How To Recreate The Ariana Grande Ponytail In 4 Steps

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Throughout her career, the pop princess Ariana Grande ponytail has charmed millions of fans. Find out what’s her secret and how to make her perfect ponytail in 4 steps below.

How To Recreate The Ariana Grande Ponytail In 4 Steps

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Ariana Grande’s achievement

From a sitcom actress turned pop star, Ariana Grande is now one of the most influential pop star known for such hit songs as “God is a woman”, “Side by side”, “Problem”.

Ariana has started performing onstage since she was a child. At the age of 15, she participated in a Broadway play and smoothly got in her sleeves some humble TV parts. With all that experience she landed her first main role of Cat on TV series called Victorious.

How To Recreate The Ariana Grande Ponytail In 4 Steps

Hard work did pay off as she continued with the spinoff Sam& Cat and make her move into a musical career. That step became a milestone for her career as she’s becoming a chart-topping pop singer with 4 albums have been released: Yours Truly (2013), My Everything (2014), Dangerous Woman (2016) and Sweetener (2018).

By having a strong presence on social media, her popularity becomes over the top that some may refer her as the most influential artist at the moment.

Ariana Grande’s ponytail

In the many of her active years, American pop princess Ariana Grande has captivated fans with her iconic ponytails. For a long period of time, she rocked the most recognizable slicked-back high ponytail that the world had ever seen.

This kind of hairstyle is so attached to her image as when you think or even mention about Ariana Grande, you think of a high Ariana Grande ponytail.

Both fans and non-fans refer her as a lovely nickname: the ponytail queen. During her long active time, pop star Ariana Grande is hardly seen without her iconic high ponytail trailing down her back. There are still some exceptional times when she discards it and tried a new one but then she’s almost unrecognizable.

When she started to wear it

Ariana herself shared the reason with media that now-signature Ariana Grande ponytail only happened to use as a comfortable hairstyle that can cover the damaged hair from bleaching.

Due to playing the role of Cat Valentine on the TV series “Victorious”, not only Ariana Grande had to dye her hair in red, but she also was dyeing her hair frequently from 2010 to 2013. When she was starting her music career as a pop singer in 2014, Ariana started wearing a ponytail.

How To Recreate The Ariana Grande Ponytail In 4 Steps

She mentioned fans who might have been bothered by the repeated look and explaining why she was staying with the high ponytail for now.

Ariana Grande addressed fans who might have been annoyed by the repetitive look on Facebook, explaining why she was sticking with the ponytail for now. The singer shared that the look makes her feel happy and that it was just her preference for hairstyling.

At first, the pop princess had zero awareness about her ponytail was going to become a big thing. Ariana said she just liked how she looks when she ties it back.

How ponytail became her symbol

American sweetheart pop princess Ariana Grande is probably best known for two things: Her God-given voice and fabulous Ariana Grande ponytail. The voice is essential for her career as a pop singer, but the latter part without a doubt has cemented her icon status.

From her very first moment of doing high ponytail hairstyle until now, even her fans haven’t seen that often image of Ariana Grande with a different hairstyle. In actual fact, people are so used to seeing her image with a ponytail that even the smallest change can bring her fandom chaos.

Amazing moments of Ariana Grande ponytail

And we need to mention that she looks gorgeous with a ponytail on her, like a princess with her crown. Let look at some of her best moment.

Out of all the beautiful pictures, we need to mention this. The very first moment that Ariana’s slicked-back hairstyle make it appear on her debut music video marked the singer’s official debut.  Cute but much more grown up and yet sexy

How To Recreate The Ariana Grande Ponytail In 4 Steps

The ponytail queen Ariana Grande looking fierce when performed onstage during the 2018 iHeartRadio Wango Tango by AT&T at Banc of California Stadium on June 2, 2018, in Los Angeles, California.

How To Recreate The Ariana Grande Ponytail In 4 Steps

Not only ponytail but also the pop star can rock another hair color as well. She proved it perfectly when performed at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 20, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ariana Grande has complained about her ponytail

Recently, singer Camila Cabello learned the lesson. There is a lot of pain involved in order to nail the perfect ponytail. She immediately asked Ariana Grande for advice. Camila said that the pony caused her so much pain. She had to take it off before the end of the award show.

The ponytail master Ariana Grande then replied that she is in persistent pain. She has just learned how to deal with it. And coming to her mind is the popular saying «Beauty is a pain»

How to make Ariana Grande ponytail

We know that you can’t help but look at Ariana Grade’s symbol ponytail. Some even want to know how to recreate it, don’t worry cause you’re not alone. Right now we will tell you the secret on how to make a perfect Ariana Grande’s ponytail by yourself.

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  • Giving your hair volume: Apply some dry shampoo or hairspray in your hair. Then tease the front section of your hair. You can also flip your head upside down and blow dry to create a volume as well.
  • Adding hair extensions: This is an optional step. However, the secret for Ariana Grande’s sleek ponytail is she always use additional hair extensions. You can skip this part if you have thick hair.
  • Sweeping your hair into the ponytail: Collect your hair and pull it back to your head. You also want to put your hair move more toward to the top crown of your head. When you satisfy, secure it with an elastic band.
  • Using a small section of hair to hide the ponytail holder.

We are the same as you fans out there who in love with Ariana Grande ponytail. After this article, we hope you can recreate her signature look with professional help.

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