The Best Natural Hair Winter Routine You Can Ever Find Online

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Winter makes people think about twinkling lights, cozy sweaters, hot chocolate… but it also reminds them about the horrible feeling when taking off the hat and hearing the hair strands snapping. Or even when you open the door and the weather is snowy, it can make the hair look terrible. No matter what the favorite season is, let’s determine a natural hair winter routine for customers that find the best hair style.

Why is winter so bad for natural hair?

It is considered as “a perfect storm of the bad conditions”. The wind and harsh cold air can make the hair moisture and cause tangles. Or another case when you are inside, the heated air is deeply dry, the office is as bad as sitting under a blow dryer. All these dryness can frizz, breakage, split ends, or the shock of extreme temperature changes put additional stress on the hair.

The Best Natural Hair Winter Routine You Can Ever Find Online
winter is not the ideal time for healthy hair

Moreover, hats, sweaters, or scarves are made from material that keeps heat and maintains the body warm — but they also pull and snag on the hair, breaking the strands left or right. Whether you are inside or outside, warm or cold, it is considered no escape.

But you don’t need to hibernate until the weather is very warm or friendly again. The right protective hairstyles for natural hair in winter will solve all problems. You can keep your hair healthier, happier throughout the wintertime. In response to questions from customers, we will recommend a guide with some must-know tips for winter hair care.

Natural hair winter routine for you

Use protective styles to your advantage.

Protecting natural hair in winter is to choose the right style. You don’t have to put the hair in braids in November and leave them in until March. Still, winter is not the time for you to do a wash or go everyday. Wind and cold/dry air suck moisture out of your hair, leaving it brittle, weaker, and more prone to breakage. Protective styles cut down the manipulation to your hair, which will prevent breakage, and they tuck ends and strands safely out of the way of wind and cold air.

The Best Natural Hair Winter Routine You Can Ever Find Online

Don’t put your hair in a protective style and forget about it.

Even though protective style can help you retain more moisture than if you wear the hair out, the hair will still dry out. So you should need a minimal level of hair maintenance, such as applying a light moisturizer and lightweight oil to the roots every couple days to keep them moisturized. Moreover, you also pay attention to the hair and refresh the style often. We recommend changing or redoing the hairstyle every two weeks or more.

Double up on nutrients!

How to protect natural hair in winter is to apply nutrients. The hair needs protein, nutrients, or vitamins to grow or remain strong and smooth. It is a good idea if you eat healthy food, especially nuts. It is important in the winter as a precaution against the dry or cold air.

You should not choose the sweaty or thirsty food in the winter and make sure that you drink enough. There is no better way to keep the hair hydrated or moisturized than applying water straight to the body.

Use steam to moisturize your hair

The Best Natural Hair Winter Routine You Can Ever Find Online
steam to moisturize your hair

Steam is warm, air-born water particles that can penetrate or hydrate the hair strands. This can make steam a great way to keep the hair from getting too dry in the winter. One of the easiest ways for treating the hair is steam therapy: Taking a warm shower or ditching the shower cap. You can make sure you don’t leave the house with wet hair.

Use an anti-humectant to seal in moisture.

An anti-humectant is an oil or butter, or any product that seals moisture into your hair. So this is the way to keep natural hair moisturized throughout the day. Anti-humectant can protect the hair from losing moisture in the dry winter. It is especially important to use an anti-humectant after washing the hair. We recommend olive oil or jojoba oil, or coconut oil

The natural hair winter routine includes watching out for knitted hats or scarves. The rough material snags on natural curls or causes breakage. But don’t worry. You should use a thin silk cap in between the hair and hat. It can be an inconvenient step but the hair will be healthy and developed. 

In addition, you can do the same way with scarves-line the outside of the scarf for protecting the hair from friction.

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Trim, trim, trim.

The ends are very very extra vulnerable in the winter time, easy to breakage or split ends. So please cut off the split ends as soon as you see to keep the hair healthy. 

Stay away from heat.

How to take care of curly hair in the winter is to stay away from heat. Steaming the hair is very good,, but put away flat irons or keep the blow dryer on the cool time. These tools can take moisture out of the hair because it is a process that is accelerated by the wind or dry air.

The Best Natural Hair Winter Routine You Can Ever Find Online
stay away from heat

Stay away from drying chemicals.

Nowadays, hair products include ingredients that can strip oils and moisture out of the hair, which the hair can not afford to lose in the winter. Please check the ingredients list before choosing the product for condition, moisturize or style the hair.

You can never be in deep condition too much!

The best moisturizer for natural hair in the winter is to use deep conditioners because it can penetrate every strand with the moisture or nutrients. As long as you use a deep conditioner with the natural ingredients such as Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioners. The more you treat the hair, the more protected it will be.

To sum up, this is all information about natural hair winter routine. We hope that through all shared things, the customer could understand clearly and easily to choose the right winter routine for the hair. Because the right routine is a key point to create vibrant, healthy, and strong hair. 

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