Hot steam Wavy Hair extensions 20 inches black and brown color

Hot steam Wavy Hair extensions 20 inches black and brown color


Curly Lace Frontal size 13X4

Curly Lace Frontal size 13X4

Same length hair extensions no shedding tangle free

Same length Hair is 100% human hair mixed from more than one donor by hand. The short hair is removed. It could be mixed with other people’s hair. However, Same length Hair extensions is still remy hair and length of short hair that will be removed can be set by customers.

Same length Hair

Hair extensions have numerous kinds of products, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to try to make decision in which type of hair extensions are best for you to invest in. Several people fall in love with the hair which has a natural thickness, however some others are not satisfied with the lack of volume in this type of hair extension. They tend to choose same length hair in order to have a more glamorous look. Indeed, the same length hair extensions are actually fantastic and bring the users a lot of benefits.

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Non-hair same length vs same length hair

Non-same length hair is normally called single drawn hair. In fact, most hair extensions are sold as single drawn to reduce the cost of production, make the hair extensions more economical. With kind of hair, hair strands are rarely of the same length, multiple lengths of hair mixed into the extensions, therefore, the hair is thickest at the top, tapers at the middle and is thin on the ends. For example, if the extensions are 20 inches long, only 30% or 35% of the strands are 20 iches, and the rest is shorter.

The same length hair (including double drawn and supper double drawn) has more advantages over that kind of hair. It contains hair that is all the same length. The thickness and fullness remain from the top to the bottom. It is a great choice if the hair. Actually, same length hair is more expensive to produce but it is really worth for your investment. This kind of hair is always the best in the market because it gains a lot of loves of customers. With same length hair, you cannot see the shorter hairs. It is exactly the most perfect choice for people to increase the length as well as boost the volume for a thin hair.

How to get same length hair?

Normally, human has both short and long hair strands on the same head. The thickness is not the same so people also need an additional process during manufacturing to create same length hair. It is mixed from one more than one donor by hand. The short hair is removed and the long hair is added and sewn into the weft. Instead of using a machine, all the steps are applied by hand. Making same length hair is 100% safe, there is no chemicals which create bad influences on your natural hair, your scalp as well as your health. The quality will not be affected and the cuticle will not be damaged.

Same length hairs in Layla Hair

All the same length hairs in Layla Hair are 100% Vietnamese human hair which has an extremely high quality. You can easily find that they are truly silky, smooth and shiny. A lot of hair extensions wearers fall in love with our products because of these features. Besides, they are also durable and healthy, you can use them for more than 1 year if you take care of it carefully.  Same length hair in our company is very voluminous and thick ends. The estimated amount to do a full head is around 2-4 bundles depending on the length you want.

We supply same length hair with a variety of colors such as blonde, brown, black, ombre as well as a lot of hairstyles like wavy, curly, straight… You can also find same length hairs which are from 8 inches up to 30 inches. Therefore, you can buy a long or a short same length hairstyles in the easiest and the most quickly way. Choosing a wonderful hairstyle and appropriate color which work for the face shape and body is not easy. However, we sure that you will be satisfied with our same length hair extensions because all of them are extremely excellent and have high quality.

Same length haircuts

A thick hair has the ability of bringing a gorgeous and glamorous look. For that reason, a lot of people choose same length haircuts and fall in love with them. A same length haircut is achieved by cutting the hair to the same length from the natural fall. If you don’t want to cut your real hair or just want to have same length hair for a short time, there is a huge selection for you. You can easily find a below the shoulder same length haircut or above the shoulder same length haircut in our company. They are no doubt great and bring a trendy and fashionable look for wearers.

In general, same length hair in LaylaHair is one of the most popular products thank to the the full and thick look. Please go to our website to find out more about same length hair as well as many other products.

For more information of Same Length Hair –  8 to 30 Inches Same Length Hair, please advise the Same Length Hair Description below:

Same Length Hair Description

  • Style: straight, wavy, curly,…
  • Length: from 8 to 30 Inches
  • Hair Origin: Vietnam (only pick from 100% healthy Vietnamese Women)
  • Quality: 100% Human Hair
  • Weight: 200gr to 300gr. Also available in other weights as required by customers
  • Color: Blonde, Brown, Black, Ombre, Mix piano,…
  • Shipping method: UPS, DHL, BDEX


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