Our Two-Second Guide To Taylor Swift Straight Hair

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Taylor Swift is an American artist who works as a singer-songwriter.  She first debuted as a country music singer in 2006, but now she is a popular pop star. She is known as a hitmaker machine with «Our Song», «Love Story», and «You Belong With Me», and so on. The singer won Grammy Awards and other music awards. The appeal of the pop icon is not only her beautiful voice and her face, but it is also her hair. During her musical journey, she has changed her hairstyles often to refresh her image and suit different events and functions. Apparently, many agree that she is one of the most stars who have the most beautiful hairstyle in the world. View yourself with these Taylor Swift straight hair below.

Taylor Swift’s hair

If you fall in love with Taylor, we think you can answer the question «does Taylor Swift have naturally curly or straight hair?» «What is Taylor Swift natural hair? She was born with natural curly blond hair, and the hair shade gets darker according to her age. To get a straight hair look, she may get support from styling machines. How did Taylor Swift get straight hair? In 2009, the star made a big surprise when she decided to straighten her long curly hair. It was her 20th birthday. Her hairstylists use straightener and styling products to get this look. Many audiences got disappointed when she straightened hair strands. They felt that she became like another person because she lost curls that made her look special. However, it lasted for a very short time. She proved that she suited all haircuts, and she could turn retro hair into an on-trend. 

Over the years, many hashtags related to her hair like «Taylor Swift bangs straight hair», «Tayor short hair, etc. are always on the top search. Her tresses turn from curly, wavy to straight hair but she looks beautiful, stylish, and yes, chic. 

Straight Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

Our Two-Second Guide To Taylor Swift Straight Hair
Taylor’s Straight Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

We are sure that you will love Taylor when first meeting her in this hairstyle. She rocked this hair at the American Music Awards 2010 with a sultry smokey eye. Taylor styled her tresses in the splendid cute ponytail that is ideal for those desiring something more simple to make. The straight and sleek ponytail she wore is simple yet trendy. Also, the long smooth bangs sitting across her forehead help enhance the whole style.

This Taylor Swift long straight hair is also ideal for a formal and business look. Try wearing this long and sleek ponytail to reach a good look. Apply some hairspray or gel to add more shine and keep the hair neat longer. 


Long layered straight hairstyle

This Taylor Swift straight long hair makes her look prim and proper, and even sweet that no one can resist it.. Her honey-blonde hair was cut into layers and smoothing out from root to tip, offering a slick finish. The country music singer breaks up the monotony of the same length hairstyle. The long layered hair is perfect for an everyday look and not hard to style. It also adds flexibility and freshness to the hair look.

Many say that Taylor Swift with straight hair is a far cry from her signature curls. Opt for this cut if you have thick and straight hair. The hair is so beautiful and works best to complete the natural final look. Add some anti-frizz serum to protect your hair from the mess and achieve a sleeker finish. 

Our Two-Second Guide To Taylor Swift Straight Hair
Long layered straight hairstyle vs Blunt bob with straight bangs

Blunt bob with straight bangs

Here is a classic bob hairstyle that brings all of the focus to her face. Taylor Swift sported this short haircut on Grammys 2016. It is a great idea if you are going to style straight hair. This Taylor Swift hair straight is a simple style that is easy and quick to do at home. 

Look at Taylor Swift pics with straight hair, she looks lovely in this hair that enhances the most of her hair texture and facial features. Taylor has an oval face shape, blue eyes, and warm complexion, so she is well-suited to this short hair. Straight hair texture works nicely and creates the perfect frame for Taylor’s face. The blunt bob gives hair a healthy finish, as well. She always wears this style with her signature dark honey blonde shade.

Taylor Swift sleek short hairstyle

She sported this hair look at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. She was the center of attention when appearing. On the red carpet, Taylor wore a sleek short haircut and dramatic look. She chose heavy makeup with classic black smokey eyes. Although she did not go with signature red lips, she still appeared with a dramatic look. Not a Taylor Swift hairstyle with super long straight hair, she looked so powerful and cool. 

Our Two-Second Guide To Taylor Swift Straight Hair
Taylor Swift sleek short hairstyle vs Long blonde straight hairstyle with bangs

Long blonde straight hairstyle with bangs

The singer with straight long hair is the center of attention anywhere she appeared. She looks like a winner at any award. Smooth and shiny hair suits perfectly to Taylor’s lovely blue eyes and a fair complexion.  

This long and straight look was achieved with a straightener and an anti-frizz serum. Go to a hair salon and consult your hairstylist if you want to sport this Taylor Swift straight hair bangs

In the last words

What do you think about Taylor Swift before and after hair’s transformation? Which one do you prefer, straight or curly hair? To sum up, aren’t these pictures of Taylor Swift straight hair a living proof that she looks so beautiful in any hairstyles. What do you say? She has an oval face and confidence to try different looks. Let us know the hairstyle you admire most, Taylor Swift with straight brown hair or classic bob. 

Thanks so much for following our blog post and we hope you will fall in love and still a big fan of Taylor Swift. If you want to get more information about hair care tips and related things, feel free to leave your comment below. We’re more than happy to support you. See you in the next post!

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