8 Awe-Inspiring Ideas For Purple Hair Men You’ll Love

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Hairstyles for men with colored hair used to be popular among idols, rock gods, etc. Have you ever dyed purple hair men? It may sound like a little bit weird, but if you choose the right hairstyle, it can make you look outstanding. Now, the scope has been increasing owing to their popular attraction. Purple hair on guys can be short, shoulder scraping, or long strands. 

Did you see The Disastrous Life of Saiki K series? If yes, you will probably think of the pink-haired character — Saiki K. Nowadays, many men mimid the hair of Saiki K purple hair guy, and they look so stunning. However, there are different versions of guys with dark purple hair. Sometimes, they combine to other hues and look so creative. Do you want to part it? We have rounded up some of the great picks. You can find new, cool hair hue or styles on this list. Now, select your best purple hair dye men to rock your look!

Purple Hair Undercut

Are you looking for something that can change your image while still rocking your natural hair color? Getting purple hair male in undercut hairstyle is a great way to get this stunning hue look. The undercut is created as the fades at the sides, offering a masculine look. It is a beautiful men’s haircut with unique characteristics, blending between modern and classic styles. Also, it is great for those with thinning hair. Visit a hair salon and barbers will create this purple hair color men for you. They leave a couple of inches of your natural locks and dye the rest in the purple color on the top. Enrich your hair color by touching up with the purple.

8 Awe-Inspiring Ideas For Purple Hair Men You'll Love
purple hair undercut

Dark Purple Hair Dye Men

For a subtler approach, opt for these dark purple hair guys. If you are indecisive now, we think that it is the best alternative. It is easy to see guys with purple hair out there. On one hand, it helps men with dark hue hair touch up a classy look. On the other hand, dark purple color lets first-time dyers play it safe. Nonetheless, If you are not sure that dark purple hair color for men is for you, test it with a semi-permanent hair dye for men. Regarding men’s hair color trends, we believe that purple hair on guys is one of the top picks of the year. 

Pink and Purple Hair Men

Mysterious, captivating, cute, all of these words can be used to describe this colored hair. Sometimes, it is so slightly exotic. Still, if you crown these tones, you can draw others’ attention. It is perfect for men and not feminine. The combination of two light shades of colors can up your skin tone as well. You can choose champagne pink or hot pink to pair with purple color. The contrast between these colors is both aesthetically and intriguing pleasing. You would rather try unconventional tones, this pink and purple hair on men is just for you. Try it out yourself.

8 Awe-Inspiring Ideas For Purple Hair Men You'll Love
pink and purple hair

Short Purple Hair Men

You always think that purple hair color is only for women, we think you should change your mind. It is for both. Dyeing purple hue for guys is a part of the fun, and it results in a stylish look. Guys with purple hair and short hair cut look so cool. We recommend seeing your hairstylist get a haircut and color your hair. Why? One of the reasons is that he/she knows how to combine the color and hairstyle effectively. They know which shade of color works best with the short haircut. Whether you come from England or South Africa, you can wear this purple short hairstyle. 

Purple Highlights

Purple highlights for men are a new and funky way to vamp up any others’ look. With this purple hair on men, you don’t have to get a full head of purple hair dye. As its name, you only need some highlights with this bright hue. You will definitely have fun creating a modern and sexy color melt for your hair strands. You can decide how much purple you want in your locks. If you have a warm complexion, it is created for you. Are you ready to become a purple haired boy

8 Awe-Inspiring Ideas For Purple Hair Men You'll Love
purple highlights

Purple Buzz Cut

If your natural locks can’t grow out, you should try buzz cut to maintain your hair volume. It suits both fair and black complexion. To get this black men purple hair, all you have to do is dyeing a full purple hair hue. The haircut is a simple hairstyle and easy to maintain. It offers a cool look provision. We believe that your purple-haired color will catch other eyes even though you are at a night party. In other words, this cutting style will attract people to focus on your face and hair.


Purple Merman Hair

Not only women love colorful hair trends, men also want to get in on the glamorous fun, too. Have you ever heard about the «merman» color trend? It is new. The creation is endless, people create this merman trend to adapt their high demands. Nowadays, merman color is a popular choice, instead of getting a full purple dye, you can pair different shades of colors. Men dye their hair in bright shades, such as purple, blue, green, pink, and so on. Men even dye their beards to catch up with this fun and get the complete merman look. What do you think about this new look with purple hair for men? Sexy or silly? Purple hue can work well with other light shades, pink or yellow. Wear it or not, it’s all up to you. 

8 Awe-Inspiring Ideas For Purple Hair Men You'll Love
pastel purple hair men

Pastel Purple Hair Color

This is another trend of purple hair color you should consider hopping on. If you are not afraid of people saying you are spoiled or crazy, it’s time to become a purple hair boy. From actors to singers, celebrities have been killing with this hair color in the year. If you want to get your fresh hair hue to shine, think about dyeing this light color. 

Listed above are some best different purple hair ideas for men that are stylish. Plus, they are versatile. You can wear and adapt them to a range of styles. 

Nevertheless, to become purple hair men, you have to be careful with some hair dyes which have the ability to make your hair problem worse. Layla hopes that you can find yourself an appropriate one. 

Have a nice hair day!

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