How To Put A Wig In A Ponytail?

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Do you want to try different hairstyles with your wig? Do you find wearing it down during hot days to be a nightmare? Then, why do not you learn how to put a wig in a ponytail? It can be a bit tricky. But it is worth your effort after all. You will become happier and more comfortable.

Let’s start practicing and master the art with our simple guide below.

Things to know before you do

— Only style the wig when it is thoroughly dry. On the one hand, it is significant to wash it when the weather is hot. Sweat is most likely to accumulate in the fibers. On the other hand, be sure you wait to create some styles with your wig until it is completely dry. That way will prevent ripping out the hair strands when you are styling the covering.

How To Put A Wig In A Ponytail - An Easy Method That Works For All
only style the wig when it’s completely dry

— Use a wig-friendly brush to style your head covering. It should be gentle enough. Boar bristle brushes are a favorable option for those who put on human hair wigs. Wearers of synthetic ones or so should rely on wig brushes. If your wig is curly, you may want to brush it out using your fingers.

— Do not begin with a thicker wig but a thinner one. It sounds contrary to common-sense expectations. Still, the overall look will not be natural with too much hair.

— It is necessary for the wig cap to fit well. Are you still on the way to find the best fit? If yes, now is not the right time to try and put a ponytail in a wig. Otherwise, the unsuitable cap can be tight or so. Your hairstyle will not appear natural.

How To Put A Wig In A Ponytail - An Easy Method That Works For All
it’s better to put on a wig cap

— Use wig tape, glue or grip to fasten the wig to the head. Putting your wig up in a ponytail is possible to lead it to slide back. That is why an item with the stabilizing function is necessary for everything to remain in place.

— A bit of real hair should pull back off the cap and out of your sides.

How to put a wig in a ponytail?

Now let’s delve into the easy-but-effective way to transform your style. Do you have a kinky curly wig? A half wig? Or a lace frontal one? No worries! It works! 

Step 1: Place the wig to the head. Several strands of the bio hair should be loose. Let them stick outward from the cap on the back as well as the side. High ponytail is great. Meanwhile, the mid-to-low one tends to give a more elegant look. 

How To Put A Wig In A Ponytail - An Easy Method That Works For All
how to put a wig in a ponytail

Step 2: Collect every hair on the head’s one side. Pull it with care toward the desired spot on the wig. It is where you wish to locate the ponytail.

Step 3: Do step 2 again using the wig hair’s other half. Rely on a cloth band to secure the wig. Your covering may have unexpected problems with metal or plastic bands.

Step 4: Set the appearance with the wig spray. 

Step 5: Position the real hair’s loose pieces carefully around your wig. It will result in a realistic ‘half-done’ appearance effect. 

Bonus: The method of styling the wig in a bun

Have you mastered how to put a wig in a ponytail? If so, why do not you try a bun? A long wig hair, a bun donut, and bobby pins are all the necessary things to prepare.

Do your hair is long enough? Then, this method will be effective. Your locks need sufficient length so that they are wrappable around the donut. What about a shorter wig? And do you still wish to put on a bun? The option is getting yourself a longer one.

How To Put A Wig In A Ponytail - An Easy Method That Works For All
put a wig in a bun

Step 1: Go by all the steps mentioned above but exclude Step 4. Be sure you secure the covering well.

Step 2: Put the ponytail’s hair through the donut’s center. Make sure it cannot move by using one pin or two.

Step 3: Wrap the hair on all sides of the donut. Use the pins to fix it.

Step 4: Use a setting spray


Amazing tips to put your wig in a ponytail

Below are some pro tricks you should know and bear in mind.

Cut a few baby hairs around your nape

It makes your hair look more natural. The cap line will not be noticeable. Is your real hair growing? It is possibly not as visible. Above all, cutting some shorter strands of hair does not hurt.

Consider It Stays as one of the adhesive choices

It feels somehow like a glue. Still, you can take off the wig with ease following its use. Not all, this item will not pull out your natural hair. Instead, it works to provide a flawlessly secure fit. With such stuff, stepping out with full confidence is possible. You will not have to worry that the wig can fall out without your knowing.

How To Put A Wig In A Ponytail - An Easy Method That Works For All
make loose hairstyle

Advisably, you use it over your front hairline. That way will help fix the lace front. Are you practicing how to put a wig in a ponytail that is truly high? Then, we recommend you also use the product along your nape.

Think about keeping the things loose

Do you love following beauty Vbloggers? Do you have a special interest in Korean fashion? If yes, you may know that ponytails which are looser are trendy today. What is more, your hair will not appear overly wiggy with them. Collect your strands and pull a band over it. After that, tug out some sections. Do it slightly for an undone look.

The bottom line

Experimenting with the covering is not something you should fear. Do not hesitate to learn how to put a wig in a ponytail, etc. With some practice and the appropriate techniques, you will be able to better your hair appearance. 

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