How To Fix Flyaways? 7 Easy Ways To Win This Game

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You are personally victimized by flyaway hair. You have spent time styling a trendy haircut but being ruined by flyaways. We feel for you. Flyaways often occur when factors, such as breakage or humidity, cause hair strands to stick out. These hairs are a nuisance in the hairstyling process. Hence, before you make your haircut, learn more about tips on how to fix flyaways and products you can incorporate into your hair routine to keep flyaways at bay. 

What causes hair flyaways?

Like many other hair problems, there are various reasons why hair flyaways occur. The major culprit is product buildup. Failing in properly washing and conditioning your curls can worsen your hair condition and gives them a weighed-down look and feel. 

Other common reasons causing flyaways include dry hair strands, chemical damage, hair breakage, static, and humidity. Over time, these pesky little hairs will grow out if you don’t find suitable ways to treat them. 

How To Fix Flyaways? 7 Easy Ways To Win This Game
hair flyaways

On the bright side, hair flyaways can be tamed. Don’t stress! We’ve got a few tips and tricks on how to fix broken hair flyaways you can try that could take these hairs down and keep your hairstyle smooth. 

How to fix flyaways all over hair

Consider our hair care tips below to help fix hair with lots of flyaways:

Rethink your shampoo and conditioner

Whether you want to fix flyaways on your head or fix wig flyaways, you should start at the beginning step of your hair care routine. Make sure that you shampoo the hair with the right product that promotes smooth and soft strands. Because these annoying hairs and frizz are mainly caused by dryness, consider investing in moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. These items are formulated with essential ingredients for hair and have frizz-fighting properties. They work to gently cleanse, condition, smoothen your hair while providing humidity protection. They help add more luminosity to the hair, too. 

Consider using a deep conditioning treatment weekly

Hair flyaways appear because of chemical damage, as you bleach your hair regularly. So how to fix my bleached flyaways? You may know that the bleaching process makes your strands be parched and crave moisture. Therefore, you should try adding a deep conditioning treatment to restore your healthy and lustrous hair. 

You can get your tresses back by using hair masks, like Garnier Fructis Damage Repairing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask, Verb Purple Mask, etc. These products do nourish and strengthen hair strands against future hair damage. They are great for smoothening hair, meaning less hair flyaways.  

deep conditioning treatment

Always apply heat protection before styling 

Bear in mind that “prevention is better than cure”; hence, you should protect your curls from heat damage to limit these pesky little hairs. Spray a thin layer of heat protectant or use a cream every time you use thermal tools to style your hair. It will shield your hair from the negative effects of styling tools, leaving a flyaway-free finish look.  

Apply mousse, pomade, or gel

In some cases, you braid your hair but flyaway hair still appears. In order to fix flyaways in braids or keep them flat, we recommend a hairstyling product to finish, such as pomade or gel. A good product can add hold while concealing any frizz and flyaways. Whether you are using a wig, it can ensure the hair lay flat for an extended period without making it stiff or flaky.  

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Dry your hair with a microfiber towel 

Wet hair is more fragile and vulnerable, and using a microfiber towel to dry your strands can minimize damage. The fibers are ultra-fine and woven tightly that will not create more texture, like frizz and flyaways. Or you can use a soft cotton T-shirt to dry your natural locks.  

Don’t use bath towels as most of them are made with thick fibers that are rough and can cause frictions, resulting in breakage and more flyaways. 

How To Fix Flyaways? 7 Easy Ways To Win This Game
Apply mousse, pomade, or gel

Give your curls a break from heat styling 

Frequently drying your hair strands with a hairdryer or overdoing with thermal tools can multiply the number of flyaways on your head. You may see that many strands stick out instead of lying flat. How to fix flyaways on top of head? Give your tresses a break by limit using hot tools and combine applying serum or hairspray to tame these hair strands.

Use a wide-toothed comb

A common reason why flyaways come about is due to static. Static will appear instantly when you run a brush through your hair, especially on cold days. If you detangle your hair with a dense bristles comb, it will create more friction, breakage and yep, you guessed it, flyaway hair. Invest in a wide-toothed comb as it is gentle on your curls and helps with smoothing.

Or you wrap your curls at night with a headscarf to reduce friction between your hair and pillowcases. This stops your strands from becoming unruly while sleeping and you don’t have flyaways when waking up the next morning.

Bonus tip: If all tips fail, you should embrace it

How To Fix Flyaways? 7 Easy Ways To Win This Game
hairstyles to hide flyaways

If you are dealing with lots of flyaways on your head, try embracing it. Don’t be too stressed about hair flyaways.

To deal with frizz and fix ponytail flyaways, you can wear your hair in a messy ponytail, switch into a top knot style, or undone waves. These styles look better with a little loose hair around your face. Of course, your flyaway hair will not affect your look when making an appearance. If you cannot style it out, make an appointment to visit your hairstylist who can give you advice and know exactly how to style your mane. 

Do you finish reading through the article? Have you tried any of these tips above to fix frizz and flyaway hair? We hope that with all these useful tips now, flyaway hair may become a thing of the past. 

You have other tricks on how to fix flyaways that are not mentioned on the list above, don’t hesitate to raise your voice at any time. Let us and all our readers know. We are very glad to hear from you. 

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