4 Things About Human Hair Bundles Others Know, You Don’t

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Do you ever think about changing your hair means really improving your appearance? Every girl just makes up or dress up to look beautiful in others’ eyes. But if you want to totally attract attention from others, changing your hair is also a crucial point. There exist many ways to change your hairstyles and one of the easiest and simplest methods is using human hair bundles.

Human hair bundles, can be understood briefly, is an individual set of human hair which is packed separately. They are good in quality and offer users the most realistic look. If you are interested in these hairpieces. Read through this article to check out what exactly human hair bundles are, their types and best place to buy cheap human hair weave bundles.

What Are Human Hair Bundles?

As mentioned above, the human hair bundle is a collection of 100% human hair. They are different from other types of extensions such as clip-in or tape-in extensions to some extents. First, bulk hair does not come with any attachment methods like others. Therefore, you can wear it the way you want. Moreover, they are separately packed so the amount of bundles you use depends on your desirable styles. You can use bundles hair to create weave or wigs bundles with closure.

4 Things About Human Hair Bundles Others Know, You Don't
human hair bundles

It will take more time for you to wear bundles but they offer low maintenance. On the market, human hair bundles on sale are affordable for everyone to purchase. Real human hair identified in different shades like straight, wavy, curly or wet. You can wear blonde bundles or braids in bundles of human hair weaves for an edgy look.

Brazilian and Chinese bundles are commonly used over the world. They bring about a realistic look with major texture or hair from straight to curly. Moreover, even your hair is thick, you can still virgin human hair bundles to change your styles.

At Layla Hair, we provide use human bundle hair collected from, Cambodian and Vietnamese 100% virgin hair to produce wigs, weaves, and toupees. They are the first-class hair types in the market nowadays. 

Advantage of Human Hair Bundles

Protect Natural hair

The first benefit when choosing hair bundles is that they will protect your hair from sunlight, dust, and other externals impacts. In case you wear it with closure, you will own a protection layer as well. Plus, they also reduce damage or brittle when styling hair with chemicals or use a blow dryer.

100% Raw Cambodian Hair Weave Bundles | Layla Hair
make wigs from bundles and lace pieces

Make Hair Look Fuller

The main aim of using human hair bundles is to provide a much thicker look to your real tresses. With bundles of human hair weave, you can combine with a lace piece to make a full wig or just simply attach it onto your head. As a result, you will achieve a thicker, voluminous hairdo without much effort. 

Not only favorable by hair loss sufferers, wigs and extensions from human hair bundles are also beloved items of fashionable girls who seek new effortless hairstyles for an important occasion or just a normal hair day.

Hair Grading System

Most of our clients seeking the best human hair always have the same questions “what grade is my hair?”. And this good question will be infolded in this writing.

The hair grading system is identified by the factory where distributes hair.

4 Things About Human Hair Bundles Others Know, You Don't
different hair qualities

Contrary to the common thought, the grading system of hair does not measure the quality of an individual strand, but the length of each one. It sounds confusing? So we will explain it thoroughly below.

On the market, Lower and medium-grade hair such as 3A, 4A or 5A is sold mostly in spa or beauty stores. Hence, be careful when buying human hair from them. A low-quality set of hair is easy to tangle or shed out. We would never advise you to buy these kinds of bundle hair.

In this post, we just mention higher grade hair so you can find the right bundles for yourself.

6A Grade Hair

This is a popular grade of hair which is better to work with straight hair. It is also affordable for everyone and worth your money as well.

The lifespans of 6A grade hair can be up to 6-12 months if treated well. We advise you to choose 12-18 inches 6A grade human bundles hair since you can reuse it. If you want longer hair like 18 inches, 8A grade is better

7A and 8A Grade Hair

These hair grades are favorites of many girls. If you want length over 18 inches length, you had better buy 7A or 8A Grade Hair, This higher grades of hair is less likely to shed or tangle. But one point to mention here, the longer or curlier the hair is, the more chance of tangling will happen. If you want body wave human hair bundles, 7A is fine. But if you look for curly hair such as kinky curls, 8A grade or higher one is better,

9A and 10A Grade Hair

People call 9A and 10A Grade Hair the Luxury Grade. They might be costly but it worth your investment because of its super great quality. The higher in grade means less shedding hence if you choose them, you will never afraid of possible problems. The reason for it high in quality if double stitching.

4 Things About Human Hair Bundles Others Know, You Don't
9A and 10A hair

Where to buy human hair bundles?

If you are seeking a place to buy high-quality hair bundles at a reasonable price, Layla Hair will be the best choice. We offer your hair bundles in all major shades like straight, wavy or curl at any length.

We guarantee that all of our hair extensions are created by hair collected from Vietnamese hair and Cambodia human hair. The hair is super long-lasting and ideal in the look.

Once you have any questions or suggestions, Layla Hair’s professional customer service team will online 24/7 to help you. Simply leave us a message, you will receive the most sufficient answers in the shortest time.

At Last, The Secret To Cambodian Hair Texture Is Revealed!
human hair bundles at Laylahair

In the Bottom Line

We hope that the information we provide to you will help you have a deeper insight into the virgin human hair bundles. By knowing about the hair grading system, we believe that you find the right product for yourself.

If you have any other questions or suggestions about Remy human hair bundles or other types of wigs or weaves, message us.

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