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New To Hair toppers? 4 Things You Must Know

Premature balding and hair loss have become a nightmare to many women. The problem even gets worse when the baldness shows up in different areas of your head.

With the advent of hair toppers, women nowadays have more opportunities to shine and conceal their hair problems.

Hair toppers are also known as wiglets since they are precisely the small versions of wigs. If you are new to this kind of hair accessories, let’s find out top 4 things you need to know about it.

Hair Toppers – What you must know

Hair toppers are the best solution for partial hair loss. They offer many sizes and shapes, which are extremely useful to cover different areas of your scalp.

If you suffer from a mild “widow’s peak,” you should choose a topper that covers the top of your head. Some women with hair loss in the sides or the back can go for other kinds of toppers.

Toppers can also function as hair extensions. For those who worry about the thickness of their top hair, toppers help add the density to the hair, making it look natural.

Toppers can also function as hair extensions.

Toppers can also function as hair extensions.

Unfortunately, there are no free-size toppers which fit all hair problems. Each topper is designed to cover solely for one part of your head. The good news is they blend perfectly with your natural hair.

Depending on your hair conditions, you can decide to wear one to several hair toppers. Multiple wiglets can bring better coverage and enhance the density of your hair. This is an alternative for a full wig, especially when you don’t want to pay too much money for one.

You also need to pay attention to different factors such as size, color, and hairstyle. Don’t buy a topper that looks entirely out of place with your natural hair.

How to care for hair toppers

If you want a product to last, it is advised to buy hair toppers made of Remy human hair. Some toppers with added features such as monofilament or lace front are often more expensive than the normal ones.

As a result, maintaining hair toppers is essential. Just like our existing hair, without proper caring and attention, hair strands tend to tangle and shed.

So how to care for your hair wiglets? Look at these tips:

  • Shampoo: A good shampoo will ensure your hair strands stay strong and smooth. There are specialized products for wigs and hair extensions as well. If you want to keep your wiglets in the best condition, you should invest in these caring products.

care for hair toppers

A good shampoo will ensure your hair strands stay strong.

  • Conditioners: After-care products are essential as well. If you think shampoo alone is enough, you have to reconsider that. Conditioners are necessary for the hair toppers since it helps prevent shedding and tangling.
  • Caring method: When washing your hair toppers, remember to clean them with warm water. Don’t rub or massage the hair. Remember to detangle hair strands and let the wiglet dry naturally.
  • Storing: You have to take care of your hair wiglets if you want to reuse it in the future. Therefore, you need to find a place to protect it from dust and tangling. There are many ways to do so. You can either hang your toppers up in a mannequin or put it in a package.

How to style hair toppers

If after a while you want to change your hairstyle, the good news is you can change the style of your toppers as well. Just like our natural hair, you can apply different methods to alter your topper hair.

The rule of thumb is not to damage the wiglet. Don’t let those loose curls bewitch you. To make those curls, you have to use heat treatment. The longer and more frequent your hair exposes to heat, the more likely it will get damage.

style hair toppers

If you want to straighten your hair, it’s okay.

If you want to straighten your hair, it’s okay. You can use a straightener with low to medium heat to get the job done. It is excellent to apply heatless methods to your toppers and even your natural hair to keep them in the best condition.

Hairstyles with curls are beautiful. So whenever you can’t resist them, make sure that you use protectants and let your hair completely dry.

Can I sleep with my hair toppers?

Though it is possible to wear wigs and hair extensions to sleep, we do not recommend you to do so. When you go to sleep, you tend to turn and toss around, thus making it hard for the wiglet to stay still.

Plus, if you turn too frequent, you can cause unwanted shedding. What’s more, it is always better to let the topper rest and get ready for the next time use.

If you are just a newbie to hair toppers, it is clear that there are many things you don’t know. We hope that this small article will help you understand more about this product.

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