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8 Inch Vietnamese Mens Gray Hair Toupee


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Mono base Hair Toppers with 100% Remy human Hair

There is an increasing number of men and women around the world suffering from baldness at an early age. Due to balding becoming a growing problem, the use of Human Hair Toupee, Mono base Hair topper and hair topper with bangs has become rather common in this day and age.

These mens hair toppers are extremely easy to apply and assist men to avoid the embarrassment they might face due to their bald heads. Layla Hair wholesale hair extensions offer a huge collection of different styles of hair toppers for men that can help cover different exposed sections of the scalp.

Mono base Hair or Toupee in Layla Hair

Being one of the most professional wholesale hair vendors, Layla Hair always tries to perfect our best  human hair topper and hair toppers with bangs for women and men. This natural color straight human hair toupee is suitable for you if you have the same hair type.

Because the aim of wearing crown topper and hair toppers extensions is to conceal the hair loss, the match between your bio hair and human hair from wig toppers or hairpieces for thinning hair on top is of paramount importance.

Therefore, whatever your hairstyles and hair colours are, you can always find the perfect toppers hair pieces in Layla Hair. We sure that they will match your own hair from a cool funky look to an elegant gentleman style.

Layla Hair vendor offers body wave European straight hair toppers for sale, as well as slight wave and medium wave hidden crown topper.

You can feel secure about this high-quality clip in human hair topper or toupee and hair toppers for short hair because it is made with 100% Vietnamese Remy human hair.

In the market, Remy hair is the finest quality of human hair because it is collected from the only single healthy donor. Hence, Vietnamese Remy Hair is exceptionally strong, smooth, shiny and less likely to tangle because the cuticle is still intact and aligned.

What if you lean towards the slightly coarse and frizzy look that Vietnamese hair can’t bring to? You can try our mono base hair toppers for thinning crown made of 100% Cambodian Hair which is of great quality too.

Reasons to fall in love with mono hair topper and toupee

Layla Hair provides different base materials such as lace, monofilament base and poly thin skin (PU). Because monofilament base is one of the most favorite base materials, we highly recommend you using it.

You may feel satisfied with monofilament hair topper from Layla Hair since it durability won’t let you down. This is mainly because the mono base is firmer and more durable than the lace base.

Although they are less variable in colors, monofilament topper is undetectable, natural looking on top head and long-lasting. The lace is airy, breathable, lightweight and various in colors (light brown, medium brown, dark brown).

The only downside of lace topper is that it is fragile and easy to be damaged. Thus if you look for a better balance between durability and a natural appearance, this mono hair topper (toppee) is your best choice.

To extend the choice, Layla Hair manufactures mono base wiglets and toppers with poly thin skin (PU) at the edges. You should not use the whole base made of PU as your scalp and your bio hair will find difficult to breathe.

If you are an active person and usually work in the sunlight, PU wig toppers are such sheer torture. Besides, Layla Hair always makes every effort to create a natural hairline of our women’s toppers and hair toppers with clips. This clip in mono hair toupee is designed to replicate your front hairline the way nature intended.

If you are a perfectionist, you must choose it as it gives a completely natural, undetectable front hairline to both sight and touch. As other wholesalers, Layla Hair can also add grey hair and highlight to our hair toppers if you wish.

The convenience of Mono base hair topper and toupee

This monofilament topper is one of the most common clips in hair topper extesions in Layla Hair Factory. With this clip-on hairpieces top of the head, you can feel free to sleep, shower, exercise, even swim in it. Our skillful workers researched that 4-clip system is the most preeminent one.

All 4 clips can distribute in a rational way around your head helping flat your hair toppers securely. Besides, you can part this 6 inches of hairs in multi-directions allowing you to alter your hair direction day by day.

You might be keen on left parting, right parting, center parting, left crown, right crown or center crown. Our hair toppers thinning hair and human hair wiglet topper are available to satisfy you. Our company also customizes monofilament topper and hair toppers to fit the shape and size of your balding pattern.

This mono hair topper with 100% Remy human hair is 100% hair density. Generally, light to medium heavy hair density suits better.

