Lace Closure and Lace Frontal: Are They Different?

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The world of hair weaves has many things to offer. If you are fond of sewn-in weaves, chances are you have heard of lace closure and lace frontal. The name may suggest one difference between them; however, there are more than that.

Understanding the distinctness between these two makes it easier for you to make up your mind. Let’s take a look and see how they differ from each other.

Lace Closure and Lace Frontal: Are They Different?

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What is lace closure

Before getting to know the difference between lace closure and lace frontal, let see how each item is constructed.

Lace closure is a type of hairpiece. The base of lace closure is from either lace or silk. Nowadays, people prefer lace over the later because it is transparent and scalp-friendly.

At Layla Hair, we create single knots in which hair strands are hand-tied into the lace. This method ensures that the hairpiece doesn’t look odd and out of place.

Lace Closure and Lace Frontal: Are They Different?

A patch of closures

4×4 lace closure is the most common size. However, you can always ask for resizing if you find 4×4 is too small. The size also affects the position of this item when applying on your head.

Most people use it to cover their top head. However one can’t expect to cover from temper to temper with just one item.

The great thing about this product is the versatile parts. You can create hairstyles with the middle or free part. It is suitable with all hair types, from permed, scanty or natural one.

What is lace frontal

Lace frontal refers to a half-back wig. The hairpiece goes from one ear to the others. To make a lace frontal, one needs at least four bundles of hair, depending on the desired density.

The standard size of a lace frontal in Layla Hair is 13×4 inches. This size allows the frontal to cover a wide area of the head. You can choose to place the item in front or at the rear end of the hairline.

Lace Closure and Lace Frontal: Are They Different?

A patch of frontal

Frontals are an excellent choice for many women who suffer from traction alopecia. Those who have thinning edges should also look for this product.

The installation of this half wig is super easy. The 13×4 lace closure is an economical choice since it covers a large part of your head without using too many bundles.

What are the differences between lace closure and lace frontal

So what are the differences between these two products?

Here is the deal:


The size is the first thing you should notice about these two items. While lace closure adopts a small proportion of 4×4 inches, lace frontal is more prominent with a capacity of 13×4 inches.

The size determines the function of each type. While frontal lace acts as a half wig, spreading from ear to ear, closure is meant to finish the installation. That’s why it is named closure.

Base Materials

There are two kinds of base materials: silk or lace. In some cases, manufacturers use both lace and silk in one frontal. The 4×4 middle section is made of silk while the sides are made of lace.

Silk base generally resembles human scalp when viewed close. However, lace base blends effortlessly with the human scalp, no matter from afar or up close. This feature makes lace closure and lace frontal the best items for women.


Both lace closure and frontal can be used to make a wig or a sewn-in hairpiece. Since 4×4 closures are small, people often apply them around the edges. Some use closures to close off a DIY wig with a band or hair gel.

Frontals, on the other hand, are more compatible with wigs. As for sewn-in, many people bond frontals in place. As a result, the position of frontals is in front of the hairline.


Since the coverage of lace frontals is more extensive than closures, some people may think the former is more versatile than the later. However, this is a common mistake.

Lace Closure and Lace Frontal: Are They Different?

Choose wisely when it comes to closures or frontals

The use of these two items is entirely different. It is true that 13×4 lace frontals can give you more styling options. However, closures are necessary for any sewn-ins.

Is lace closure my best option?

Lace closure and lace frontal are both great products; however, you need to understand which one suits you better. Lace closure will be your best option if you are sure about your preferences and style of choice.

Here is how you should do it:

  • Lace closure is best to finish the installation. This item will give the most natural-look scalp.
  • When you want to sewn-in hairpiece with lace closure rather than lace frontal. Remember that lace frontal are bonded to the hairpiece.
  • When you want to cover the top of your head rather than the front part.
  • When you want to have more than one way of parts. Closures can certainly grant you a chance to part in the middle, left or right.

The bottom line

Lace closure and lace frontal may look and function differently, but they both serve the ultimate goal of enhancing women’s exterior look. Once you understand the differences between, you can make up your mind quickly, buying suitable products.

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