Restoring Your Confidence With Human Hair Toppers For Short Hair

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Human hair toppers for short hair are special products for women who want to hide their hair thinning area. These secret weapons have helped thousands of women and men to restore their confidence and bring back a vibrant social life.

Restoring Your Confidence With Human Hair Toppers For Short Hair

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Let’s find out more about these products and how to choose a proper one for you.

What are human hair toppers for short hair

Human hair toppers are generally known under the name wiglets. As you can see, hair toppers are the smaller versions of wigs. While wigs offer a thorough coverage over the head, hair toppers are only used to hide certain areas of the scalp.

That being said, human hair toppers help to conceal different stages of hair loss. There are different types of hair toppers as well. Some covers patches of baldness, others even add more density to your existing hair.

Unlike clothes or shoes, hair toppers must be customized to fit precisely to one person’s need and preference.

Restoring Your Confidence With Human Hair Toppers For Short Hair

An example of hair toppers

When it comes to wiglets and hair toppers, some people think they can only wear one topper at a time. This is not true. You can wear as many toppers as possible to cover different areas of baldness you have.

Of course, if the baldness is too severe, we would recommend you to switch to wigs.

Human hair toppers for short hair are designed solely for women who want to wear hair wiglets that match with their existing hairstyle. You should decide the length of hair toppers before contacting hair vendors.



How to wear human hair toppers

Fortunately, wearing human hair toppers is quite simple. You only need to follow three steps below:

Prepare your hair

You can comb your hair gently before putting the topper on. Decide which position you will put the topper.

Turn to the base of your topper, open all the clips around the edge. Apply the wiglet by placing its front to your frontal hairline. Re-position the wiglet until you see that it has covered all the baldness. Keep the front clip in its place.


Put your finger over the frontal clip. Use the other hands to secure the back of the base. Secure the front clip by adding a bit of pressure over it. Repeat this step with the remaining clips.


Once you finish with the clips, run your hair through the topper and your existing hair to make sure that the wiglet blends well with the surrounding. Use a comb or brush for this step. Style it as you like.

How to choose hair toppers for short hair

When you want to buy hair toppers for short hair, there are a few things you have to go through before making a purchase.

Let’s take a look at them right below!

Know your hair loss

Though hair loss is common, nobody has the same type of hair loss. Some people may experience hair loss at the beginning stage; some already encounter the advanced stage. Knowing your hair loss will help you make a conscious choice for your hairpieces.

There are three stages of hair loss:

•    Beginning stage: You will notice your hair starts to fall more frequent. The crown area will suffer in this stage as hair fails to cover it. The hair loss at this stage is considered minimal. You will need to find yourself a small-size topper at this stage.

•    Progressive phase: Once you enter the progressive phase, the scalp is visible. In this stage, a medium-size wiglet is all that you need.

•    Advanced stage: In this stage, there are several patches baldness in different areas around your head (this is the worst scenario though). The reveal of the scalp is more noticeable than before. We advise you to go for a full wig in this stage.

Determine hairstyle

If your hair is short, then you need to be specific about the product you want to have. Take pictures of your hairstyle, measure your hair length and give all the information to your hair vendor. You need to be clear and constructive about what you want.

Restoring Your Confidence With Human Hair Toppers For Short Hair

Make sure that the hair topper matches with your hairstyle.

Choose suitable hair colour

The hair colour is also an essential factor when it comes to satisfying hair product. You don’t want to buy an utterly black wiglet while you have blonde hair, do you? We need to repeat this: be specific! It will take a while for the wiglet to finish.

If you don’t give your hair vendor enough information, chances are you will have to wait longer for your hairpiece.

Of course, you can always buy a black topper and then dye it yourself at home. But why bother doing that when your hair vendor offers you the service?

Synthetic or human hair

The hair material is also essential. Synthetic is cheap, but it isn’t durable. You may wear it for a while; then you need to buy a new one.

If you don’t convince, read one of the sharing of our customer My Horrendous Hair-Loss Journey With Full Lace Wigs Synthetic

Human hair toppers are more expensive than synthetic ones. However, the price is very much awarding. You can use your hairpieces for an extended period. What’s more, human hair toppers look more natural on your head.

For more information about the differences between human hair and synthetic fibres, let’s watch our video:

Our recommendation for human hair toppers for short hair

8 inch Virgin Human Hair Toppers or Toupee

The 8-inch virgin human hair toppers or toupee is one of our best-seller items. The length is ideal for covering both ears. The definition of lace is 6*8 inches. It features Pu thin edge around the lace as well to provide utmost comfort to wearers.

Restoring Your Confidence With Human Hair Toppers For Short Hair

This item is completely breathable. The size is suitable for both men and women at the progressive stage of hair loss. If you want to customize your hair toppers, don’t hesitate to give us the details.

Mono base Hair Toppers with 100% Remy Human Hair

If you worry about the convenience when wearing hair toppers, we would recommend this product. The mono base hair topper offers the best-using experience. This hairpiece comes with clips around the edge so that you can secure your wiglet.

Restoring Your Confidence With Human Hair Toppers For Short Hair

That means you can wear the wiglet to sleep, exercise and even swimming. How wonderful is that?

The bottom line

There are many types of hair toppers, such as human hair crown toppers, however, as we said, not everyone using the same type. We hope that those who are looking for human hair toppers for short hair will find this article informative and useful.

Feel free to drop us a message or two asking about hair products and hair care tips!

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