The Hidden Secrets Of Quick Weave With Lace Closure

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A quick weave is no longer a strange term for hair extension users. But if you a newbie, you may feel curious about it. Hence in this post today, Layla Hair will share with you all the details about quick weaves and especially how to make a wig from a quick weave with lace closure.

You love fashion so hairstyles can be missed out. And hair extension is your good partner in that feel, it easy to style. But to install it may take you a lot of time. Therefore, the quick weaves were born to help you deal with that problem.

Quick Weave With Lace Closure FAQs

What is the Quick Weave with Lace Closure?

A quick weave us the process where your hair extensions are stuck to your own hair over a protective cap or hardening gel. It will act as a hardened barrier between your natural hair and glue.

A quick weave with lace closure, as its name, is simple, easy to install and time-saving. It definitely gives you full coverage with ultimate appearance.

The Hidden Secrets Of Quick Weave With Lace Closure
make a wig from lace closure and hair weave

How Long Can A Closure Quick Weave Last?

The average lifespan of a quick weave range up to 3-4 weeks. To prevent tangling or shedding, you should cover your hair with a silk scarf or bonnet. In case you got a curly weave, pin your curl to roll it to protect your curls

How To Remove A Lace Closure Weave?

A quick weave is easy to put on so it is also easy to remove. First, apply massage oil or any hair condition with oil-based onto your hair, leave it a few minutes. The oil will make the glue to unravel, which helps your removing step much easier. After that, cleanly rinse out your hair and use a wide-tooth comb to comb through.

Can You Wash Your Quick Weave?

The answer is yes. But you have to be so careful when using hair products to wash and conditioner on your quick weave. To wash it, avoid using any oil-based products to wash since it will loosen the glue and trigger your tracks to shed out.

The Hidden Secrets Of Quick Weave With Lace Closure
closure weave wig won’t damage your real hair

Can A Quick Weave Damage Your Natural Hair?

Among various ways to make a quick weave, a gluing method with the use of closure surely is the safest one. It will not cause any damage to your hair for sure. The liquid method to make a quick weave works well for short hair cut and the protecting cap is ideal for long hair girls.

Is Cutting The Hair Wefts Okay?

Yes, you can. However, beforehand, you should measure the back of your nape to get an appropriate length.

What is the Best Hair For A Quick Weave With Lace Closure?

There is no doubt that human hair is the best hair for quick lace. It is easy to style and provides you the most natural and voluminous look. Compared to synthetic hair, you can do more with a human hair quick weave.


Tools For A Quick Weave With Lace Closure

– Hair bonding glue – molding gel (Optional)

– Hair glue

– Scissors

– Wig cap ( natural hair color or nude to match scalp color )

– Wig clips

– Blow-dryer

– Lace Closure and human hair weave

The Hidden Secrets Of Quick Weave With Lace Closure
human hair weave

How To Make A Wig With Lace Closure and Weft Hair?

Step 1

Wash and cornrow hair down in a suitable pattern for where your part will be. If you are opting for the hardening gel, use the gel to lay your hair down as flat as possible creating a low ponytail.

Step 2

Put on the stocking cap, which makes the removing step much easier.

Step 3

Pluck the baby hairs at the hairline of your lace closure for a more natural hairline. Then cut the excess part of the closure to fit your head well. When cutting, rather than cutting straightforward, try to cut it in a zigzag path.

The Hidden Secrets Of Quick Weave With Lace Closure
glue the closure and weave on to make a wig

Step 4

Figure out where you want your lace closure is going to be, then mark it.

Step 5

Move the stocking cap above the line

Step 6

Glue the closure along the outline

Step 7

Figure out where you will lay the first track down, from ear to eat. Then cut to fit and glue on it

Repeat the step all over your head.

Pros and Cons Of Quick Weaves with Lace Closure

Benefits of using quick weaves with closure 

– Easy to maintain and require lower maintenance than other weaves or hair extensions in general

– Act like your real hair ( just only for human hair), which means you can style use hot tools and chemical products

– Easy to take out. That point is ideal for those who want to change styles frequently.

The Hidden Secrets Of Quick Weave With Lace Closure
quick weave with lace closure is easy to remove

– Cause no harm to the natural hair

– Can style in various ways

Things you might not like

– The glue can contact with your natural hair if you do not use the protective cap onto your head

– If you do not glue careful, your hair extensions will be dry and damaged.

– Cutting the hair wefts will increase the chance of shedding.

The Hidden Secrets Of Quick Weave With Lace Closure
lace closure weave from Laylahair

Our Conclusion

Making make a quick weave with lace closure is a process, which gives us joyfulness in every moment. The more desire you put into this process the better result will turn out. Carefully consider these simple technique guidelines on how to do a quick weave with lace closure, we sure you will be successful. Do you want to make your own quick weave with lace closure? Do you have any other tips or methods on making a quick weave with a lace closure that you want to share? Let us know.

If you don’t know where to get a lace closure to custom a quick weave, pay a visit to the Layla Hair website. There you can find an attractive lace closure varies in colors and styles. All the products we provide you are 100% Vietnamese and Cambodian human hair so you can trust us totally!

You may want to know more about wigs, weaves or hair extension, let’s get access to our website will not be a waste.

Follow our blog for more interesting tips and methods related to your hairdo, share it with your friend if you find it useful! 

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