies, return policy, paying methods, etc. before placing big orders. 

Decide the selling method

This is another important step on how to become a hair extension supplier. You want to sell hair online or offline. Many people today combine two forms to sell hair. Open a retail store and e-commerce shop to become a distributor.

If you want to open a hair shop in e-Commerce markets, you have to follow the rules of the big website. For example, how to become a hair vendor on Aliexpress? Create a secure storage space with full of hair extensions. Research other big hair vendors and independent hair distributors to provide the best hair at competitive prices.

Would like to open a physical store, you have to find a venue that is easy to find. Your store has enough room to show all the hair products. Make sure that space is free of dirt and dust. 

Give incentives to attract customers

To compete with other independent hair distributors, you should have a good marketing plan and provide customer incentives or free hair distributor programs in big events, festivals. You should show customers reasons why they should buy your hair instead of from others.

Besides, sell hair accessories along with extensions. For example, you can sell tape, glue adhesive, keratin grains, and more to increase your profits.   

Create several social network accounts and post your human hair products frequently. Create a website to provide information about hair extensions, hair care tips, and so on to attract customers. 

Our Conclusion

So now you know how to become a hair weave distributor. We hope that you could make a conscious decision when starting the business. Contact Layla Hair right now if you want to get further information and own human hair weaves.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get the best offer and advice via our hotline (+84) 989 633 424 (WhatsApp/ Viber/ Mobile). Layla Hair is always willing to be of service!

Hope you succeed!

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