What Is A Normal Hairline? How To Know If Yours Is Not The Same?

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How can you notice thinner hair? We often pay attention to the smaller hair volume, or more hair falls on the floor and after washing hair. One way to help you know you may suffer from hair loss is the hairline. In our article today on Laylahair website, we would like to mention the normal hairline. We also talk about receding hairline – a sign of hair loss.

What Is A Normal Hairline?

Do you think that there is one type of normal hairline? No. This part shapes differently from person to person. What does a normal hairline look like? Let’s see some common types of hairline.

– Low Hairline: It is very common when the hairline is too close to the eyebrows (about an inch or two above the eyebrow).

– Middle Hairline: Many people like the middle one because it shows a standard gap between their eyebrows and forehead.

What Is A Normal Hairline? How To Know If Yours Is Not The Same?
low hairline vs middle hairline vs high hairline

– High Hairline: The sign of the high hairline is a larger forehead. People with high hairlines are considered to be intelligent and highly adaptable.

– Other types: rounded, uneven, and straight hairline.

Normally, with females, a good hairline lies about 5-6 cm from the eyebrows. Meanwhile, this gap is 6-8 cm in a normal male hairline.

Normal Hairline Vs Receding Hairline

If you notice thin hair or hair loss around your temples, you may suffer from a receding hairline. Receding hairline will make the hairline gradually move backward and create the shape of  “M”. This problem affects appearance, so many people may feel less confident, especially women. The receding one can reflect your health condition because its causes can come from genetics, changes in hormone changes, medications, or supplements (when you use medications or drugs for cancer, gout, heart problems, etc.). Regular hair loss is also the result of long-time stress and poor diet. In addition, using too much heat and chemicals on hair while styling or drying leads to receding hair. Some styles such as ponytails are also not good for your hair because they put pressure on your scalp.

How To Deal With Receding Hairline?

Stay Healthy

Maintain A Healthy Diet

You should take enough nutrients every day because many studies show the relationship between nutrient deficiency and hair loss. A healthy diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids. Vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, etc have a high amount of these nutrients. In some cases, maybe you have to take supplements. However, ensure that you consult the doctor before taking them to avoid side effects on health. In addition, it is essential to avoid foods rich in sugar and fat such as fast food because they harm your health (higher risk of diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, etc.), including your scalp and hair.

What Is A Normal Hairline? How To Know If Yours Is Not The Same?
normal hairline vs receding hairline

Drink Water

Although it is recommended that each person should take about 2 liters of water every day, many people often skip this. Water is responsible for hydrating your whole body, including your scalp. Therefore, do not forget to drink enough water every day to prevent dryness which can lead to hair loss. You also should avoid unhealthy drinks such as sugary drinks or coke.

Manage Stress

Stress and other mental health problems such as anxiety and depression can be a cause of hair loss and receding hairline when your hair tends to go to the “rest” period sooner. To control stress, you can try to relax by doing your hobbies, exercising, or massaging your scalp. Along with stress, you should ensure a good-quality sleep. Sleep deprivation is not good for your body as well as your hair condition.

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Maintain A Good Hair Care Routine

Choose Right Hair Products

Let’s listen to your hair type and scalp type, then choose the products they require. Dry hair needs more moisture while you should maintain the sebum production if you have an oily scalp. Therefore, remember to read carefully the instructions on the bottle or ask the hairstylists to choose the suitable hair products for you. If you have a sensitive scalp, you can try to use products with natural ingredients. In case you notice any side effects, you should stop using and ask the doctor for a checkup. Besides shampoo and conditioner, other hair products such as hair masks, lotions, etc. can be effective for your hair because they are specialized for some hair problems, including hair loss. While applying hair products, remember to massage your scalp gently to boost your scalp circulation, resulting in more hair growth.

What Is A Normal Hairline? How To Know If Yours Is Not The Same?
have a good haircare routine

Reduce Heat And Chemicals

Heat and chemicals can lead to damage, breakage, split ends which causes hair loss. Therefore, you should reduce using hairstyling tools and chemicals to style and dye your hair. If necessary, do not forget to apply a heat protectant to protect your hair from damages caused by heat. Moreover, after using chemicals on your hair, you should use special hair products to restore and keep the hair beautiful for a long time.

Wear A Wig

If you are not confident with receding hair and you want to solve it immediately, a wig can be an ideal option. With a wig, you can not only hide your receding hairline but also change your appearance effectively (on some special occasions if you want). Among various hair wig types on the market, it is probably difficult to find a high-quality wig at an affordable price. Let’s come to Laylahair – we provide you with many wigs in different styles, colors, lengths, etc. Our wigs are made of a human hair – so you can achieve a natural look. You can also send us an order, so we will make a wig depending on our desire.

We hope that you find our article today on normal hairlines interesting and useful, especially if you are having a receding hairline and want to get rid of it quickly. We also recommend you to ask the doctor for a health check to know if hair loss is a sign of health problems or not. Do not hesitate to leave any comments for us.

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