My Horrendous Hair-Loss Journey With Full Lace Wigs Synthetic

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Layla Hair started our journey with hair and hair accessories many years ago. As the year goes by, we learn by heart how full lace wigs synthetic can be such a nightmare for women.

These cheap-looking products are affordable that we understand. However, cheap things never guarantee anything but dull appearance. Recently we have received a cry for help from one of our customer.

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She is suffering from hair loss because of the medication she is using. There is no way out. That’s why she has decided to settle down with a synthetic wig.

Let’s read her story below.

My journey with hair loss

It never occurs to me that I can lose my hair just by taking medication. I mean, who would have thought of that? When you try to bring balance health to your body, it reacts extremely as such.

After two months of taking mood stabilizers, I noticed my hair started to fall. My hair falls every day, of course. I read somewhere that said we shed about 100 hair strands per day. That sounds like a lot, but our body is capable of growing the same amount within a short period.

My Horrendous Hair-Loss Journey With Full Lace Wigs Synthetic

My hair started to lose because of my regular use of medication. 

At first, when I washed my hair, I realized an unusual amount of hair shedding. I thought to myself that must be because I didn’t have enough sleep yesterday. But then the condition continued. I found my hair on the wall, on the floor, on my pillow. Almost everywhere!

I have problems with my anxiety, that’s why I have to take medication. But now, the hair fall is freaking me out. I was so desperate. As I reached out to my doctor, he comforted me with a calm voice, saying nothing to worry.

The reason for my hair loss

Hair loss is something ubiquitous for people who take medication. It goes like this. When drugs enter the human body, they mess up the normal cycle of hair growth. They can affect both anagen phase in which hair grows and telogen phase in which hair rests.

Either the way, the result is weakened and falling hair. For those who have to depend on medication for an extended period like me, this is bad news. I don’t want to get more things to worry about!

My doctor then suggested me to wear wigs. He said the condition would fade once I stop the medication, but who knows.

The only way to get out of this is to get used to the fact that I have to depend on external hair wigs.

My horrendous journey to full lace wigs synthetic

I thought full lace wigs synthetic would be the reply to my answer. First of all, I don’t want to spend hundreds for full lace wigs human hair or full lace wigs virgin hair. I mean, they do look good, but why do I need to spend so much for a few strands of hair?

So I went online, searched for full lace wigs synthetic and ordered one. The shipping was fast. As soon I received the product I fell in love with it. It cost over 20$ and looked gorgeous with beach wavy long hair. The blonde color matched perfectly with my naturally fair skin.

My Horrendous Hair-Loss Journey With Full Lace Wigs Synthetic

The feel of synthetic and human hair is different.

The hair strands were a bit rough and unnatural. You can tell right away that it is human-made. But who cares? I put it on, and I felt alright.

Until the next few days, something wasn’t right. It is evident that the strands are carelessly sewn into the lace. They started to fall pieces by pieces. The lace was in poor quality so that I felt boiling and humid when wearing it.

The hair strands were rough and frizzy, so whenever I wanted to touch my hair, I felt rough. It didn’t look natural at all. At some points, I got nervous thinking about putting that piece on my head again.

I confessed my feeling to one of my close friends. She looked at me for a while and said something I remember forever.

“You should never save money on things that make you look good.”



You should never send money on full lace wigs synthetic

That is my conclusion. After my friend convinced me, I decided to say goodbye with my synthetic wig. I continued my search again, this time for a hi-quality item that will enhance my look.

I finally come across full lace wigs 100% human hair. I was hesitated at first because of the price, but then I thought it is now or never. So I went for it. I love silky and smooth hair feature, so I decided to buy a Vietnamese full lace wig.

My Horrendous Hair-Loss Journey With Full Lace Wigs Synthetic

Human hair full lace wig from Layla Hair

I found Layla Hair online, and I instantly fell in love with this company. They offer the best hair quality in the world. It took me more than a week to receive my order. I was delighted with my new full lace wig.

The ladies over there are accommodating. Since I didn’t know anything about wigs, they helped me a lot to choose a suitable item. They asked me about the length, the density, the hairstyle, which I was completely unaware of.

My Horrendous Hair-Loss Journey With Full Lace Wigs Synthetic

They also gave me tips and information on how to take care of it. I feel like they treat their products with care and love.

My final verdict

After all of my anxiety and worry about full lace wigs synthetic, I finally learned a lesson. When you want to buy something, you shouldn’t think of money first. It is all about how that product makes you feel. If it is costly, but it looks good on you, go for it. Cheap things will only promise a cheap look.

If you have any concerns or problems regarding your hair, don’t hesitate to contact Layla Hair for more advice.

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