How to Recognize Human Hair Extensions

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Have you ever wondered about wigs? When did they appear? Why do people prefer human hair extensions to the wigs made from animal hair orsynthetic fiber today?Right now let’s find the answer!

Human Hair Extensions

Many countries in the world have great hair industry as India, Brazil, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, …. Because each human hair extension comes from different countries, they have different characteristics. They are varied in color like brown, black, yellow, … and style like curly, straight, wavy, …. You can choose a suitable human hair extension easily.

tape in hair extensions

The first place the wigs appeared is in ancient Egypt. At that time, the wig was made from animal hair like horse hair, fleece, feather, …. In the 19th and early 20th century, the wigs made from synthetic fiber developed strongly. From the 80s of 20th century to today, The human hair Extensions appears and becomes the hot trend of women around the worldbecause it has more advantages compared with the animal hair and synthetic hair.

The price of animal hair and the synthetic hair extensions is cheaper than the price of Human hair extensions. Why? Because their quality is different. Animal hairand synthetic hair have been chemically treated including dyed, bleached or colored and styled. Thus, they will be tangled, faded easily after using for a long time, even a few months. On the other hand, the human hair is hair a kind of hair which is natural, unprocessed hair that grows out of an individual’s scalp and of course it doesn’t use chemical and has been styled. Although it is fairly expensive, its quality is very good. The human hair extension is not only safe for the user but also gives them natural beauty.

If you want to know how to recognize human hair, you try the following ways:performing a smoke test, distinguishing color of human hair, checking for left-over chemicals, etc.
Finally, I hope you choose a high quality, suitable human hair extension in order to confidently express your beauty.

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