How To Choose Suitable Hair Extensions Colors?

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On the market for wigs, there are plenty of hairstyles that makers have followed the trends. However, they do not stop at curling, cutting, straightening the hair but also colouring them.

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Hairstyles become trendy, so d o hair extensions colours. Changing into new shade refreshes your look at equal effectiveness. But, it’s not that everyone can go with every colour.

Then, today we show you how to choose the right hair extensions colors for your own.

Popular hair extensions colors

There are darker and lighter shades of hair colours. It was not many differences in effects when we chose bright pink or grey. Or the face looks almost the same if we wear black hair and dark purple.

Therefore, we pick up the most popular hair extensions colors of all time as below

Hair extensions dark brown

It must be the favourite colour for all girls at the age of 20. In Asia, this colour stands for profession and youth at the same time. This hair fits all of the hairstyles not matter of length or thickness.

In the 2010s, it’s the trend for women all around the world choose this one for work, school, parties and hangouts.

How to choose suitable hair extensions colors?

Dark brown can refer to some other shades such as black coffee or brown. Until now, it’s still the favourite colour in the making of hair extensions colours.

Hair extensions highlights

While dark brown hair relates to formal and young appearance, highlights remind us of active and rock-chic style.

In recently, highlights come in many shapes and extensions that no girls could say no to try.

The highlight is the combination of shades of colours. If you’re like something mild and casual, you should consider blonde, brown and light brown. In other words, it’s the combination of relatable colours.

How to choose suitable hair extensions colors?

If you are looking forward to a unique presence, you can think of mixing strong and bright colours. For example, in the 2010s, young people go crazy about rainbow highlights. It’s colours of the rainbow on the hair which catch all attention from the crowds.

However, highlights are more for youngsters. It’s not considered a professional choice for work or formal meetings.

Celebrities have promoted this colour in red carpets. However, we can barely see people working in the office wearing it.

Colouring popular hair colours

They are both attractive hair colours which drive us to the distinctive look. So, how to gain the look by only wearing hair extensions colours?

Hair extensions colors dark brown

It’s the most natural makeover that we have ever seen in this life. Many dark brown hair extensions are made in the forms of curls, bangs, rooted curly hair or straight. It’s only about us.

Put on the hair extensions in dark brown so we can change the look. If you want perfect coloured hair, you should have your hair coloured in the same shade with the hair extensions.

There must be not many instructions indeed to talk with an essential hair colour like dark brown.

Hair extensions highlights

To produce highlight look, you have to combine different colours. It’s using different hair extensions colors.

Hair extensions are produced in small bundles which you can clip in your real hair. First of all, you must decide which colours you want to go for. Next, it’s necessary to outline colour contribution. Choosing the colours which first for skin tone and the occasion is the must.

How to choose suitable hair extensions colors?

For the unique mixture, they produce hair extensions highlights. Thus, you can have a new look instantly.

In the most original look of highlight, there’s only one extra colour with the hair. For example, black hair can go with red or mint.  White hair can match with pink or green.

Besides, you must consider the length and hairstyle of the hair extensions.

If you purchase synthetic or non-Remy hair, it’s not welcomed for heat treatment or chemical. Remy hair extensions are the only choices with which, you can adjust to fit your hair.



Hair colours for skin tones

Each skin tone match with specific hair extensions colour.

It’s not about brightening dark skin or pale shadow skin. The use of hair extensions in different colours can make your flawless skin glow or help you soften the face.

Let’s see what are we have for pale, black or brown skin.

Hair extensions dark brown

Dark brown can go with almost all skin colours.

For example, Korean women have bright pinky skin. Asian people tend to whiten their skin tones. Brown can help with showing off the colour.


Dark brown belongs to dark shade; when it’s exposed under bright skin, you can see the face look even lighter and glorious.

However, it looks good with darker skin, too. Dark brown will stand for black or brown skinned people. The shade of brown suits the skin incredibly.

That’s why this colour is the favourite of all regions.

Hair extensions highlights

Hair extensions highlights are colours which are quite picky about skin tones.

For pale skin, you should consider primary natural colors such as light brown, blonde or almost white.  Highlight can be just a small lock of hair on the background so that it’s not adding up too much on the face. Do not using too strong colours in the shadowy group such as black, purple, blue because it can make the skin look even more tiring.

Some colour such as red or pink can help with a bit.How to choose suitable hair extensions colors?

For darker skin, our advice is still around natural hair. You can support the look with small highlights. Even you like many colours, do not be greedy. Making the hair clumsy and thick can hide your face in shadow.

Bottom line

To sum up, we would like to say that, hair extensions colors cannot stay stable for a long time. It’s trendy, and it’s supposed to changes season by season.

You can follow the trend but pay attention to suitable colours only. Do not spend too much emphasis on trying risky hairstyle or colour what doesn’t suit you.

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