Male Pattern Baldness Cure: Is It Hopeful Or Hopeless?

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Hair loss is a nightmare for all, especially men, who are mostly suffered from baldness. You may try to find an effective male pattern baldness cure which can have a long-term result and cost reasonable. It is a tough thing but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. In this article, Layla Hair is going to share with you a treatment that may meet your demands. Let’s check it out.

What is male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness is a type of hair loss that is mostly experienced by men. The causes of it are various. Here is some major cause of them.

First is genetics and male hormones. Your genes you heredity from your parents or hormone levels change may be the reasons that trigger baldness.

Your diet is another reason. We mean if your lack of or have over some certain kinds of vitamins or nutrients, hair loss will happen.

Male Pattern Baldness Cure: Is It Hopeful Or Hopeless?
male pattern baldness

Physical and mental stress also have a role in causing baldness or hair loss. Especially, metal stress is worse.

Medication is the last cause mentioned. Some medicine or medical treatment will cause your hair to fall or shed out. Particularly, drugs that fight against cancer

Types of Male Pattern Baldness

There are 2 popular types of pattern baldness in men.

The first one is M-shaped hairline receding. This is the classic type of Male Pattern Baldness which the hairline becomes receding from the front corners to the forelock.

Second is the Crown thinning. This type can be spotted when your hair around the crown area starts to fall out and become thinner.

Is there a cure for male pattern baldness?

The FDA has approved two distinct medical treatments as male pattern baldness cures, namely finasteride and minoxidil. The former one related to oral medication which will lessen the male pattern baldness at the hormonal level. Meanwhile, Minoxidil is a topical medication, which applies to your scalp. Its function is to promote hair growth. They work different but both will have no effect when you stop investing in them.

Male Pattern Baldness Cure: Is It Hopeful Or Hopeless?
there is now no cure for male pattern baldness

But in case your situation is advanced, you may need another male pattern baldness cure. Specifically, hair transplant surgery. This treatment involves storing hair by transplanting hair from other parts onto the crown area. But it cost very high and barely covered by insurance.

So no certain medical cure for male hair loss exists. They have a good result but the amount of money you spend on them is a big deal. Hence, Layla Hair is an honor to introduce to you one of the best cure for male pattern, hair toupee.

Toupee — an alternative for male pattern baldness cure

A toupee is a type of hairpiece which is made to fill and cover up baldness. It is a new male pattern baldness cure.

A hair toupee can be made of synthetic hair and human hair. If you wonder what should you choose, we will give you a brief comparison between them.


Synthetic vs Human Hair Toupee

Synthetic Hair Toupee

The Synthetic Hair Toupee is much cheaper because it is made of man-made fiber. You can change your hairstyle often by switching to another toupee.

But it is impossible to style directly onto your wigs because synthetic hair toupee cannot resist to heat so it can be damaged by styling method using heat. They cannot be bleached and colored as well.

The lifespan of a synthetic hair toupee is much shorter than real hair. And it might look unreal or unnatural.

Male Pattern Baldness Cure: Is It Hopeful Or Hopeless?
synthetic vs human hair toupee

Human Hair Toupee

The human hair toupee cost higher than the synthetic one because it is made from 100% human virgin hair.

The stronger point of human hair toupee compared to synthetic one is that human toupee can be styled using heat method, you can color or even bleach it as well. Do the same as you do with your real natural hair.

Moreover, Human Hair Toupee has a longer lifespan than a synthetic one. It also provides a natural look

So if you want to choose between these two, we highly recommend Human Hair Toupee. It will be a perfect male pattern baldness cure.

How to wear a toupee?

Wear a toupee is not an easy task. You can refer to the method below. We advise you to have hair professional do it for you

Step 1: 

Wipe your scalp clear by a wet towel. Then exfoliate the scalp. Rinse out your head well after all and dry your head. Cover your head with a layer of waterproof sealant.

Male Pattern Baldness Cure: Is It Hopeful Or Hopeless?
how to wear a toupee with tape

Step 2:

Stick the two-side tape underneath your hair toupee. Make sure the tape is close to the edge.

Step 3:

Spray alcohol-based fluid on your scalp such as Adjust-a-Bond. Peel the other side of the tape which you have attached to the toupee to stick to your head. Gently, slowly and carefully place the hair toupee on your scalp. Adjust it to fit well. Press the area you attach with tape. Then using conditioner spray to mist your toupee.

Where to buy Human Hair Toupee?

This question should be taken into account carefully because it will affect directly to the end result. If you are seeking a trustworthy place to buy high-quality hair toupee, Layla Hair will be the answer. We have many loyal clients from every country all around the world because we just sell high-quality human hairpieces.

Male Pattern Baldness Cure: Is It Hopeful Or Hopeless?
toupee at Laylahair

All of our hair extensions are made by hair collected from Vietnamese and Cambodia human hair. The hair is super durable and ideal in the look. Hence, if you want a suitable hair toupee, Layla Hair is a good choice.

We guarantee that all of the high-quality hairpieces we provide to you are high-quality. And we sell them at the most reasonable price, which you can find nowhere provides you with both excellent hairpiece and ideal price like us.

Once you have any questions or suggestions, our professional customer service team will online 24/7 to consult you. Just let us know, you will receive the most sufficient answers in the shortest time.

Our conclusion

Hair loss has been a concern of many men all over the world. There are many ways to treat it but there is no ultimate treatment. Among many methods to treat hair loss, hair toupees can be the best one. This male pattern baldness cure is friendly with your natural hair and scalp, it also brings the immediate result for you.

If you want to know more about hair toupee for man leave us a message. We try best to give you fulfilled your questions.

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