How To Neutralize Red Tones In Hair?

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When it comes to talking about hair color, it often gets all the attention. And nothing can boost your confidence and beauty more than having desired colored hair. Do you know that colored hair is more prone to appear unwanted or unintentional? Did you know everyone has red tones in their mane? It happens to anyone. The question that you should ask is how to neutralize red tones in hair, so that you can get the luscious locks you have always desired. So if unwanted red tones in hair always haunt you, we have got some ways just what you need in this case.  

Is it possible to tone down red tones in natural locks?

There are numerous reasons why unwanted tones appear in your bio hair. Harmful rays from the sun are an example. If you are in the sun all the time, it will damage the outer layer of your locks and change the color. That’s why your mane appears red and brassy strands. 

[Expert Tips] How To Neutralize Red Tones In Hair?| Laylahair
bad red tones in hair

Or dyeing hair at home with cheap products may be a reason. Often, these cheap products give you red or orange tones that you don’t want. 

Luckily, it is possible to neutralize unintentional red tones in the tresses. If you are following correctly, you can get luscious locks without damaging it. Make sure that you are using the right method to cancel out red tones in hair.

How to neutralize red tones in hair

Now, let’s move to the next part – the most important one of this post. Wonder how to get rid of red tones in hair? There are different things you can use to tone down this embarrassing hair color. 

Dye your locks with an ash color

This is known as a common method on how to counteract red tones in hair. It gives you a much natural hair look. You try using ash shades to tone down the red and brassy tone color in your mane. Here’s how to do this: 

– Purchase several semi-permanent ashes that are similar to your natural hair hue. If you want to try some lighter or darker tone than your real locks, it is possible. 

– Mix ash shades under the guidance. This step should be done by hair colorists. 

– Wash your locks. Place the color blend in your head. Start from the hair tips and move to the roots.  

[Expert Tips] How To Neutralize Red Tones In Hair?| Laylahair
ash hair color

– Wear a cap or tight your colored hair so that it will not move. Remember not to move your hair excessively. Then you wait for sufficient time specified in the instruction.

– Time’s up! Wash your tress with water. Apply the conditioner to protect your natural locks from dryness and breakage. 

Utilize blue shampoo

Whether your locks are in the light or black color, this magical item can help you get your dreamed locks. Blue shampoos are specially designed for red tone problems, and they work for cancelling out red tones in hair. 

Along with correcting the tone, blue shampoo products also gently cleanse your bio locks. This is hands down the best way on how to neutralize red tones in brown hair, blonde hair, as well as black one. Plus, the item contains natural ingredients, least amount of chemicals, so it will not damage your hair strands. 

There are numerous blue shampoo products out there, such as Aveda Blue Malva color shampoo, Joico Color Balance Blue, etc. You can use it daily or combine with a conditioner to correct the color and keep the hair healthy. It acts by a mechanism that cooler blue tones will counteract the warmer ones, knocking out red tones. 

[Expert Tips] How To Neutralize Red Tones In Hair?| Laylahair
use blue shampoo to neutralize red tones in hair

How to neutralize red tones in hair at home

Here are several easy and safe home remedies you can use to cover red tones in hair. Most ingredients can be found in your own kitchen. 

Use green food color

It may sound a little crazy if you are the first time you hear it. As we stated, green is the opposite shade of red tones; hence, it helps neutralize red tones in hair naturally, especially in dark and brown locks. 

This is a cheap method, costing about $50. To do this, you should:

– Add two or three drops of green food color to your shampoo or conditioner. Then shake and mix the solution well.

– Start shampooing your mane. Don’t forget to wear gloves before applying shampoo. Run your fingers thoroughly on all strands to make sure that you give them full coverage. 

– Rinse locks with water. 

– Continue conditioning. Leave the conditioner set on your head for 10-12 minutes. Rinse your hair and check the hue. That way, you can control whether warm red tones are canceled out or not. 

Note: Don’t use excessive green food color as it may turn the hair hue into a disaster.


Apply apple cider vinegar

Do you know how to neutralize warm red tones in blonde hair without damaging it? Try using apple cider vinegar (ACV), and you may find it magical. ACV is known as a «weak acid» that works to restore lifeless hair and restore the pH balance. In other words, ACV is a cure-all for our hair. 

With this ingredient, you will stay away from red tones in mane. Also, ACV helps cleanse the scalp and natural locks, removing all build-up. 

[Expert Tips] How To Neutralize Red Tones In Hair?| Laylahair
apple cider vinegar

Begin by preparing a spray bottle, then mix water and organic apple cider vinegar according to the ratio 1:2. Shake the solution well. Spray it through your hair and gently massage. Please leave it to sit for about 20 minutes. Rinse your natural locks with water and shampoo if you want. Some users don’t like the ACV’s scent, but it will not leave any uncomfortable scent when your hair dries. 

Just repeat this method twice per week. Don’t overuse it; otherwise, your hair strands become weaker. 

In a nutshell

With this post, you will get to know the basics of how to neutralize red tones in hair. If you are looking for solutions to get rid of red tones in brown hair or black one, try the listed tips above. Take action today and shine your beauty with desired hue. 

After all, we think preventing hair problems from happening is much better than trying to neutralize them. Hence, try to protect and take care of your locks to get the most luscious hair color. 

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