Is Cambodian Hair Better Than Peruvian Hair?

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Over the years of our manufacturing and distributing hair, we have received so many questions like this: “Is this hair better than that hair?” or “Is Cambodian hair better than Peruvian hair?”. Well, generally, our answer is “no”. It depends on each’s demand and preferences. There is no one size fits all.

Is Cambodian Hair Better Than Peruvian Hair?

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However, to make sure our dearest customers know their priority and choose the right hair type, we try our best to point out the differences among hair so that you can pick the right one for you. In this article, we are glad to talk about Cambodian hair and Peruvian hair.

Is Cambodian hair better than Peruvian hair? – Similarities

Not many people know that Cambodian hair and Peruvian hair have much in common. They are both rising stars in the hair market since around 2010. They both share some similar features that appeal to the large audience.

Real hair

This is the first thing to mention when it comes to Cambodian and Peruvian hair. It’s crucial to emphasize that real hair is very different from synthetic hair. It has a unique texture that no synthetic fibres can compare to.

Real hair looks and feels much more natural. Even if someone touches your hair, they will never find out its fake hair. That is because the texture is much more soft and fluffy than the rough and brisk fibres. For Cambodian and Peruvian hair especially, since the hair types are versatile, you have options to choose from.

You can find coarse and thick hair for the medium Caucasian hair texture or more relaxed styles for African-American women.

Thick natural texture

This is the most noticeable characteristic that you can find in both Cambodian and Peruvian hair. This is exceptionally perfect for girls with thinning hair, who want to give themselves a little volume. The hair strands are thick in diameter, and the number of strand per square centimetre of the scalp is very high.

This gives the bearer what they desire. With just a few bundles, you will never need hair to worry about your thin hair situation again. Thicker hair body gives you a healthy and shiny look. Besides, thick hair is more suitable for all kinds of styling. Either straighten, braid, or curly looks better with thick hair.

Lightweight texture

If you look for wigs or hair extensions that give off much volume but still comfortable to wear, look no more because Cambodian and Peruvian hair is for you. Although the hair strands are thick and full in diameter, they are very soft and feather-like. You can wear five bundles in your head and don’t feel heavy at all.

Is Cambodian hair better than Peruvian hair? – Differences

The differences between Cambodian and Peruvian hair are very subtle. If you are not a hair professional, or if you don’t work with extensions and wigs for long, it’s highly likely that you cannot tell the discrepancies. You can go with anything

However, for the nerdiest hair professional out there, we will still point out some differences, to hopefully make you feel easier when choosing the hair types.

Cambodian hair

Compared to the Peruvian counterpart, Cambodian hair is more known for its lustre. While Peruvian hair only has low to medium shine, that of Cambodian hair is medium to high. So if you are someone who is into the healthy high-shine look, Cambodian hair is for you.

Is Cambodian Hair Better Than Peruvian Hair?

Cambodian hair

Another thing is that Cambodian hair is a little coarser in texture. This makes Cambodian hair blend well with more relaxed hair of African-American women.

Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair, on the other hand, is known to be more versatile. It means that no matter what type of hair you own, thick or thin, straight or curly, you still can find the right match for you with Peruvian hair. With this characteristic, Peruvian hair is suitable for those who want to change up hairstyles very frequently.

Is Cambodian Hair Better Than Peruvian Hair?

Peruvian hair

Also, Peruvian hair is perhaps the softest hair types out there. When you pick them up, it feels just like a feather, so it feels comfortable wearing on your head. The only downside of this is that it may get frizzy in drier weather, so make sure to take care of it well

Is Cambodian hair better than Peruvian hair? – Taking care

There’s not much of a difference in the maintaining process. Since this is real hair, they shed and tangle a lot less, which is a huge bonus. Both Cambodian and Peruvian hair is hassle-free and straightforward to take care of. Here are a few easy tips you can always apply

Higher-end shampoos and conditioners may be more expensive than the type you buy at your drugstore, but they are worth an investment. Not only can you use them for quite a long time (from 3 to 6 months) but it also strengthens your hair a lot better, especially if you style your hair often.

Is Cambodian Hair Better Than Peruvian Hair?

Higher-end shampoos and conditioners are worth an investment. 

If that the case, try some recovery shampoos. If you want your hair body to look thicker, try the volumizing ones. Or if you dye your hair, use specialized shampoo to keep the colour a bit longer. It’s totally up to your preferences and needs.

After washing, don’t rub the hair. Instead, try to pat dry gently with a cotton cloth. Also, never go to sleep when the hair is still wet because it may lead to breakage and other scalp issues.

No matter how tired you are, just take 3 minutes to blow dry completely. A silk pillowcase is recommended when you sleep because it prevents hair loss.

In the bottom line

To sum up, is Cambodian hair better than Peruvian hair? The answer is “no”. After all, as we mentioned, it’s entirely up to your need, budget, and preference. Just go to the store, or order some samples and try out to see what the right hair type for you is.

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