Saw Palmetto Hair Loss? I Didn’t Know That!

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You are looking for an excellent solution to treat your hair loss and other hair problems. You may have come across saw palmetto — a popular herbal treatment. Some users find it practical; however, there is not still scientific evidence to indicate its benefits. So can this treatment bring your hair back? Layla’s post helps you cover all about saw palmetto hair loss, including its advantages and how to use it.

About saw palmetto

Saw palmetto, or serenoa repens, is a popular type of palm tree that originated from the US’s southeastern part. According to studies results, this herbal contains a compound that can treat symptoms of prostate enlargement. Also, people use the plant to reduce hair loss and balance hormone levels. 

To date, people use supplements of saw palmetto as a drug in Europe and the US. They are available in different forms, including tablets, oil, or capsules. Most of them are evaluated for their safety and effectiveness. And the most common form of saw palmetto supplement is an oily extract. It contains a higher level of vitamin E, antioxidants, and fat good for our health and skin. 

Saw Palmetto Hair Loss? I Didn't Know That!
saw palmetto

Saw palmetto and hair loss

Saw palmetto for hair loss is a myth or miracle? 

Is there any connection between them? 

Does saw palmetto work for hair loss?

You may wonder yourself these questions when considering to use this treatment. We know that you can get many solutions to treat your hair problems. For instance, wearing human hair extensions and taking surgical procedures have gained popularity recently. Besides, many people get medications, take oral drugs or topical medicines, and reduce their hair loss. 

But some find other natural treatments to cure their thinning hair. They use saw palmetto as a great way to prevent hair from shedding. This herbal remedy can work to treat:

— Hair loss

— Prostate enlargement

— Decreased sexual drive

— Decrease inflammation

Saw Palmetto Hair Loss? I Didn't Know That!
it treats hair loss

And more.

Precisely, extract from the plant’s berry prevents 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to DHT. And DHT is among the main reasons causing hair loss. Although research on saw palmetto extract for hair loss is limited, we still hope it can stop hair problems.

In 2002, researchers did a study on ten men with baldness. They took medicine that contained both saw palmetto and beta sitosterol, and 6 of 10 people had improvements in hair growth. A small 2012 study also indicated that saw palmetto could improve hair shedding in men. Researchers experimented on 100 males with hair loss. During two years, a group of men received 320 mg of the plant daily, and the rest took 1 mg of finasteride each day. In the end, 38% of those who took saw palmetto had improvement in their mane. 

Popular forms of saw palmetto

The supplement comes in several forms, including:

— Tablets

— Capsules

— Extract oil

— Whole dried berries

Both capsules and tablets are the most popular forms of this herbal remedy, and you can find it in most drug stores. But saw palmetto oil for hair loss works best as it contains essential vitamins. In general, you should consult your health care provider before taking any new supplements. Make sure that saw palmetto is safe for your health. 


How to use saw palmetto for hair loss

What is an ideal saw palmetto dosage for hair loss? You wonder how much saw palmetto should I take for hair loss? Because research is limited, there is no official recommended dosage of this treatment. Some articles said that normal people could take 160 mg of saw palmetto twice daily in the form of tablets. What about saw palmetto 450 mg? Can I take supplements with a higher dosage? Ask your doctor before consuming it to avoid adverse reactions.

How long does it take for saw palmetto to work for hair loss? As we stated earlier, this treatment requires time to bring your hair back. It may take eight weeks, even more so that you can realize improvement. Be patient! Continue consuming saw palmetto supplements to get the maximum outcome. If you combine using saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil, your hair will grow faster. Don’t forget to take pictures and compare your hair loss before and after. 

In fact, there is no guide on how to take saw palmetto. But you can go down on the Internet or find reviews on Reddit, Quora, etc. to take the supplements. Or visit your doctor and he/she knows how much saw palmetto you will need. But you shouldn’t take saw palmetto tablets with food as it may cause some side effects. 

Saw Palmetto Hair Loss? I Didn't Know That!
saw palmetto supplements

Best saw palmetto brand for hair loss

— NOW Foods Saw Palmetto Extract: Does it help with hair loss? People evaluate it is the best saw palmetto product that is available in soft gel capsules. It is suitable for vegetarians. Combined with pumpkin seed oil, the item is also used to support our cardiovascular health. 

— Nature’s Bounty Saw Palmetto: The product is made of whole herbal and inexpensive. The manufacturer reveals that they only use an additional ingredient, it is gelatin. If you have never taken saw palmetto supplements before, try this one. It will give you good results without breaking your bank.

— Oregon’s Wild Harvest Saw Palmetto: Being the best saw palmetto supplement, it is a vegetarian-friendly product. It is organic as it is made of pure saw palmetto extract, no additives. Some use saw palmetto female hair loss because of its powerful dosage.

Side effects of saw palmetto hair loss

Everything has two sides, and saw palmetto supplements are not an exception. It is not recommended for children and pregnant women. Saw palmetto for women’s hair shedding works effectively for those over 18 years old. 

Besides, you may notice headaches and stomach pains when you consume the supplement for the first time. It means that your body needs time to adapt to the drug. However, these effects are rare. 

Saw Palmetto Hair Loss? I Didn't Know That!
side effects of saw palmetto

Supplements of saw palmetto for women are good, but it may affect your blood test. Talk with your doctor if you are using the drug as it may thin your blood. Also, saw palmetto would interact with some other medications, such as aspirin or warfarin.


Does saw palmetto stop hair loss? Despite limited research, saw palmetto hair loss has been used as a drug for years. Many find supplements of saw palmetto useful to cure their thinning hair. 

Be sure to talk with your health care provider before taking any treatment, and they can help you get the best supplement for hair loss. Also, stop using medications if you notice any unwanted effects. 

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