[Collection] A retrospective of Katy Perry Rainbow Hair

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Katy Perry is one of the few Hollywood stars who is always looking for a style to appear from costumes to hairstyles in a colorful, and beautiful way. Therefore, Katy Perry rainbow hair always attracted a lot of attention from her fans to other people, especially women. So, the post from Layla Hair will introduce Katy Perry hair color 2020 to all readers who want to own Katy Perry hair color.

Green color — 1st of Katy Perry Rainbow Hair

The first color in the list of Katy Perry rainbow hair color is the green color which Katy Perry occasionally dyes this color on her hair with two cool tones. She dyed green on both sides of her hair, and in the middle left it black.

[Collection] A retrospective of Katy Perry Rainbow Hair
Katy Perry’s green hair

If you are a fashionable girl, then natural hair color will make you bored when you keep one color. You should try the hair color one time.

You should also try something similar so that the middle part is your natural hair color and the two sides are the color of your choice.

Pink color

Many celebrities love pink and left for a long time. Katy Perry is one of them.

Katy looks like a lovely sweet candy with her pink hair. With cute girls, sure, this is the best hairstyle for you. Besides, you don’t forget to take care of your light-colored hair.

[Collection] A retrospective of Katy Perry Rainbow Hair
Pink hair make Katy look like a doll

You may be bright pink if you want a little eccentric Katy Perry, or you can choose the dip style with a pink light like a Barbie doll. But you don’t forget to mix the hair color with suitable clothes because pink is known as the problematic color when mixing with clothes

Blue color

If you are a big fan of Katy Perry, surely you will remember her blue hair which is one of the most her attractive and beautiful hair color.

[Collection] A retrospective of Katy Perry Rainbow Hair
Katy Perry wraps on a chic look with blue hair

Appearing uniquely and strikingly with dark blue hair at the MTV Movie Awards ceremony, Katy proved her unique personality. Indeed, this is a hairstyle for girls who like to shine at every event. Therefore, if you are looking for excellent hair color which can help you stand out of the crowd, the blue color is the number one of choice for you.

Besides, when dyeing the blue color, you should take care of your hair carefully with essential oils and hair lotions because of the effects of dye, your hair is very brittle and dry.

Red color — the most impressive in Katy Perry Rainbow Hair

When you choose red to dye your hair, you can choose bronze, yellow or green to dye it depending on the brightness and brilliance you want to produce the final result. Katy Perry has a deep red appearance for a long time, while other celebrities choose the brighter version of this color.

[Collection] A retrospective of Katy Perry Rainbow Hair
Impressive red hair

But before deciding to dye the color in the list of Katy Perry rainbow hair color, you should make sure that your skin is suitable with the hair color as well as increasing your skin tone.

Yellow color

Katy Perry with different yellow hair appeared at the premiere of her new movie «Smurfs» 3D version held in New York City on July 24 last.

Katy Perry’s hair dyed in a bright yellow color instead of the usual red hair color for a new, and more exciting look. This hair color won a lot of compliments from fans. Let’s admire blonde hair with Katy Perry curly rainbow hair.

[Collection] A retrospective of Katy Perry Rainbow Hair
Yellow hair helps lighten Katy Perry’s skin

People always see Katy Perry hot and sexy in Katy Perry rainbow hair color. Like the red hair of the past, the blonde color is used to lighten Katy Perry’s face and skin. It is an excellent choice from this star when you want to refresh your image with charming beauty.

Usually, this is the safest color because it is softer than other colors. However, you can choose to dye in yellow to express goose, dye your head or dye it partially.

Purple color

When talking about Katy Perry rainbow hair, you can not miss out her purple color. Katy Perry was dyed purple on her hair which didn’t look too bright and didn’t stand out. However, the purple hair color makes Katy look more seductive and attractive in her new single.

[Collection] A retrospective of Katy Perry Rainbow Hair
A sweet Katy Perry with purple hair

Purple is a trend color for you to choose, depending on the intensity of light you like, you can color it in the light or purple neon which gives you the same shade or even lavender or lilac.

The bottom line

Katy Perry is a well-known celebrity, so any her changing, especially hair color always attracted a lot of attention of people from over the world. So, hope that after the post, you will know more about Katy Perry rainbow hair colors and choose the best one for your own.

Besides that it always makes your hair stand out when choosing a particular color. You can understand your hair texture and give yourself advice on oil and conditioner which you should use. Furthermore, you should remember that hair trends vary from season to season, but experts recommend choosing a hair color that matches your skin color and wearing real personality suits to accentuate the style.

[Collection] A retrospective of Katy Perry Rainbow Hair
Katy Perry — Queen of the Stage

Recently, there are many hair colors available for you to choose, which can give you permanent or semi-permanent staining, and even a single dye, will completely discolor after you wash your hair. The choice of colors is quite extensive from dark colors to bright colors or neon colors.

Only your hair color doesn’t finish the story; you need to protect and maintain your hair color with right hair care products.

So, if you need more useful and necessary information about human hair or hair extension, you don’t forget to visit our website to learn more important things about hair.

Come on, what are you waiting for, let’s change the look!

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