Is It Time To Talk More About How To Install A 360 Lace Frontal Wig?

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360 lace frontal may sound unfamiliar to some extensions beginners but it is so popular recently. You might curious about what it is? How it looks like and how to install a 360 lace frontal? Many questions may come up to your mind so Layla Hair has determined to give you basic pieces of information about this extension.

What is a 360 lace frontal?

360 lace frontal is the latest inventions for hair extensions and weaves trend. It is literally the full lace closures designed to install around the entire perimeter of your head. That means you can install a 360 lace frontal along with your head and leave an opening on top, whereas other lace fronts just can be installed at the frontal part of your head.

Is It Time To Talk More About How To Install A 360 Lace Frontal Wig?
360 lace frontal

360 lace frontal is well-known lately as it saves the time of installation. It just takes less than an hour to apply. You can use various methods to install a 360 lace frontal. You can use the sewn-in method, glue method or use a special type of tape to secure it. It sounds quite vague by naming the ways on how to install a 360 lace frontal for beginners so this step and tips below will illustrate to you how to do it.

How to install a 360 lace frontal?


What material do you need to apply a 360 lace frontal? 

— 360 lace frontal and virgin hair bundle or wefts

— C-Curve needle

— Hair thread

Is It Time To Talk More About How To Install A 360 Lace Frontal Wig?
prepare to make a wig from 360 lace frontal

— Bonding glue or wig tape

— Scissors

— Wig caps

— Styling tools (comb) and products (hairspray, gel, etc.)

Installation method

Step 1

As usual, like to apply other hair weaves, first you have to prepare your real hair and hair extensions. This is the very first step of how to install a 360 lace frontal weave. About your natural hair, washing, conditioning and trimming it beforehand. Sometimes you may need to pluck extra hair strands at the frontal part of your head. About the extensions, make sure the lace fits with your skin tone by bleaching and dyeing it. To the 360 lace frontal match perfectly match with your head shape, don’t forget to trim away the surplus lace from the back of your hair extensions.

Step 2

Once you finished the steps of prepping, simply style your real hair into either braid or cornrows. Then, put on the 2 wigs cap you have prepared. Sew the two wigs caps by using thread and needle with big stitches around the crown of your head. Use the Scissor to cut out the excess stuff from the top of the wig cap.

Step 3

Next step, install a 360 lace frontal. Place it carefully at which you want it to be along the hairline, plait and pin out the hair of the way. When the 360 lace frontal locates in the right position, sew it onto the outer part of the top wig cap.

Is It Time To Talk More About How To Install A 360 Lace Frontal Wig?
glue the hair weave on

Step 4

After finishing to install the 360 lace frontal, glue the wefts onto the rest of the wig cap. To prepare for that, you can spray it with hairspray beforehand or just start to glue it onto the track. Start do with the part from the back then move upwards. Make sure to measure the size of your head to adjust the tracks before cutting and gluing.

Step 5

When all the tracks or wefts are glued at the right place, it is time to trim away the unsettled lace from the hairline. After cutting off all the remaining lace, you can use lace glue or styling gel to fix the 360 lace frontal into place.

This is the wrap up for all steps on how to install a 360 lace frontal with stunning and natural-looking features. When using a 360 lace frontal to complete a weave you can achieve many benefits from that.

Why Buy 360 lace frontal?

Wearing a 360 wig is time-saving: 360 lace frontal is easy to install and it just takes less than an hour for this process.

360 lace frontal requires fewer hair bundles: Compare to other extensions, it just offers 2 bundles only for a full sew in general.

Is It Time To Talk More About How To Install A 360 Lace Frontal Wig?
360 lace frontal wig is affordable and easy to use

It fit well: You can easily adjust the 360 lace frontal to fit your head perfectly

This wig is versatile: you can style it in any way, a ponytail, hair up-do or other gorgeous styles without fear of its pulling out

It is freestyle parting: That means you can part you 360 lace frontal in any direction as you can do with your real hair

Where to buy 360 lace frontal?

If you are seeking a place to where a 360 lace frontal as you desire, Layla Hair will be the answer. We have many loyal customers from every country over the world because we just sell high-quality hair extensions.

All of our hair extensions are created by hair collected from Vietnamese and Cambodia human hair. The hair is super long-lasting and ideal in the look. Hence, if you want a high-quality 360 lace frontal, Layla Hair is a wise choice.

Is It Time To Talk More About How To Install A 360 Lace Frontal Wig?
360 lace frontal from Laylahair

We guarantee that all of the high-quality hairpieces we provide to you are authentic. And we sell them at the cheapest price, which you cannot find anywhere offer both excellent hair and a good price like us.

Once you have any questions or suggestions, Layla Hair’s professional customer service team will online 24/7 to help you. Simply drop us a message, you will receive the most sufficient answers in the shortest time.

In the Bottom Line

We hope that the information we provide to you will help you have a deeper insight into the 360 lace frontal. By knowing about the definition, how to install a 360 lace frontal and some benefits of it, we believe that you will be interested and want to get one for your own.

If you have any other questions or suggestions about the 360 lace frontal or other types of weaves and hair extensions, leave us a message. We try best to give you fulfilled answers as fast as possible.

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