Marilyn Monroe No Makeup

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As you know, Marilyn Monroe is the sexy symbols. The actress was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California. During a brief life, she overcame a difficult childhood to become one of the world’s biggest and most enduring beautiful symbols. Besides, during her career, Monroe’s films grossed more than $200 million. Are you curious Marilyn Monroe no makeup look like?

In addition, Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of Hollywood glamour and was an international beauty icon. She drew in the masses with her charm and physique. It helps her became a box-office drawcard through her successful acting and modeling career. She is renowned for her flawless makeup and decadent frocks but just like everyone else, she had moments just relaxing at home. There are some pictures of Marilyn Monroe no makeup with blond hair but still as gorgeous as ever and Marilyn Monroe putting on makeup photos.

Marilyn Monroe is most beautiful woman ever without makeup

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Some amazing pictures about Marilyn Monroe putting on makeup.

Ever since the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe’s makeup is the best Hollywood Glamor at its finest. Although Marilyn was naturally beautiful and possessed a youthful glow, she also grasps of cosmetics and the makeup secrets. Besides, makeup artist used to recreate her famous look turned her into the icon. Although there is no way of knowing all of her beauty tricks and the complete routine of her makeup. But, there are a few secrets I found about the classical look that the beauty icon throughout the 50s.

Because I’m sure you will find this topic as interesting as I did, I invite you to watch my Marilyn Monroe putting on makeup photos. Layla Hair believes that the Glamorous makeup of the 1950s is a great choice for an evening out, an event or a themed party that you might be attending or daily life.

Marilyn Monroe makeup red

Marilyn Monroe makeup red

But, when taking off all the magnificent layers made by cosmetics, is she still amazing and admirable? To answer this big question, you need to look at Marilyn Monroe with no makeup photos revealed by paparazzi. The majority of those photos are black and white but we can still zoom in to have a better judgment.

She had the most glamorous Hollywood makeup of all times. Also, You should achieve that luminous, radiant complexion, that Marilyn is known for. She used Vaseline and Nivea. And, she with the perfect winged liner of the 50s and the sexy red lip, achieve the classic eyebrow shape.

Marilyn Monroe no makeup photos from Layla Hair

Marilyn Monroe no makeup with blond hair

Marilyn Monroe no makeup with blond hair

On the other hand, follow Layla Hair to look Marilyn Monroe with no makeup. It may be your first time, except for those who are her fans (because they often take them as a picture to troll their friends). In Layla Hair’s opinion, unlike other famous, Marilyn looks really gorgeous even without makeup. The beauty is in the eyes and the makeup cannot prevent you from loving her. There are some of her no makeup pictures to prove your point.

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Five best pictures about most beautiful women without makeup Marilyn Monroe below.

  1. Enjoy the summer

Marilyn Monroe was swimming

Marilyn Monroe was swimming

This is informal shots of Marilyn Monroe was swimming in 1955. The special thing is that all the comments are expressing their admiration. It can be said that ‘Some Like It Hot’ actress never reduces her popularity among the audience.

In this picture, the stunning blonde girl was wearing a bikini in tiny black and white and a huge smile at the same time. After taking a dip in the pool water, she appeared as if it was her stage to show off her wonderful skin and complexion. Marilyn Monroe no makeup still had a healthy and happy look with a clean bare face. With her signature platinum curls soaked by the water, you can see a bit red from exertion after a long swim, which is so natural.

  1. Marilyn Monroe early career as a model

Marilyn early career - Marilyn Monroe early career as a model

Marilyn Monroe early career

Oh my God, she has skin like a baby, hasn’t a line on her face. She had one of the most beautiful skins I’ve ever seen, she just looked like a child. Absolutely exquisite without any makeup on. The most beautiful women without makeup with her millions of dollars smile. She has a natural beauty with glowing skin. Marilyn Monroe is able to impress anyone with or without makeup.

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  1. Marilyn Monroe without makeup with flower

Marilyn Monroe without makup with flower

Marilyn Monroe without makup with flower

Marilyn Monroe with no makeup with the pink flower in some morning. Over time in Hollywood, she reached number one in posing at her best in front of the camera. You can see in the picture, Marilyn Monroe fat but still perfect with a flower. Legend has it that Marilyn Monroe is a professional at posing for photographers. Hence, it comes as no surprise that she could question them some about technical aspects in taking photos. Layla admits that she looks like the Forest princess with blond hair and natural face.

  1. Marilyn Monroe without makeup with her millions of dollars smile

Marilyn Monroe with her millions of dollars smile

Marilyn Monroe with her millions of dollars smile

Her smiling is so beautiful. That picture shows what is just the way she is Marilyn Monroe  no makeup, which really makes the world be head over heels in love. It seems that photographers are able to easily grab the moments of without makeup right backstage. She seems to be a natural girl who is only wearing makeup on special occasions. She is self-confident about her glowing skin and her million-of-buck smile with the blonde hair flow by the wind.

  1. Nude shots

Marilyn Monroe no make up Nude shots

Marilyn Monroe Nude shots

When it comes to Marilyn Monroe with no makeup, most people will think more about her nude photo. It is able to break your heart from the first sight. She is damn sexy and charming in a special way. This shot was taken by photographer Lawrence Schiller. She looked so full of life. Marilyn Monroe without makeup is still lovely and enthusiastic.

To sum up, aren’t these pics of Marilyn Monroe no makeup a living proof that natural beauty still counts over makeup? What do you say? She has a beautiful face and confidence in her appearance, with or without makeup. Unlucky, she died at 36 years old by a drug overdose on August 5, 1962. From this article, it is not exaggerated if the world calls her an angel or the queen of no makeup. Thanks so much for reading our article and hope that you will fall in love with Marilyn Monroe!

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