How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions In One Minute?

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Halo hair extensions are famous as a simple method to attain a longer, fuller head of hair. They are especially suitable for the newbie. They are indeed easy enough to apply for your daily wear in a matter of minutes. It is also straightforward to learn how to put halo hair extensions in.

This type of extensions is made with top-grade 100% Remy human hair — the same as all hair replacement systems from Layla Hair. Its weft comes with a stretchy nylon wire. As the hair extensions stay on your head’s top thanks to the wire with a custom fit, you can secure this halo hair unit for your head size. Do they stay in place? Yes. They will not fall out if you put them on correctly. 

How to put halo hair extensions in

The step-by-step guide is right below:

Brush the hair

Be sure you brush it thoroughly to remove tangles. Next, brush out the halo as well as weft gently with a paddle brush, a wide-toothed comb, or a specialized extension brush.

How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions In One Minute?
section your real hair and tie a bun at the top of your head

Section the natural hair at your crown

Divide your hair. Then, tie it into a bun at your head’s top. Leave out the hair’s front sections, which frame the face for a realistic blend.

How to put halo hair extensions in

Select the length of the wire, which is the best fit to your head’s size, Locate the halo over the bun in which you parted the hair. Similar to a headband, it needs to stay securely and comfortably above the ears.

How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions In One Minute?
put the halo hair extensions in

Secure the weft at each of your temples

To get additional oomph around your face’s sides, secure the weft at your head’s temple around two inches above the ear. To begin with, tighten the clip that is nearest to the hairline. Then, do similarly on your other side with the other weft.

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Create a blend for enhanced results

Take down the bun. Follow by brushing through the hair for smoothing out everything. Be sure your natural hair covers all the halo and wefts. Be cautious when you brush over the halo’s wire to stay away from snagging.

How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions In One Minute?
secure the wefts at your temples

Tips on how to put halo hair extensions in

How to fit your extensions

Are you troubled with that way? No worries! Because you can adjust them. They are flexible. You can change the help of the wire setting. Not all, you can use the clips to adjust accordingly. The halo wire provides you with different choices, from small to large. On the extension band’s back, there are clips intended for additional security hold. In this regard, you may love that you can remove these clips when you do not feel like using them.

How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions In One Minute?
adjust the wire to make the extensions fit

Color match the extension

It can be among your worst experiences ever to wear a botched extension. It can look boring as well. Having the hair unit set, which is mishandled, is regrettable, indeed. Those who have applied extensions for a long time can explain this situation better. If you want to attain the desired smooth transformation, substantially, you color match the halo hair system. That way will ensure you keep a consistent fabulous look!

How to style halo hair extensions? 

You can design them in any desired way, similar to how you should do with your bio hair. You can indeed make use of the hair curling accessory, wand, straightening hot iron, as well as other styling tools. On the other hand, you should be cautious and get the most out of sprays that help protect your hair from warmth when you use the hot equipment to create your desired styles.

How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions In One Minute?
halo hair extensions at Laylahair

Final words

Learning how to put halo hair extensions in and how to take care of them is the same important. Do you often style them with hair spray, dry hair shampoo, or the like? If you do, we recommend you wash halo hair extension bands. You can count on a clarifying shampoo, which aids in getting rid of the hair products other than preventing the product accumulation. We also suggest you deep condition the extensions by using some reliable masks for this hair system. Good luck, and shine your beauty!

If you want to have the excellent packs of halo hair extensions, contact Laylahair now. We have the best products that you are desiring.

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