Our 3 Killing Tips To Place Lace Closure Behind Hairline Women Must Know

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When we ask people whether they know how to place lace closure behind hairline, most of them say yes. Who doesn’t know? The unfortunate is not many know how to do it properly. We have received questions from times to times from our customers asking why the closures look like a disaster on their head.

It’s not really the closures’ fault. You need to learn how to install them properly.

Let’s see how to place hair closures on your head for maximum outcome.

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Lace closure vs. silk closure – Which is for me?

As you may know, there are two prominent types of closures: lace and silk. These types refer to the base of closures. A patch of closure is based on either lace or silk. The two materials are entirely different from each other.

Lace closure is famous for its convenience. That means lace closure matches precisely with your scalp color. There are various of lace color, from medium brown, light brown, to red and white.

It doesn’t matter which hair color or scalp you possess, lace provides the best match for any women. Thanks to the construction of lace, which consists of small holes, this material is highly breathable.

Our 3 Killing Tips To Place Lace Closure Behind Hairline Women Must Know

Lace closures come with many colors.

Silk, on the other hand, isn’t very well-known for being a breathable material. Many women report that they feel uncomfortable wearing silk closures for an extended period.

However, silk closures have no problem with bleaching. If you buy lace closures, chances are you need to bleach the knots to hide the base. With silk closures, there is no need to do that.

Furthermore, silk is slightly more durable than lace.

So, if you want to choose a durable and conventional base, go for silk one. However, if you wish to have a scalp-friendly, versatile support, lace is the best option.

Next, we will find out in what way we should place lace closure behind hairline.

How to place lace closure behind hairline?

The hairline is an edge that divides the forehead and scalp. In the line, the first row of hair indicates this boundary. When installing 4×4 lace closures, it is a must to place lace closure behind hairline.

The thing is how far or how close should you place your lace closure behind hairline?

Some women, especially newbies to hairpieces, like to install their lace closure or lace frontals far away from their hairline. In some case, with certain types of lace closures, the long distance between the hairline and lace closure position is useful. However, this is not the rule of thumb for any application.

Our 3 Killing Tips To Place Lace Closure Behind Hairline Women Must Know

Placing the hair closure to the hairline 

We know that from our customer’s experience. Positioning lace closure behind hairline is not an easy task for sure. You need to know the exact distance to put it in order to make your hair look natural.

So, 4 inches is never a good idea. Imagine how the hair closure will look like when it too far away from your hairline? It seems to be out of place! If you go to a hair salon and the hairdresser is about to install a lace closure behind hairline that far, run for your life.

This is so not a way to wear lace closure!

Our recommendation is to place hair closure behind hairline just around 1 inch or even less. The reason why you have to put the closure so far behind is that of the quality. Cheap closures tend to stand out and look completely odd, so you can’t place it close to the line.

However, with closures of good quality, this will never be the case. If you put your heart into the purchase and dare to spend money on the quality, you will understand why lace closures could have an instant and magnetic effect on your appearance.

Some women fail to install their purchase body wavy lace closure behind the hairline and think it is impossible to do so. Your failure experience does not necessarily mean that things aren’t possible. You need to learn to do it right.

Below are three essential tips for you to nail the lace closure install.

3 killing tips to wear lace closure behind hairline

Quality of hair

Lace closures are the least expensive items in the world of hairpieces. If you do some research, lace frontals, 360 lace front wigs, and full lace wigs are much more money-demanding than closures. Then why not invest in a proper patch?

We understand why some women settle down with cheap, synthetic closures, but hey, it isn’t fair for you. Hair products are meant to make you look gorgeous, not messy. Though quality comes with a price, it is apparent that good condition manifests into great hair and appearance.

You don’t lose anything!


Concealer isn’t something you apply on your face. It can be practical when it comes to applying lace closure behind hairline too. If you are afraid of revealing the lace too much, use a concealer to blend the base into your scalp.

Our 3 Killing Tips To Place Lace Closure Behind Hairline Women Must Know

We recommend stick concealers over liquid ones.

The thing is not every concealer works. You should stay away from liquid concealers because they not only fail to cover the gap between the base and your scalp but also stain the lace.

Our advice is to buy balm or stick concealer. You don’t have to buy expensive high-end brands; a regular cheap concealer works best.

Make-up powder

Make-up power is another secret to help your lace closure matches color with your scalp and can be placed behind the hairline. So how you do it?

Our 3 Killing Tips To Place Lace Closure Behind Hairline Women Must Know

Choose the powder that matches your scalp color. 

Before application, use the makeup brush and lightly (we mean it!) apply make-up powder to the lace and part. After installing, if you still feel uneasy about the lace, take out the power and put some more.

The bottom line

So girls, installing lace closure behind hairline is a method for everyone. If you fail to do it, chances are you have done it wrong. We hope that after reading this article, you now know how to nail the lace closure installation.

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