Blonde lace front wigs Human Hair

Blonde lace front wigs Human Hair


Human hair wet and wavy lace front wigs

Human hair wet and wavy lace front wigs

Human Remy Lace Front wigs

Remy Human Lace front wigs

In this century of beauty in which people have always been looking for products as well as methods to improve their appearances, lace wigs, especially Remy lace front wigs are no longer strange at all. There are a large number of reasons to fall in love with remy lace front wigs. Perhaps, you are wanting to change your hairstyle, trying to be more confident after some unfortunate hair loss or so many other reasons. Remy front Lace wigs can be the greatest way for every man and woman to improve their looks and feel more beautiful.

So, what are remy lace front wigs?

This must be a familiar term to all of hair extensions wearers. Remy lace front wigs are defined as “wigs that have a small sheer lace panel along the front hairline attached to the front of the wig, the hair strands are hand sewn in to the holes of the lace”. Some kinds of remy lace front wigs have the laces covering the front half of the wigs and some others have the lace only used for a couple of inches. The rest of the base is made of a different kind of material that is thicker but still remains the comfort for the wig. Wearing remy lace front wigs is very simple because they are stretchy and cover the entire scalp area with a natural look.

And you also need to understand more about the term “remy”. Remy lace front wigs are made of 100% remy hair which is considered as the best quality of human hair. Unlike non-remy hair in which all the roots and the tips mixed up, this great kind of hair is usually collected from only one donor. So, all the hair strands are running in the same direction, the natural texture pattern and cuticle direction are remained. By using remy lace front wigs, you can eliminate tangling problems commonly found in other low quality hair.

One more good thing about remy lace front wigs is that although they have a high quality, they are quite cheap compared to Full lace wigs. The reason is they are not made fully of lace. So, every woman and man can afford them.

How good Remy front  lace wigs in Layla Hair can be?

Layla Hair is a professional hair extensions supplier that always makes customers be 100% satisfied. The company usually receives a lot of customers’ feedbacks showing their loves with our products. Remy lace front wigs in Layla Hair are high quality Vietnamese virgin human hair and Cambodian virgin human hair. If you are interested in hair extensions, you must hear about them. These two kinds of virgin human hair are always famous thank to their appearance as well as quality. Of course, they are softer, silkier, shinier and even healthier than other types of human hair. They are so strong and durable that the users can wear them for more than 1 year.

We always use French lace and Swiss lace to create our remy lace front wigs. These two kinds of laces are a little different however both of them are actually soft, thick and durable. They have the color that match with the skin tone so they seem to be almost invisible. Therefore, by using remy lace front wigs, you can get a great and natural hair look.

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Remy lace front wigs in Layla Hair are various in color such as blonde, black, brown, ombre,… Your appearance will change in a different way with a different color. The remy lace frontal wigs come with the length from 8 inches up to 30 inches. Thus, you can choose a short wig or long wig up to you. Besides, we also supply a lot of hairstyles such as curl, straight, wavy,… Moreover, if you have your own requirements, we will try our best to achieve and make you sastified.

How to make remy lace front wigs more natural?

There is a famous speech that “Nothing looks more natural than a remy lace front wig”. This is totally true, the remy lace front wigs look extremely real and natural like the individual’s own hair because they are attached to the head with an adhesive along the hairline above your forehead. But if you want something more natural than that, you can try our remy lace front wigs with bangs or remy lace front wigs with baby hairs which is the shorter hair starting at the beginning of the headline. Bangs and baby hair can help to hide the lace and make the remy lace front wigs look more realistic. Many customers are interested in them and want to have more such kinds of products from us.

In general, remy lace front wigs are actually useful and convenient to everyone. They do not only help people change their hair look and appearance but also make them more confident in the normal life. Go to to have your own remy lace front wigs and so many other hair extensions products.



For more information of Remy lace front wigs –  8 to 30 Inches, please advise the Remy lace front wigs Description below:

Products Description

  • Unprocessed, without nits, lice, insect…
  • No short hair inside, no chemical, no dye, no any lice or nits
  • Hair StyleStraight, Curly, Wavy,…
  • Length: from 8 to 30 Inches
  • Hair Origin: Vietnam (only pick from 100% healthy Vietnamese Women), Cambodian (only pick from 100% healthy Cambodian Women)
  • Quality: 100% Human Hair
  • Weight: 200gr to 300gr. Also available in other weights as required by customers
  • Color: blonde, brown, black,…
  • Delivery time: 3-7 days after received your payment by UPS/FEDEX/DHL or Cargo carrier

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