The Untold Secret To Fix Matted Hair Extensions Once And For All

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Dry and frizzy hair is such a nightmare to every extension-wearer. Let’s learn how to untangle matted hair extensions with the comprehensive guide from Layla Hair.

Being matted is not a strange thing that happens with hair extensions. The hair system might be dry, frizzy, tangled, and knotted. This problem hence makes it exceptionally hard to brush the hair and maintain a smooth and good-looking hairdo.

In the following post, Layla hair will offer you an insight into the reasons that cause this problem and the ways to tackle it effectively.

The reasons for matted hair extensions

There are two main reasons that contribute to the fact that hair starts to matt:

The Untold Secret To Fix Matted Hair Extensions Once And For All

         The hair extensions are of poor quality

         The extensions are severely damaged due to improper care and maintenance

Your hair extensions are of poor quality

The quality and origin of hair play a significant role in deciding whether the extensions would look good or not. There are lots of things to consider before buying any extensions. You need to determine if it is human hair or synthetic fiber, and Remy or Non-Remy hair.

It is always better to choose a human hair extension to add volume to your hair. Virgin hair is healthy, and it does not undergo any chemical processing. Therefore, it remains a good quality and could blend better with your natural hair.

The Untold Secret To Fix Matted Hair Extensions Once And For All

In contrast, synthetic hair is made from artificial materials, thus not having the same characteristics with your real hair. Additionally, it has undergone several chemical processing beforehand, so its quality is obviously lower than the real human hair.

Now that you have decided to go with human hair, then you still need to check if it is a Remy or Non-Remy one. The word “Remy” refers to the hair cuticles and strands that are kept in the same direction. In other words, it is a complete bundle collected from a hair donor. If the cuticles are all in the same direction, the likelihood of matting will be minimized. For a non-Remy product, in contrast, people collect tangled hair from hair salon or floor, so the ability of matting is of course higher.

If you are having hair extensions or wigs of poor quality, matted hair extensions are obviously unavoidable. Just simply by not taking good care of it or sleeping with it, hair can easily tangle without your notice.

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Improper care leads to matted hair extensions

Another reason that entails in this serious problem lays on your lack of attention in applying, removing, and caring your hair extensions. Once you are careless in removing the tapes and bonds out of your hair, the hair could easily become a mess.

The Untold Secret To Fix Matted Hair Extensions Once And For All

Fusion real hair extensions and tape in hair extensions matted are two most popular types where this problem often occurs in.

How to fix matted hair after extensions?

To untangle matted hair after extensions, you will need to follow a conditioning treatment on a regular basis. Followings are the steps to take to fix frizzy hair extensions:

Step #1: Comb your hair first.

First, you need to gently brush your hair extensions and try to get them as smooth as possible. In case there happen to be any knots, remove it carefully. Do not be rush when combing, just do in slightly and gently instead. You should start from the tip of the hair then gradually move upward.

Step #2: Apply pre-shampoo treatment.

Second, apply the pre-shampoo treatment product onto your hair extensions. Remember to apply it to the mid-length and the tips only. Also, your hair needs to be completely dry to do this step.

The Untold Secret To Fix Matted Hair Extensions Once And For All

In case the hair is matted above the bond of my hair extensions, you can apply the mixture to the root of your hair. However, it would compromise the bonding competency of the extensions. But there’s no way out. If hair gets into troubles, then it is a must-do. As long as the hair is healthy, you can definitely replace the old with a new bond or tape.

The pre-shampoo treatment will make the hair cuticle to lie flat and prevent hair from tangling. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about matted hair extensions in the future because this substance could make the hair easier to comb.

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It is advisable that you should choose an organic product for this treatment. Any chemicals would pose harm to the hair, so it is always a better choice to pick a product that consists of natural ingredients only. It will help to prevent any further hair damage.

Step #3: Let the treatment soak.

Take some time to let the hair absorb the substances from the shampoo. For the best performances, we highly recommend that you should leave it overnight. Of course, in case you don’t have enough free time to wait, around 30 – 60 minutes is acceptable.

The Untold Secret To Fix Matted Hair Extensions Once And For All

Step #4: Rinse your hair.

After step 3, rinse your hair with a shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions to gain back shiny and healthy hair. Tangling hair is now no longer a worry.

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How to prevent matted hair extensions?

Knowing how to prevent matted hair extensions is somehow more important than knowing how to detangle them. Besides purchasing the right hair extensions to reduce the risk of matted hair extensions, there are some tips you can employ to prevent hair extensions bunching up.

Using Human Hair Extensions Properly

Everybody knows this but we have to highlight the proper installation of hair extensions since it contributes to the firm hold of them onto your scalp. Firmly secure means easy to fix matted hair extensions later on. After applying, parting and combing your hair into sections and keep them neat from the start will reduce matted hair extensions at root or at the nape.

The Untold Secret To Fix Matted Hair Extensions Once And For All
install your hair extensions properly

Using The Right Products

Not all the hair products you use to treat your real hair will work out on hair extensions. Substances like sulfates, salt and alcohol can seriously dry out your tape-in or clip-in extensions, making them more easily to get matted and tangled. Hence, stop using dry shampoo that contains those ingredients as well as salt spray. Opt for mild and natural-based products to prevent matted tape in extensions.

Using Loop Brush

Wearing hair extensions offers less or more maintenance regularly to make them look best during the day. The hair extensions matting at nape of neck can occur when you’re traveling around so regularly brushing with a loop comb can keep your hair extensions neat throughout the day. The reason to use a loop brush to comb your hair extensions is that the looped bristles are super gentle for hair strands and won’t trigger any damage as well as hair knots to your extensions.

The Untold Secret To Fix Matted Hair Extensions Once And For All
use a loop brush

Nourishing Your Hair

Unlike your natural hair, hair extensions receive not oils that nourish them. So moisturizing your extensions is really important to prevent hair matting at the root. The exposure to heat or sun also causes hair to get matted, so often nourishing your hair extensions with hair moisturizing products like oils, cream, serum, or mask can be a great solution.

Avoiding Backcombing Hair Extensions

To create a great volume for hair, backcombing can be a good way but it is not always good when coming to hair extensions. You definitely should avoid combing back your hair extensions since it will cause hair to get knotted, resulting in matted nano rings at the root. Moreover, backcombing also can damage the hair cuticle, causing hair to breakage or split the ends which can be the cause of matted hair extensions. Layla Hair hair extensions always provide great volume to your hair, so there is no need to do that.

The Untold Secret To Fix Matted Hair Extensions Once And For All
avoid backcombing your extensions

Avoiding Getting Hair Extensions Wet

Getting your hair extensions wet means more chances to get them matted. Your hair extension is somehow weaker than your real hair since it doesn’t receive any nutrients from your scalp and hair, in general, become weakest when it is wet. So, wetting your hair makes hair strands easy to intertwine, leading to hair extensions bunching up.

Final thoughts

Everyone wants to have smooth and shiny hair extensions. But it is not a gift from God. You need to take good care of it so that it could live up to your expectation. Hopefully, the post above from Layla hair could somehow help you know more about how to prevent matted hair extensions.

What are you waiting for? Let’s apply the tips to bring back the original eye-catching look to your hair!

For further information about hair extensions and hair care, do not hesitate to take a look at our website! Or feel free to drop us a line via our hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp). We are always more than happy to be of service! 

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