A lot of well-known people and toppers hair salon require more or less density of hair. Thus, Layla Hair offers best hair toppers and curly hair toppers with hair density ranging from 50% to 180%.

For toppers hair salon, local hair retailer, Layla Hair Wholesaler will offer you a wholesale price. You can place your order and directly pay us online. We will ship your hair toppers for thinning hair and top hair wigs anywhere in the world.

What else Layla has to offer?

Besides mono base hair topper or toppee, Layla Hair has an array of hair accessories and products that will satisfy your every need.

Let’s see what do we have to offer.

Remy human hair extensions clip in

Clip-in hair extensions are hands-down our best seller items at Layla Store.

Clip-ins are famous for their flexibility and affordability. They are suitable for women with the thinning hair problem who want to enhance hair density effortlessly.

The application process is super easy. With attached clips, you can secure extensions and let them stay there for a day. Before going to bed, all you have to do is un-clip the extensions.

Mono base Hair Toppers with 100% Remy human Hair
Remy human hair extensions clip in is ideal to make Ariana Grande’s legendary ponytail

We do not recommend you to sleep with clip-in extensions because the clips can cause small bruises and scratch the next morning.

Remy human hair extensions clip in is ideal to make Ariana Grande’s legendary ponytail. We often call it Remy human hair ponytail because of the material we use to make clip-ins.

Remy human hair weft

Beside Remy human hair clip in extensions, our beloved ladies also have a massive feeling for Remy human hair weft. Since we work mainly with hair salons and wig stores, we know that the demand for DIY wigs is high.

That’s why Layla tries our best to provide customers with high-quality human hair weft. We use only Remy human hair (and sometimes virgin human hair) to make weft. Our skillful workers know how to make the most robust and reliable wefts.

Mono base Hair Toppers with 100% Remy human Hair

What’s more, 100% of our products are customized according to our clients’ demand. That being said, not every weft or clip-in is quite the same. This is because each customer has different requirements for their products.

Some like curls, some don’t. Some want balayage, others love mixed colors. We understand this and always try to make sure our products match with customers’ expectations!

To be honest, sometimes we don’t! But we never want our minor mistakes to be the end of promising business growth; therefore, we offer clear and cohesive returning policies to protect customers’ benefits while working with us.

Remy human hair extensions review

Let’s take a look at what Layla’s human hair extensions look like

High-quality material

We say no to non-Remy human hair and synthetic hair. We have a firm conviction that women deserve the best. That’s why our products should be at the highest quality to support women on their way to becoming more confident.

Mono base Hair Toppers with 100% Remy human Hair

Layla Hair uses Remy human hair and virgin human hair to create all of our items. We test hair from donors and collectors to make sure that the hair is fitted as our strict standard.

We work with reliable hair collectors who buy hair from local women at a fair price. Again, Layla Hair believes that no women should be taken advantages of. We will also never sacrifice our core value for a bit of money.

Robust construction

At Layla Hair, we recruit and train workers so that they can make perfect hair extensions and wigs. We also use the best material for product construction.

For example, we only use French lace and Swiss lace because of their quality and the ease of use. We use a triple quality controlling system to ensure the end output is perfect.

Affordable price

Layla is a wholesale vendor so that our price is more appealing than wig stores or hair salons. We also offer a discount plan and gifts for customers who order in a significant quantity.

Remy human hair lace wig

What we are proud to present next is our collection of Remy human hair lace wigs. There are two types of lace wigs: full lace wigs and frontal lace wigs.

Full lace wigs

The name has suggested it all. The whole base uses lace to support the hair. The advantages of full lace are breathability and flexibility. Lace material brings the utmost comfort to users, especially those who have a sensitive scalp.   Mono base Hair Toppers with 100% Remy human Hair

The price of full lace wigs is quite high, so customers may need to think twice before making a purchase.

Lace frontal wigs

Lace frontal wigs use lace only in the frontal part. That being said, you can achieve natural hairline thanks to the lace frontal. The rest of the base is weft with straps. To some extent, frontal lace wigs are more flexible when it comes to head size.

You can customize your wig using straps. Plus, you can secure the wig using clips inside the base.

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