How To Hydrate Hair After Bleaching? The Comprehensive Guide

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Your hair turns dry, fragile, and broken after the bleaching session. This is because your hair strands are damaged after the styling process. Bear in mind that your curls take a serious hit after you use chemicals. When you use bleach, bleaching agents in this product penetrate hair cuticles, eliminate natural hair pigments, and lighten the color. But it also weakens the cuticles, resulting in dry, rough, and fragile hair. That’s why hairdressers advise you to hydrate your mane after bleaching. Is there any hair treatment after bleaching? How to hydrate hair after bleaching? To address your problem, we’ve got all hacks, tips, and treatments to restore your hair strength and keep it more hydrated. Read on for more information.

Why should you hydrate your curls after bleaching? 

There are many reasons for bleaching your mane, to get an on-trend hair look with a color lighter or to get rid of hair color to go grey. Regardless of your reason, however, bleach is not good for your existing hair. When bleach agents penetrate your hair cuticles, they will break down fatty acid of the hair shafts, leading to dryness and broken hair. It also causes protein loss, making hair lifeless and reducing manageability. Besides, it increases the hair porosity.

How To Hydrate Hair After Bleaching? The Comprehensive Guide
dry and frizzy hair after bleaching

Don’t panic, there are still numerous ways to solve your problem. And the most common and best hair treatment after bleaching is to rehydrate the hair as it helps you repair your damaged hair amazingly. 

You’ve bleached your curls recently, scrolling down to learn tricky tips you can do to keep your curls more hydrated and less damaged. 

Other tips & advice:

Effective tips to hydrate and restore your hair after bleaching

The following ways and hair care treatments can help you repair and restore your damaged hair: 

Shampoo your hair less often

How to hydrate my hair after bleaching?

Keep in mind that your hair is weak and more susceptible to breakage and fall in the first three weeks after the bleach. Especially, it is more vulnerable when wet. 

To keep your hair from damage, don’t shampoo your hair just after bleaching, you have to wait 48 hours. Because bleaching agents make your curls dry, and using shampoo will make it worse. You should wait for balance moisture and protein in your hair before cleansing it.  

To hydrate bleached hair strands, you can wash them every three or four days. You can use a dry shampoo in your hair care routine to stretch out washes as long as possible. 

Leave-in conditioner is your best companion

How To Hydrate Hair After Bleaching? The Comprehensive Guide
use leave-in conditioners

Follow with a good leave-in conditioner after shampooing is an ideal way to repair damaged hair. This helps provide your locks with moisture while filling in the extra porosity of your hair. Plus, it rebuilds hair strength and adds more shine. In general, deep conditioning works to quench your dry and thirsty hair. It helps your existing hair get back to its previous condition. 

In some cases, you can apply your leave-in conditioner to bleached hair before going to bed and cover it with a shower cap. Rinse it with water the next morning. This hair care treatment requires your patience, however. Be patient if you want to protect your hair after bleaching and get glossy and soft locks.

Apply a hair mask 

You have bleached your curls, you must slather on a protein hair mask once weekly to rebuild the protein layer in your hair as well as strengthen its health. There are numerous hair mask brands out there and you can easily get the best one for your own hair. Consider using products from reliable brands such as REDKEN, L’Oreal,  Briogeo, etc. Or try creating a moisturizing DIY hair mask for your bleached hair. 

So how to hydrate hair after bleaching DIY? You can start with popular ingredients in your kitchen, let’s see:

Coconut oil hair mask

We all know that coconut oil is an excellent mask for hair. By sealing hair follicles to prevent moisture and protein loss, it protects your hair from dryness and fall. 

You take two tablespoons (tbsp) of coconut oil and warm it up in your microwave. Apply it to your locks, pay attention to hair ends as it is the driest area. Wrap your hair with a shower cap and leave it for at least 6 hours. Leaving it overnight is OK. Finally, you wash your hair with warm water. 

How To Hydrate Hair After Bleaching? The Comprehensive Guide
coconut oil, olive oil, honey

Olive oil and honey protein mask

Believe it or not. This mask can go a long way to restore your hair damage and give it some life. Heat three tbsp of olive oil and mix it with a tbsp of honey. You whist them together to create a smooth solution. Apply it on your dry or damp hair, it depends on your preference. Make sure that the mixture covers every hair strand, focusing on your ends. Wash your hair with warm water once 30 minutes have passed. Then you can shampoo your hair as your normal hair care routine. 

Also, this mask is a good way if you want to hydrate hair fat after bleaching. Olive oil with fat and nutrient-dense offers maximum hydration to your curls.

Additionally, you can restore softness and elasticity to your hair after bleaching by creating masks from argan oil, almond oil, avocado, white egg, and yogurt. Remember to provide enough content of fatty acids, protein, vitamin E that are necessary for hair health, especially after styling hair. 

Instead of risking your real hair for bleaching, why don’t you use our colored hairpieces?

Be careful with heat styling

Another tip on how to hydrate hair after bleaching is avoiding heat styling. Your hair tends to dry and rough after the bleaching process, and using thermal tools on hair makes things worse. Cut down drying your curls with a blowdryer, let it air dry instead. If using a hot tool is a must, please apply a layer of heat protectant for hair first. 

How To Hydrate Hair After Bleaching? The Comprehensive Guide
limit the use of heating tools

See your stylist for a professional protein treatment

Spend an amount of money and see your hairstylist to recover your hair. The pro will use a protein treatment to protect your hair while adding loads of its shine. This treatment works by smoothing out damaged cuticles and filling all holes in the hair shafts. Also, using keratin sealers also result in stronger and shinier hair. 

In the bottom line

Dry and damaged hair after bleaching is not uncommon, but there are still many tips, tricks, and treatments to address it. 

We’ve explained the basics you need to know about how to hydrate your hair after bleaching. Once you find the right hair care routine and be a little patience, you will bring your hair back to its life.  

If you have got any tips and tricks we missed, please share them with us. We would like very much like to hear about your experience with caring for bleached hair. 

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