Is Virgin Or Remy Hair Better For Women?

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When the market for products relatable to hair wear no longer stop at synthetic and human hair, we’re lost in choices. The manufacturing technology has evolved, so has materials for hair making.

The controversy raised by virgin and Remy type seems never ends. It makes consumers confused about suitable products to buy.

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“Is virgin or Remy hair better” is the question whose answer only lies in us, wig wearers. They are the users who determined which is the right for them.

However, to come close to the answer, we have to know something first.

What are virgin and Remy hair?

Both pure and Remy come from human hair. But, the differences remain in the way of collecting and manufacturing.

Virgin human hair

The virgin hair is generally human hair, but it stays intact even until wearers buy it.

None of the processed methods such as dying, bleaching or curling could happen in the virgin hair.

Is Virgin Or Remy Hair Better For Women?

Virgin human hair from one head

However, with the situation nowadays, human hair usually no longer in complete natural. Some must have been straightened or dying even though it’s still in right conditions

Remy human hair

Remy Human Hair comes from only one hair donor. The cuticles should be untouched.

Remy hair doesn’t ask for 100% chemical-free or original color hair. That means it is under proceeding.

That’s why we can find Remy hair extensions in many styles and colors, from white to deep black curls.

Is Virgin Or Remy Hair Better For Women?

Remy hair from Layla Hair

However, that does not mean Remy hair is not in perfect conditions to use. Coming from a donor means some unique features that virgin hair cannot bear.

Unique features and uses

Along in the wayfinding «Is virgin or Remy hair better,» we come to the discussion on specific features that each of category brings on.

Virgin human hair

Because virgin type is 100% natural hair which is supposed to be under no hair treatment. We expect the following features

The outlook

Virgin human hair should look smooth and on a direction. Even though the hair can be from multiple donors, untreated hair kind look the same.

The hair will bear the color of original hair, usually black because the sources now are from Asia. However, we can expect to see virgin hair in blonde or red but not much.

Is Virgin Or Remy Hair Better For Women?

Is virgin or Remy hair better?

If the virgin hair from Asian, it’s got a full look. Thick strand hair is a unique feature about Asian hair that no one in other continents was born with.

The texture

Virgin hair never gets through dying or chemical treatment. It tells us that the composition is the best.

The virgin condition means thick and healthy hair. It’s the perfect condition of human hair back to the time before any treatment.

You can understand how strong and sturdy it is?

With this texture, virgin hair extensions can last even for a year.

The caring

To virgin hair, there are no particular caring methods required. You can look after pure closures by traditional or common hair care products which are available in the house.

Daily wash and ordinary shampoo or lotion are no need to be the specialist. The hair is strong and healthy by itself.



Remy human hair

The outlook

Remy hair has a stunning look because the origin is only one, so all the hair stands are the same.

Firstly, we can feel the even length, and smoothness, all the hair flow to the same directions with minimum tangles.

The color is identical from hair to hair. The hair might be colored or bleached before the sale, but it’s an undeniable fact that the color is perfectly all-in-one.

The texture

Remy hair will touch even in all aspect. Intact cuticles, same length, and thickness. All of the factors are on the same level.

Is Virgin Or Remy Hair Better For Women?

Remy texture brings a natural look. Because of all the hair present for real locks of hair.

One of strong point about Remy hair is non-tangled texture.

The caring

If the Remy is virgin, caring will not be so challenging.

However, because this hair type can appear after heat and color treatment, caring now needs a real specialist.

Maintaining processed Remy hair need specific products. It’s like performing hair care to your hair after styling. Some tips must be learned and taken in practice.

Besides, under proper care, it can last nearly as long as the virgin category.

When you read until here, we believe that some concluded “Is virgin or Remy hair better”?.

Based on the features we mentioned, we would like to discuss more on the pros and cons of each type. By doing so, we hope that the final choice is the ultimate without hesitation

Is virgin or Remy hair better?

Pros and cons of Virgin

Virgin is good. However, we cannot tell 100% that the product is untreated based on the situation of hair trends at the moment. However, forgiving that, we can be sure that all virgin hair blocks are in right conditions, no damaged an untouched after collect.

Taking care of virgin is simple, but the choices are limited.

Pros and cons of Remy

Remy provides wide ranges of choices, regarding both styles and colors.

However, Remy presents human hair after treatment on the salon. We’re sure that some have been struggling with damaged hair after curling, straightening or dying.

The care would be challenging. Are you ready for that?

So, is virgin or Remy hair better?

Bottom line

In Layla Hair, we provide 100% human virgin Remy hair. It’s the high-class product that we take pride in.

It’s not the optimal answer for “is the virgin or Remy hair better» questions, but it comes with the demand of most women.

100% human virgin Remy hair represents the intact and healthy hair condition but also uniform in texture. Because styling hair can do at home after wearing hair extensions, plus with good caring, perfectly healthy and beautiful hair now is closer.

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