How To Care For Skin Weft Hair Extensions | Must-Notice Tips

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Skin wefts or invisible tape hair extensions are the latest innovation in the hair extension market. They are designed to mimic hair growing from your own scalp. They are easy to wear, and affordable while helping you achieving longer hair without damaging to your hair. So know some tips on how to care for skin weft hair extensions are super essential.

Skin weft hair extensions are designed to imitate hair growing from your scalp. With proper installation and color matching, the extension structure makes is literally inconspicuous for others to see.

In this article, Layla would like to show you the list of essential dos and don’ts that anyone expecting beautifully long-lasting skin wefts should know about. It would take only a few minutes to scan through, so don’t miss it out! 

How To Care For Skin Weft Hair Extensions: The Do’s

Use Proper Products

You must use good or premium hair care products to extend the life of your skin weft tape extensions. You should use products that contain coconut oil, jojoba oil and so on. These oils hydrate hair strands from deep within, add shine and softness to your hair extensions. Moreover, use jojoba oil as an overnight mask before washing

How To Care For Skin Weft Hair Extensions | Must-Notice Tips
use organic hair care products

Remember that only condition from mid-shaft down and not on your roots and avoid roughly scrubbing the strips of skin wefts when shampooing. 

Gently Brush Your Invisible Tape Hair Extensions

You need gently brush your skin weft several times a day and use an extension brush in order not to catch on your bonds. Brush your extensions at least twice a day, in morning and night.


— Brush hair before showering because the hair becomes weaker when wet

— Use a hair extensions brush

— Gently brush from the bottom up to deter tangles, pulling and stress

How To Care For Skin Weft Hair Extensions | Must-Notice Tips
brush your skin weft hair extensions carefully

Braid Your Hair When Sleeping

Before sleeping, you remember to braid hair to avoid tangling and shedding. Doing like that can keep your strands structured while you sleep. According to hair experts, it can help to avoid friction that creates breakage. 

In addition to braiding your hair, they recommend adding a silk pillowcase to your nightly routine. Silk pillowcases help prevent breakage and are so gentle that your hairstyle will last throughout all night. 

Braid your hair before bed is also a great way to add texture and help lock in moisture.

Dry Your Hair Or Use A Good Dry Shampoo

How to dry skin weft, or specifically how to blow dry skin weft extensions, are common questions asked by those who have recently installed hair extensions. The best tip to dry hair is air-dry. When air drying, be sure to have a microfiber towel as it will remove excess water faster and won’t rough up your hair. 

Or you can use heat tools but remember to apply heat treatment spray before to keep the skin weft tape extensions healthy and protect the hair from damage.

You also use dry shampoo as an alternative solution. But when using dry shampoo, you have to avoid washing hair wet for 48 hours. Dry shampoo is a great product to stop your hair from getting oily and greasy at the roots.

Detangle With Patience

After a day of using skin weft, don’t pull the hair extensions out and store them carefully. Remember to detangle your extensions with a wide-tooth comb, start brushing from the bottom and making your way to the top. 

How To Care For Skin Weft Hair Extensions | Must-Notice Tips
untangle knotted hair with patience

Invest in the right tools for skin weft hair extensions helps you detangle the knots without damaging or breaking your hair.

Color Extensions Safely  

Because of being made from 100% human hair, skin wefts can be colored with no problem. But it is best to leave this particular job to the professionals.

Visit The Stylist Every 8-10 Weeks To Have Skin Weft Moved

This may be the last tip of our skin weft hair extensions care. Just like your bio hair, extensions will shed when they are dry and brittle. It’s time to visit hairstylists. They will help you re-tape your extension if it is still usable or remove if it is useless. 

Skin Weft Human Hair Extensions Care: The Don’ts

In contrast to the things that you should do, there are things needing to prevent. Or else, your effort to take care of your skin weft extensions would turn to zero easily.

How To Care For Skin Weft Hair Extensions | Must-Notice Tips
you shouldn’t sleep with wet skin weft hair extensions

Sleep With Wet Tape-in Extensions 

As mentioned above, sleeping with wet extensions can damage them and your natural hair. Moreover, don’t use a regular brush on wet extensions because it can cause hair loss and tangles. The strain on the bond of tape hair extension can cause it to prematurely weaken.

Use Oil Based Products Near The Roots 

The next tip on how to take care of skin weft hair extensions is to avoid products like argan oil or Moroccan oil near the root of hair extensions. These oils can loosen the bonds of skin wefts.

Wash Hair Too Much

Experts recommend washing the hair as infrequently as possible, 2-3 times per week; using a dry shampoo to absorb oils and make your hair feel and smell fresh. Clean your hair too much can loosen the tape that makes skin weft slide out of your natural hair.

Moreover, hard or mineral intense water may also deteriorate tapes or the condition of the hair.

How To Care For Skin Weft Hair Extensions | Must-Notice Tips
products that contain sulfate or paraben

Use Products That Contain Parabens, or Sulfates

These products contain harsh chemicals will dry out the oil in your natural hair and worse in extensions. And it can also irritate your scalp, fade your color, even cause hair loss. 

The bottom lines

After the article, Layla hopes that you will understand more about how to care for skin weft hair extensions to keep them healthy and shine. 

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Have a good day!

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