Silk Closure Vs Lace Closure – Choosing The Right One For Your Wig

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Every hair extensions user come to this field to look for a natural-looking appearance. If you are seeking a perfect look, you may be recommended to use wigs or weaves. These extensions usually come with closures for a more natural look. Perhaps you are curious about closure. Hence Layla Hair here to share with you about closure and two types of its, silk closure vs lace closure.

What is exactly a closure?

It is defined as an oblong or circular piece of fabric, with hair attached to it,.The the main purpose of it is being placed on the top or one side of your hair to be used as a finishing piece to close the installation process (sewing in or weaving fast). It tends to make your weave look more natural. The main function is to avoid real hair leaving any part out. Moreover, you can style your hair versatilely when installing it.

There two types of closure, silk base closure vs lace base one. They differ in terms of appearances and materials.

What is lace closure?

A lace closure is made of nothing other than a lace base with hairs embedded in small holes. Lace closures are usually thinner and tend to be flatter, allowing hair to look more natural.


It gives a scalp-like appearance whenever it is on your skin or next to the natural scalp.

It ensures a particularly flat and easy installation that will make your overall hairstyle look incredibly realistic.

Silk Closure Vs Lace Closure - Choosing The Right One For Your Wig
a lace closure


The lace closure will require some adjustments to achieve the best results.

It is best to bleach and dye the knots in your closure. The bleached knots will mimic each hair that grows directly from your scalp.

You risk wasting your money by damaging lace and hair if your closure is not bleached properly.

Add foundation or concealer for lace to increase the natural look.

What is silk closure?

Silk closure is created with a silk base. It is made of hair strands that dipped into a nude and scalp-like silk material which reinforced with lace.


Silk closures tend to last longer.

Silk closures often do not require bleaching.

The knots cannot be detected due to the closure-based silk fabric, it imitates the scalp without significant changes.

Silk Closure Vs Lace Closure - Choosing The Right One For Your Wig
a silk closure


All scalp hairs are not created the same, although the silk composition helps conceal knots for a natural look.

You have better changed and even dyed your silk base if you have a deeper skin color with a significantly darker scalp.

This closure is usually a bit thicker, which can be a challenge to gain an extremely flat installation.

Difference between silk closure vs lace closure

Generally, lace closure often uses sewn-in applications. If placed right behind the hairline, it can allow the wearer to wear a weave that is completely free of loose hair while creating the look of a natural scalp.

Construction: Silk base closures generally do not require any bleaching of knots. Due to the silk material on the back on the closure, the knots are invisible and imitate the scalp without much change.

Silk Closure Vs Lace Closure - Choosing The Right One For Your Wig
silk closure vs lace closure

Colors: The combination of hair bundles can have many different shades, which is very helpful in making sure that what you are working with is best for your scalp color. Along with that, although lace closures can be many different colors, they are still very much transparent.

Structure: The construction of silk closures makes the hair unit look more natural and more like your scalp. The silk base closure is the ideal method to use a closure as the finishing part of weave installation. However, this type of closure lasts a bit thicker, which can pose a challenge for super-flat installations.


What to choose: lace closure vs silk closure?

Closures have two different facilities – lace and silk – and can be pasted, glued or sewn down. Although both have the same way to install and help you to achieve the same general outcome, they slightly differ to some extent. Not sure which closure will work best for you? You can choose it just according to your own needs.

So, how to choose between silk closure vs lace closure?

What makes a person decide to choose a closure? The two main factors are cost and longevity.

Lace closures are cheaper whereas you may have to make the extra effort. The silk-based closure using silk materials makes it more expensive. Both closed hair types use Human hair.

Silk Closure Vs Lace Closure - Choosing The Right One For Your Wig
the outlooks

Longevity is another factor to consider, which many women agree on, and silk closures last longer for sure.

The best closure is the one that looks most natural to you. Try both to make sure you know what is most comfortable for yourself or allow the specialist to do a short consultation to see which closure is best when considering hairlines, head shapes, and hairstyles you want to achieve.

While there are many differences in a silk base and lace closure, the overall purpose remains the same. They will give you a perfect and very natural appearance. They can also help to reduce stress or damage on your natural hair from an installation with the part of your hair loss.

Where to buy lace vs silk closure?

With the excellent features of both silk base closure vs lace base one, the price, of course, is not cheap as other kinds of hairpiece. But finding a good place to buy the best closure is not easy because not all wholesale provides closure with high-quality. If you buy low-quality products your hair and scalp can be damaged.

But now Layla Hair has a surprise for you. Be one of the most reliable hair companies with good feedback from our customers, we glad to bring you the first-class products.

Silk Closure Vs Lace Closure - Choosing The Right One For Your Wig
silk closure and lace closure from Laylahair

Now in our store, we only sell high standard human hair lace vs silk closure. And all the laces are made by 100% Vietnamese and Cambodia human hair, which is famous for its durability and natural-looking. Moreover, we offer closures with hair extensions in many colors, styles, and lengths for you to choose from. Free to contact us if you want to know more about the closure, we will give you a hand in choosing the suitable one.

In the bottom line

In our experience, whether you choose silk closure vs lace closure, both of them will satisfy you with its excellent quality. They will provide a scalp-like appearance and comfortable feel at the first use.

We hope that the information we provide to you will help you have deeper insight closures and its two types. By knowing about the difference and their pros and cons, we are sure that you can definitely find the best one for yourself.

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